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Write a message in a public bathroom
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love it!
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Note Added
Note added by sarah. 8 months ago
King Tut's
Photo added by Breanna. 1 years ago
Didn't write it but left a note
Photo added by El Matteson. 4 years ago
The Raven
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Note added by VMontito. 4 years ago
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Note added by Mák Virág. 4 years ago
"Mit csinálsz ma, ami holnap is számít?"
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Note added by Millene. 4 years ago
I did in Rome
Photo added by Sebastian Cool. 4 years ago
Photo added by Katja Ankone. 4 years ago
Had an amazing night at the best concert!
Photo added by Abraham Nelson. 4 years ago
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Note added by Lizzy Bunker. 5 years ago
In the Elephant Cafe in Edinburgh, and also in Ibiza lol
Photo added by Ginette D. 5 years ago
At the Bootlegger House in Charlevoix, Québec. Custom to write a message... A place to see!
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Note added by Laura Pee. 5 years ago
Wrote on the wall of Opium in lipstick 💖
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Note added by Noora. 5 years ago
Sampokeskuksen vessassa lukee kukkuu
Photo added by Andresa M.. 6 years ago
College bathroom wall
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Note added by Andresa M.. 6 years ago
"Be still and know that I'm God."
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Note added by Kurstee Russell. 7 years ago
Eby in Florence
Note Added
took a sharpie to the stall wall in CG
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Photo added by Othilia. 7 years ago
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Note added by Amy Francis. 7 years ago
I'll do this tomorrow
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Note added by Eefje. 7 years ago
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Note added by Jenny Morgan. 7 years ago
I used this toilet to get to the Ministry Of Magic
On the bottom of the door. "Beware limbo dancers"
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Note added by Leonor Lalala. 7 years ago
Feito em 20.Nov.2012 Excerto de "Monólogo de uma actriz enquanto se maquilha", de Bertolt Brecht. Casa-de-banho da faculdade.
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Note added by Wing Wing. 8 years ago
I wrote YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL XX on the girls bathroom in school.
Note Added
Crossed out the word "whore" and wrote... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL
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Photo added by jade taylor. 8 years ago
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Note added by Raymonda. 8 years ago
Today, I'm going to do it.
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Note added by Daniel. 8 years ago
Bathroom Graffiti is done neither for fame or personal wealth, therefore it is the purest form of art. It was pretty cool to discover that stall on 2nd Floor Hebb. I need to remember to go back there periodically to check it out.
Note Added
Note added by Emma. 8 years ago
On one of the schooltoilets walls I have written "Fyll inte livet med dagar, fyll dagarna med liv!" (in english: Don't fill your life with days, fill your days with life!) But the next day they had washed it away.
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Note added by Sarah Krüger. 8 years ago
"Message" ausgewählt.
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Note added by Jessica Heath . 8 years ago
Cavern club toilet 2011
Note Added
22 fevereiro - The Bombardier
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Note added by OMM. 8 years ago
COMPLETED on Friday, February 19, 2012 at Kaldi's. I wrote "HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY" and "smile" on one of their mirrors in their bathroom. Hopefully it helped someone have a better day.
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Note added by staci schriefer. 8 years ago
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Note added by Debbieee. 8 years ago
take a picture
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Note added by Jessica Seibel. 8 years ago
1/21/11 2nd floor of male bathroom of wilson! "Go tell that one girl exactly how you feel."
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Note added by Jane Huang. 8 years ago
Friday 23rd December 2011 Wrote a long message in the bathroom inside the girls' change room beside the skating rink at Greenwood Park with Rachel Leung who also wrote a message. I wrote in red Sharpie marker on the middle stall (there are three stalls, Rachel Leung wrote on the first one, I wrote on the second/middle one). It was an inspirational Dear Stranger letter that surely will inspire troubled skaters while they are taking a dump. Excuse my bad sense of humour. We saw Lisa Xiong and Sally Twin after we came out, they were going skating at the skating rink. Rachel Leung received her Wreck This Journal from Peiyi as a Christmas gift and we were throwing the book on the ice and stuff. Rachel bought me a Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks as a Christmas gift. It was okay tasting. I'll post a picture later of my message and Rachel's message.
Note Added
Note added by Rachel Leung. 8 years ago
December 23rd, 2011. Wrote a short, yet meaningful message on the back of a door in the washrooms at Greenwood Park, beside the skating rink. Jane also wrote a message (a much more longer message) in red Sharpie on the walls of the stall beside me. We both had pictures taken of them as proof afterward. It was a cold day out in the park, and after watching people skate around the rink for about an hour from our benches, the cold finally got to us. We decided to go into the change-rooms then to hide-out from the stinging cold, mostly because I couldn't feel my hands anymore, and I was already wearing Jane's gloves. But a sudden surge of inspiration led us to complete this task as well.
Note Added
Note added by Abel Zavala. 8 years ago
At a Kroger bathroom, ”did everything come out ok” 12/3/11