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Note Added
Note added by Marie Waltzing . 1 years ago
I think I can consider that I succeed with this one. I finally got into the habit of finishing what I start. I was really proud of myself when I left for my new home, everything was in order.
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Note added by Marie Waltzing . 1 years ago
I finished the "Advanced" part of an online course that was very important to me. I'm really impressed I managed to do so! Considering this goal as "DONE" is tricky. I'm a little bit more in the habit of finishing what I start - and actually, more like in the habit of not picking something new to start before I'm done with something else. Considering the myriad of stuffs I have started, I will never be "finished" with what I started... I'll begin by being satisfied with what I achieve. That's a start.
Note Added
Note added by Marie Waltzing . 1 years ago
I just realized I've been on DayZero for a year!

I thought I would reflect on what happened so far:

- I checked 52 goals as DONE; so I guessed we're talking one goal a week? Isn't that awesome?

- Participate in NaNoWriMo & Finish a NaNoWriMo : This is probably the biggest Highlight of all. Not only was it a wonderful experience, but it fuels me ever since to get creative everyday.

- Pen Pals & Postcards : I am really proud at how I became diligent about that one. I loved it very much, but couldn't get organized. It became a habit, and I'm getting more skilled at replying fast...

- Photography : I failed at my first attempt at 365 Days of photography, but then tried again. I am really happy about how photography makes me connect with what surrounds me.

- Medidation : I am also glad this became a daily habit and part of my life.

- See a Movie in 3D : That was a big adventure last year and a huge highlight! I went to see Fantastic Beasts.

- Ride a River on a Tube: This actualy wasn't a goal, just a bonus from last Summer. My friends surprised me with this activity.

- Visit Vermont (USA): This has a special meaning, because my Mom and I went on a sort of pilgrimmage very special for us.

It's great that I listed those, because some days I feel really low, and like nothing has improved at all, and that I haven't accomplished anything.
Note Added
Note added by Marie Waltzing . 1 years ago
Wow this is the kind of day I need to be reminded of that goal!!!! Even if in some ways, it's doing well (I kept some regular daily routine goals on, I finished the online class I intended to finish, I got my licence renewed....), in some ways, I'm getting in that "yeaaah, but.... my priorities have changed, I'm just not that motivated enough" mode.

Lately, I was dealing with someone explaining to me that "her brain needed constant stimulation, so that was why she lost interest easily in things". To be honnest, I was judging her while listening. I was thinking it was just some sort of excuses she was making up to not complete engagements she had committed to.

But I think I have to admit that by judging her, I was judging myself. I'm mad at how I can be enthusiast, and have a lot of energy to start a new project... and then I look back, couples of week later, and realized I just drifted away from what I intended.

I'm just not sure it's about the need of stimulation. I don't get bored - I NEVER get bored, ever. I just wish I could concentrate, make decisions and keep the focus.
Note Added
Note added by Marie Waltzing . 1 years ago
As I was throwing away stuffs today, I came to realize that if I was ever to finish EVERYTHING that I had ever started, or planned, I would need to live 800 years. At least.

So, some stuffs ended up in the garbage bag. Some stuffs I'll never get to "finish", or "be through with". I just have to decide to end them. I usualy think there's something wrong with "giving up". But I don't think it's about not being perseverant enough. I think it's about knowing when to let go.
Note Added
Finish that damned Master. Even though it has been taking me years already, I will finish this, I will graduate.
Note Added
Note added by Sarah. 3 years ago
♜ Finish Mandala Madness
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Note added by Anon Ymous. 5 years ago
Complete the purple Hydrangeas by 2/28/2015.