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Live by myself for a year
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Note added by Abegael Tomlin. 1 years ago
So I didn't quite make it to a year but after breaking up with my ex fiance after 5 years and experiencing the single life after being with him since I was 16 I was happy to have the freedom that I had. I went out and did things I never would have been able to do with him there and I can't explain how over the moon I am that I have now moved in with my best friend, rock and supporter. A year living by myself would have been on 9th june 2019 so I made about 11 months which I am extreamly happy with. Thank you so much for showing me what it is like to be truely loved and cared for Chris, I never knew a relationship could be so magical until I met you.
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Note added by Lexi. 8 years ago
The BF and I broke up... so my year starts earlier than expected. He moved out on Friday and I've been alone since Wednesday. This is going to be a lot more difficult than i ever imagined.
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Note added by Lexi. 8 years ago
Signed the pre-lease on my new apartment this morning! Move in on Jan 5th!
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Note added by Emily B. 9 years ago
Can't be done.
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Note added by Heather Ramsden. 9 years ago
Plans are very firmly underway for this - I pick up the keys in less than 3 weeks. (11/08/2010)