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Get my own apartment
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Note Added
Note added by Nikki Sayadi. 2 years ago
Got my own house!
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Note added by Tanisha M.. 4 years ago
I have moved twice since the first note still living with roommates but these ones I actually like and enjoy. It's a change of pace but hopefully in the future I will be able to live on my own.
Photo added by Nikita Lindsay. 5 years ago
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Note added by Gabriele N.. 6 years ago
I will be moving to my own apartment in the late autumn or early winter
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Note added by Alexander. 6 years ago
I'd say that this goal isn't 100% complete, but I did find an apartment to share with someone else (2bd2bth) so I'll mark it as done. Hopefully, I'll eventually be able to get a place to myself.
Note Added
Note added by Audrey Bella. 6 years ago
Sept 2013!
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Note added by Linda. 7 years ago
Today I married a bank for the next 25 years! Let the renovation begin!
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Note added by Tanisha M.. 7 years ago
8/10 I moved into a new apt. I'm not sure If I want to count this as "my own" apartment but it's enough that I think it needs to be noted
Note Added
got approved for an apartment, then he decided to change the lease without telling us, roomies and i are continuing to look.
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Note added by Amy. 8 years ago
Well, it's a townhome. But it counts!
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Note added by Cait Brobst. 8 years ago
Moved in on August 29, 2011!
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Note added by Sarah Hannon. 9 years ago
Walker Manor Apartments. January 7th, 2010.