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Go a month without drinking soda
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love it!
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Note added by Marisa. 5 years ago
This has also been easier than expected. I still crave pop aggressively every few days but since I'm simply not allowed to have it it's not a big deal. Oh, and in sugar related news - I spent two days eating really well (lots of fruit, good carbs and hardly anything processed or artificial) and when I treated myself to a chocolate bar late last night I felt gross and sick from all the sugar. Much like when I go ages without smoking and feel like I've been poisoned when I have a cigarette. It would be magnificent to kick my sugar addiction.
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Note added by Marisa. 5 years ago
I gosh darn love soda. Probably because we were only allowed, when growing up, to drink it on the most special of occasions. I'm taking my month off after I finish this ginger ale, so we'll say August 14 - September 14 is my no soda month. I'm pairing it with my no alcohol month, so I don't just substitute alcohol when out at shows with trash fizzy drinks.
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Start 2/5/14
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Note added by Marisa Bettino. 6 years ago
Alright, alright. Okay. Tomorrow is day one sans delicious carbonated beverages.
I certainly don't drink pop every day but I crave it a lot and drink it more often than I should. And it's gots to stop! On February 23rd I will celebrate with a delicious glass of cola. Then I'll swallow a nail and feel it dissolve into my cola stomach.
Science rules!
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Note added by Nathan Maertens. 7 years ago
Started 19/08
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Note added by Amanda. 7 years ago
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Note added by Michelle Lee. 7 years ago
I didn't drink any soda in September, 2012.

I felt disgusting for drinking soda because I felt like I'm actually drinking a spoon of sugar.
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DONE!!! Gave it up for a month well also for lent so I'm done!!! February 22, 2012-April 8, 2012
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Note added by Rachel Griffin. 8 years ago
done - January 2012
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Note added by Rachel Griffin. 8 years ago
January 2012
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Note added by Ashley King. 8 years ago
Started January 25.
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Started 01/14/2012.