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Go a whole day without swearing
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love it!
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Note Added
Note added by Marisa Bettino. 5 years ago
This is going PRECISELY the way I thought it would.
...It's going to take me a few days to get this one checked off the list.
Note Added
Note added by Marisa Bettino. 5 years ago
Okay, screw it. If I'm going to go a week without complaining I might as well try this one out tomorrow, too. I realize this isn't the loftiest or most ambitious of goals but I am the bashful owner of a potty mouth and this is going to be preeeetty tough for me.
Curse words have been a regular part of my vocabulary for as long as I can remember. I have a distinct memory of my best friend in the second grade telling me that she didn't want to invite me to her birthday party because I'd started swearing and her mom wouldn't like it. (I remember feeling totally badass when she told me that.)
Don't get me wrong, I can absolutely have conversations in which I don't swear. I'm not an f-bomb dropping maniac. You can trust me around your grandparents. Your small children don't need earmuffs. But in day to day conversation with my friends and peers I probably swear too much.
This one will be a (totally lame and not at al thrilling) adventure!
Note Added
Note added by jody lou henry. 7 years ago
Completed on 6-10-12! Difficult plan on doing again!
Note Added
Note added by Katie Mackness. 7 years ago
To be fair, I don't think I swear as much as I earlier thought.