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Note Added
Note added by Miranda O. 1 years ago
Started January 18th on 365 Project. SN adiramn.
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Note added by Richard. 4 years ago
18th November
At the moment, busy compiling photographs from the last year. No easy task, given that I must have taken over 15,000 pictures.

20th November
I'm in an advanced state of editing now. Despite the vast number of photographs taken during the year, somehow I've whittled them down to about 160, which I've provisionally arranged into a 124 page photo book. I should be ready to put in an order for it soon.

21st November
My book was ordered today, and when it's printed out will comprise of 134 pages.

23rd November
Received email from suppliers to say the book is already finished and bound, and it's on its way!
Note Added
Note added by Kirsty. 5 years ago
online photo album where I've been putting my 365 Day Photo Challenge pictures.
Note Added
Note added by Colleen. 6 years ago
Note Added
Note added by Colleen. 6 years ago
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Note added by Maire Ni Mathuna. 6 years ago
Just after ordering a photo book of my first year in the desert.
Note Added
Note added by Tatiana. 7 years ago
Note Added
I have compiled a whole album of my past year in the UAE. It has turned out really well. Can't wait to see it.
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Note added by Oksana Kulyk. 7 years ago
Started 08.03.12
Note Added
Note added by Felicia Oland. 7 years ago
We just ordered the album of 2011 from Apple. I am VERY pleased with the result! Can't wait to get it in the mail.
Note Added
Note added by Victoria. 8 years ago
16.1.2012 I have about 300 photos, too much for an album book, so I have an e-photo album instead!
Note Added
Note added by Victoria. 8 years ago
8.1.2012 taken a year's worth of photos I now need to print and put them in an album.
Note Added
Note added by Jetske Wijkel. 8 years ago
Note Added
Going to make my album out of my Project 365 photos!
Note Added
Note added by Cecilia Marie. 8 years ago
I got a photo album for my 21st birthday. I've been meaning to take more photos but not much has happened to me so far in my 21st year (since late September)... But I still want to fill it.
Note Added
Note added by Sarah McConnel. 8 years ago
hosted on my tumblr. going to put them into a physical album at the end of the year.