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Note Added
Note added by Crazy Pixie. 20 days ago
1. I keep learning about things, gathering knowledge to help me, help myself and others
2. I am not afraid to face my own shortcomings and fears
3. I am consistent emotional support for people, when they need it
4. I can write very well
5. I am witty and funny, most times..I can make some people laugh
6. I am approachable
7. I care for Nature and Mother Earth
8. I am a good motivator (mostly to others)
9. I am ambitious (I like that about myself a lot)
10. I believe in God and am connected to the higher power
11. I am creative in many aspects of solving problems or creating newer ideas
12. I have good conversational skills (rapport building)
13. I am a good listener (most of the times)
14. I can clean well (sometimes I am amazed with how spotless the bathroom looks!)
15. Most often, I am brave enough to question people and situations that may be inappropriate
16. I like my hair (it is healthy although I don't take much care of it)
17. I help others as much as I can (even strangers)
18. I am reliable with most things (except when I am forced to do something)
19. I have good endurance emotionally... especially in this phase of my life
20. I appreciate beautiful things - natural (flowers, sky, beaches) and manmade (paints, cars, homes)
21. I like reading books and I like that about myself.
22. I spend in moderation and responsibly.
23. I am very aware of myself (i wouldn't like this earlier but now it feels like a super power)
24. I am up for challenges (regardless of whether I win or not)
25. I am good at driving and I like that it makes me feel free
Note Added
Note added by Sarah Lamb . 3 months ago
Wow, writing this list was challenging because I haven’t always liked myself but it was worth working on because it really helped to boost my confidence. I realised that one thing I like about myself is how I compliment and support others and I need to do that for myself more often!

