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Go to a movie by myself
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Note Added
Note added by Megan . 10 months ago
Went and saw The Favourite yesterday afternoon. It was nice to go, but I really am not super into seeing movies in the theater. People drive me too crazy. Likely won't make it a regular thing.
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Note added by Flatland Dave. 1 years ago
A SimpleFavor
Photo added by Emma . 2 years ago
A few years ago, I spent a year travelling on my own. I drank in bars by myself, I ate in restaurants by myself, I went to the theatre and the cinema by myself. I had to. If I was in a new place and I didn't know anyone, that was how I met people and made friends. Since I came home, I haven't done that sort of thing. I haven't had to, because there's always someone I can invite to go with me. So, in the middle of the night when all ideas seem brilliant, I booked a single ticket for today's 2pm showing of The Mountain Between Us. I went on my own and I'm really glad that I did. I enjoyed the film, I enjoyed doing something for myself and by myself, and I enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone.
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Note added by Carla K. 2 years ago
Saw The Shack.
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Note added by Kimberly. 3 years ago
Went alone to the movie today. Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!
Tschick (28.09.2016)
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Note added by Abby Dela Cruz. 3 years ago
How To Be Yours plus strawberry zagu!
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Note added by Gayle Burkholder. 3 years ago
The Revenant
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Note added by Matthew Leek. 3 years ago
Went and saw the new Star Wars film on my own. Was going to see it the night before but left 20 minutes in as I was stuck under one of the bass speakers in the IMAX screen so couldn't hear any of the dialogue.
Note Added
Note added by Rob. 5 years ago
Gone Girl! soo gooood
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Note added by Anja. 5 years ago
Pettson & Findus - Roligheter (Göteborg) 02.08.2014
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Note added by Brianne Dekker. 5 years ago
Note Added
I saw Saving Mr. Banks on 01/17/14. It was good and made me want to come home to research what really happened, because obviously liberties were taken with the story to give it movie magic. c:
Note Added
Note added by Mariana Vale. 6 years ago
I went there, but it was bullshit at the local library. I left 5min later because the image and the sound was too bad.
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Note added by Jessica Bouldin. 6 years ago
Man of Steel 6-20-13
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Note added by Terri. 6 years ago
The Hunger Games, March 2013.
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Note added by azure228. 6 years ago
Saw Silver Linings Playbook!
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Note added by Ashe Stark. 6 years ago
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Note added by Renata Nitschke. 6 years ago
The Imposter 17/09/2012
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Note added by xonothingatall. 7 years ago
Saw "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" on October 10, 2012.
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Note added by Luke Coyne. 7 years ago
Perks of Being a Wallflower, Savoy Cinema, 2pm, 13th October 2012
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Note added by Alice Li. 8 years ago
transformers: dark side of the moon
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Note added by Lauren Duggan. 8 years ago
7/20/11 - Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, Part 2
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Note added by Mims. 8 years ago
4 times for This Is It, HoShit!
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Note added by Sarah W. 8 years ago
Black Swan 4/10/11
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Note added by Gina. 9 years ago
10/12/10 - Never Let Me Go at the Enzian