1. I am caring and do my best to help people.

2. I am passionate.

3. I have a variety of hobbies and interests.

4. I am ambitious.

5. I am hardworking.

6. I am a loving aunt to my nephew.

7. I love animals and have rescued several.

8. I am creative.

9. I have overcome obstacles in life.

10. I love learning.

11. I try to be positive when possible and motivate others.

12. I am humble, willing to compromise and apologise if I make mistakes.

13. I am easy going and get on with anyone if they get on with me, I avoid drama.

14. I am loyal to my loved ones.

15. I am innovative.

16. I am good at reading.

17. I am a team player.

18. I am not superficial or judgemental.

19. I recognise and compliment other people’s strengths.

20. I am committed to self improvement and ongoingly work on myself.

21. I have nice eyes.

22. I have wavy hair.

23. I have a curvy figure.

24. I care about our environment and work to minimise my impact on it.

25. I support good causes through donating, fundraising and volunteering.
Note Added
1. my eyes 2. my body 3. my intellectual curiosity 4. my trivia knowledge 5. my fast learning 6. my crafts abilities, and sewing 7. my height 8. my resilience 9. my practical good sense 10. my sense of justice 11. my cool-headedness 12. my ability to call for help 13. my adaptability 14. my ability to get out of my comfort zone 15. my organizational skills, even for big projects 16. my critical and independant thinking 17. my ability to learn and self-discover 18. my relationship with Romain 19. my ability to know my limits 20. my connexion with the woods 21. my puzzle solving skills 22. my minimalism and feminism 23. my ability to like being alone 24. my sense of esthetics 25. my atypical past
Note Added
Note added by Anna. 10 months ago
1. My smile
2. My sense of humour
3. My eyes
4. My kindness
5. My hands
6. My calmness
7. My laugh
8. My ability to listen to others
9. My lips
10. My hair colour
11. My patience
Note Added
Note added by Ashley Paskill. 10 months ago
1. Kind
2. Passionate
3. Loving
4. Intelligent
5. Ambitious
6. Hard working
7. Caring
8. Patient
9. Selfless
10. Strong
11. Loves music
12. Good at journalism
13. Creative
14. Bold
15. Giving
16. Generous
17. Kind friend
18. Level-headed
19. Leader
20. Flute player
21. Goal setter and achiever
22. Quiet, but a silent storm
23. Unique
24. Christian
25. Loyal
Note Added
Note added by Lynn S . 1 years ago
Went well over 25 when I wrote it all down! Now I'm going to print it out and look at it whenever I'm feeling down.
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Note added by Evelijn. 2 years ago
1. I am enthusiastic
2. I am creative
3. I have an open mind
4. I care for others
5. I have willpower
6. I am good with money
7. I have a good sense of humor
8. I have a good body shape
9. I am generous
10. I am sensitive
11. I like to try new things
12. I care about nature
13. I am humble
14. I am nice to people
15. I am a fast learner
16. I am musical
17. I am an optimist
18. I am not afraid to get to know myself
19. I am good with language(s)
20. I can be on my own easily
21. I am tech savvy
22. I have compassion
23. I am proactive
24. I can admit my own mistakes
25. I am playful
Note Added
Note added by Upe Ruke. 2 years ago
1. the way of asking questions
2. essential oils and herbal world
3. aesthetic feeling (interior)
4. gift to create coziness - nice lights, candles,
5. helping strangers on the streets whenever possible
6. findings friends in strange places - on streets, in buses, in grapefiels, forests
Note Added
Note added by Dee Dahmani. 2 years ago
1. I am intelligent.
2. I am free spirited.
3. I truly care about people.
4. I love animals.
5. I have a beautiful face.
6. I have a perfectly curvy body.
7. I am strong mentally and physically.
Note Added
Note added by Bárbara Marques. 3 years ago
1 - My hair.
2 - My nose.
3 - My legs.
4 - My creativity.
5 - My intuition.
6 - My artistics skills.
7 - I'm easy to live with.
8 - I like my job.
9 - I'm tall.
10 - I learn things fast.
11 - I'm fun.
12 - But i'm calm.
13 - I like to help people.
14 - I'm a empathic person.
15 - I make a good coffee.
16 - And cake.
17 - I have a very good past.
18 - I have a lovely family.
19 - I have some street skills.
20 - I choose the good friends to be close.
21 - I have a super dog.
22 - I know how to sing.
23 - My caligraphy is pretty.
24 - I have a confortable life.
25 - I like my energy.
Note Added
Note added by Janice Garton. 3 years ago
1. My eyes.
2. My height.
3. My kind heart.
4. My love for learning.
5. My love for God.
6. My smile.
7. My love for my kids.
8. My love for my close friends.
Note Added
Note added by Lydia E. 3 years ago
I am loyal, intelligent, compassionate, prioritize friends/family. I've made peace with my bipolar depression and am learning to live with the highs and the lows. I'm brave enough to try new things, even when they are (way) outside my comfort zone.
Note Added
Note added by JiaTurner. 3 years ago
1 My eyebrows
2 my eyes
3 my lips
4 my hair
5 my long neck
6 my posture,
7 my dragon bone (clavicular rib, though sometimes I also hate it lol)
8 the arches of my feet
9 my ability to be awesome at trivia games
10 my lust for learning
11 how quickly I can read
12 my hourglass shape
13 my cleft chin
14 my ability to be a good friend
15 my intelligence
16 that I care more about having fun than winning
17 my loyalty
18 I'm always on time
19 my ability to keep doing art no matter what people say
20 my cooking
21 my sense of humour
22 my respect for others
23 my eclectic taste in music
24 my dancing
25 my ability to readjust my thinking based on better information
Note Added
Note added by Rebekah. 5 years ago
1. My eyes - they are an unusual color of light blue
2. I am an optimistic-realist - I realistically look for the bright side of things
3. I love school - makes going to college easier
4. I am organized
5. I drive safely
6. My legs are strong
7. I can cook
8. I'm a tomboy and I never grew out of catching bugs
9. I can get just about any seed to sprout
10. I don't have to wash my hair every day
11. I can face the world just fine without makeup
12. I'm a pretty good mom
13. If I don't know how to fix something, I'll look it up
14. I'm not afraid to go do something by myself, like go to a movie
15. My hands
16. My wicked typing skills
17. I'm friendly
18. My music tastes are very eclectic
19. I'm willing to try just about anything once
20. I'm a genuine person
21. I played the cello
22. I'm a quick learner
23. I may carry extra weight but I'm pretty flexible
24. My health is pretty good!
25. I'm aging gracefully - on average people guess I'm 10 years younger than what I am
Note Added
Note added by Sheila Rambo. 5 years ago
Note Added
Note added by Masha Harris . 5 years ago
1. My handwriting
2. I'm assertive, but not an asshole
3. My fashion sense
4. The effort I've put in and how I've become mentally healthy (or at least pretty much. At least, more than I was.)
5. My intellect
6. I'm an avid journaler
7. I'm damn good at art
8. I'm good with people, esp. at the library
9. I frequently win at cribbage
10. I write well
11. I have pretty eyes
12. There are a handful of dishes I cook really well
13. I named my dog Lemon
14. My substance freedom
15. My extensive knowledge of Dylan
16. My love of beat poetry
17. I've traveled a lot and lived abroad
18. I've lost a lot of weight and wear a size 18!
19. The way my apartment reflects my personality
20. My stash o' blank cards and letter-writing habit
21. My time on the GMBA committee
22. The way I don't feel afraid anymore, at least not like I did
23. I handmake Christmas presents
24. I've read Dickens extensively
25. I've started managing to save some money, and have quite a bit in the bank.
Photo added by Masha Harris . 5 years ago
25 things I like about myself.
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Note added by Sheila Rambo. 6 years ago
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Note added by Sara Baker. 7 years ago
12. I am ambitious.
13. I am an AWESOME mom.
14. I am honest about how things are going in my life, with my friends.
15. I have really pretty hands and nailbeds.
16. I set a goal to study abroad for one year and I DID it.
17. I am creative.
18. I have an eye for details.
19. I let my friends know how important they are to me.
20. I am learning to let myself accept my imperfections.
21. I still understand a lot of spanish.
22. I genuinely want others to succeed.
23. I have a little freckle on the top of my right foot between my littlest toe and my second littlest toe that I love.
24. I had a water birth VBAC even though it was initally a really scary idea to attempt one. But I educated myself and worked through my fears, with Jeremy, and I did it. One of the best days of my life.
25. I constantly seek to better myself.
26. I encourage myself and repeat positive affirmations.
27. I believe in the Law of Attraction and the power of the universe.
28. I am a work in progress.
Note Added
Note added by Greg Abrahams. 7 years ago
1. My height
2. My smile
3. My easy-going attitude
4. My ability to adapt
5. My intelligence
6. My ability to speak Spanish and pick up other languages
7. My friendliness
8. I am well-traveled
9. I am culturally-sensitive
10. My eagerness to improve myself
11. I always mean well
12. I am a loving husband
13. I am open-minded
14. My eagerness to learn new things
15. My current fitness level -- and desire to improve it
16. My love for animals
17. I donate to charity
18. My punctuality
19. My photography skills
20. I have standards
21. I have little problem asking for help
22. I am balanced
23. Generally athletic
24. I have the ability to do anything I set my mind to
25. My patience
Note Added
Note added by Amber Kolaga. 7 years ago
1. My eyes
2. My hair
3. My dancing style
4. My teaching style
5. My growing self control
6. My determination
7. My willingness to try
8. My positive attitude
9. That I try to take everything into consideration
10. That I like to read
11. That I am strange
12. That I can empathize
13. That I can make friends with kids
14. That I am trying to get out of my shell
15. That I am chasing my dreams
16. That I like sprakleing things and bright things
17. I can cook
18. I can bake
19. i hve great taste in music
20. I volunteer and love it
21. I can create things
22. I love giving gifts
23. I can do things consistantly if I really try
24. I am not organized
25. I am beautiful
Note Added
Note added by Natalie. 7 years ago
1. I'm intelligent
2. I have a sophisticated sense of humour
3. Computers are second nature to me
4. I am pretty good at drawing
5. I have a good sense of design fundamentals
6. I almost never drink to excess
7. I am brimming with creativity
8. People count on me to take great photos
9. I learn very quickly
10. I often understand concepts others don't
11. I'm good at making pizza
12. I know myself
13. I'm comfortable in my own skin
14. I frequently challenge myself, whether I like it or not
15. I have been philosophical since I was a child
16. I'm excellent at spelling
17. I don't have huge boobs (that's a good thing)
18. I'm not afraid to be a geek
19. I roll with the punches remarkably well
20. I'm a good and loving mother to my cat
21. I'm a great animator
22. I have great eyebrows
23. I'm a pacifist
24. I care about others
25. I'm the best aunt!
Note Added
Note added by Claudia . 7 years ago
Start these list at 21.12.12.

01. I'm empathic.
02. I'm helpfull.
03. I'm talented to settle a dispute.
04. I'm a good driver.
05. I have good logical reasonig skills.
06. I'm outgoing and sociable.
07. I respect other people and consider off them and their feelings.
08. I'm eloquent.
09. I´ve a sense of humor.
10. I can laugh about myself.
Note Added
Note added by Jurgita. 7 years ago
1. Labai myliu savo draugus.
2. Mėgstu pakvailioti.
3. Išlaikau paslaptis.
4. Moku išklausyti.
5. Galiu protingai patarti.
6. Mano gražios akys.
7. Kai užsispyriu, galiu padaryti bet ką.
8. Man rūpi kitų jausmai.
9. Mano gražūs plaukai.
10. Esu gan darbšti.
11. Įsijaučiu į kito žmogaus jausmus, pasakojimus.
12. Skaniai gaminu.
13. Į savo namus atnešu įdomių idėjų.
14. Skatinu mamą(ir kitus žmones) tikėti savimi, nepasiduoti.
15. Esu organizuota.
16. Laikausi duotų pažadų.
17. Esu protinga.
18. Esu linksma.
19. Neskaudinu kitų, nes žinau kaip tai skaudu.
20. Esu draugiška.
21. Esu atsakinga.
22. Esu tolerantiška.
23. Esu nesavanaudiška.
24. Mėgstu dovanoti dovanas.
25. Esu kitokia, turiu įdomių pomėgių.
Note Added
Note added by Nadja. 7 years ago
1. Ich bemühe mich, mich persönlich weiter zu entwickeln, erkenne meine eigenen Fehler und arbeite an ihnen
2. Ich bin verständnisvoll
3. Ich bin großzügig
4. Ich kann die kleinen Dinge des Lebens genießen und dankbar für sie sein
5. Ich bin tierlieb und ich esse kein Fleisch
6. Ich bin loyal
7. Ich bin vertrauenswürdig
8. Ich bin abenteuerlustig
9. Ich kann sehr temperamentvoll sein
10. Ich bin leicht begeisterungsfähig
11. Ich glaube an Gleichberechtigung
12. Ich bemühe mich, unvoreingenommen zu sein
13. Ich glaube fest an das Gute im Menschen
14. Ich kann sehr ehrgeizig sein
15. Ich mag es, dass ich meine Augenbrauen kaum zupfen muss und sie trotzdem schön geformt sind
16. Ich kann gut mit Nagellack umgehen
17. Ich bin bereit, für die Dinge, an die ich glaube, Opfer zu bringen
18. Ich habe ein starkes persönliches Wertesystem
19. Ich bin kein Mitläufer
20. Ich bin ehrlich zu mir selbst
21. Ich kann gut um die Ecke denken und Situationen aus verschiedenen Perspektiven betrachten
22. Ich bin fantasiereich
23. Ich mag meine weiche Haut
24. Ich kann mir neue Fähigkeiten gut selbst aneignen
25. Ich bin spirituell interessiert
Note Added
Note added by Sara Baker. 7 years ago
1. I am trustworthy.
2. I am loyal.
3. I am smart.
4. I have good collarbones.
5. I have a genuine smile.
6. I am goal-oriented.
7. I have a good sense of humor.
8. My body makes amazing, strong, healthy babies.
9. I like to try new things.
10. I am adventurous.
11. I am a good writer and communicator.
Note Added
Note added by Sophie Jeffs. 8 years ago
1. I am compassionate
2. I am determined
3. I can be happy with not being number one
4. My hair straightens and curls
5. I am understanding and working on my faults
6. I'm quite good on computers
7. I am good at my job
8. I'm pretty slim
9. I am fairly healthy
10. I know the value of a good book
11. I know that money isn't everything
12. I don't splurge
13. I'm willing to give things a go
14. My shoulder freckles
15. My boobs don't fall into my armpits
16. I feel at home in nature and in the city
17. I'm grateful
18. I know how to take care of myself
19. I'm willing to learn
20. I get on well with my parents
21. I look young for my age (Will be good when I'm older)
22. My hazel eyes
23. I am comfortable with being who I am and liking what I do.
24. I can ask for help when I need it
25. I'm learning to open up and not hold back
Note Added
Note added by Jess Peters. 8 years ago
VERY difficult, but done
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Note added by Maia Koenig . 8 years ago
1. That I try to be a nice person 2 .that I love my kids 3. that I love to read. 4, that I try to always think of others, 5.
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Note added by Sarah Button. 8 years ago
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
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Note added by Anne Finn. 8 years ago
I've started this - 3 things! Can't think of anything else but I have 1001 days.
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Note added by J. 8 years ago
Stubborn as hell when i need to be. I know how to take care of myself. I am able to conquer my fears.
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Note added by Klaartje . 8 years ago
Note Added
Wahoo! I jut managed to write a list of 25 things I like about my self! It was hard, but I realised how bloody amazing I am! LOLOL! 😃
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Note added by Kristina. 9 years ago
1. I'm grateful. 2. I'm easy to talk to. 3. I'm sporty. 4. I love animals. 5. I like my studies. 6. I know how to take care of myself. 7. I'm an easy learner. 8. I'm knowledgeable about medicine. 9. I know how to ride a horse. 10. I enjoy my own company. 11. I love to dance. 12. I like to help others. 13. I love to read. 14. I'm caring. 15. I like to sing. 16. I enjoy playing guitar. 17. I'm simple. 18. I like to hang out with just about anyone. I'm not sexist,rasist or anything like it. 19. I enjoy driving my car. 20.I like to smile. 21. i love my hair. 21. I like my style. 22. I love to try out new things. 23. I like my way of doing things. 24. I like my body type. 25. I like my flexibility.
Note Added
Note added by Amber Kolaga. 9 years ago
1. My eyes 2. My hair 3. My dancing style 4. My teaching style 5. My growing self control 6. My determination 7. My willingness to try 8. My positive attitude 9. That I try to take everything into consideration 10. That I like to read 11. That I am strange 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25.
Note Added
Note added by Kelley Elliott. 9 years ago
1. my hair 2. my style 3. how I can help friends feel better 4. my intelligence 5. how I love unconditionally 6. my addiction to flip flops 7. my singing voice 8. my kindness 9. my patience 10. my want to help people 11. the way I dance 12. my love for life 13. my self-control 14. the way I laugh 15. my need to search for the answers 16.
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Note added by Adelheid Singer. 9 years ago
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Note added by Jennifer H. 10 years ago
09/08/10- I have come up with 7.