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The most popular habit breaking goal in the Day Zero community is Stop biting my nails!
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Note Added
Note added by Briana Prieto. 16 days ago
Bad Habit: Biting my lips
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Note added by Chelsea. 3 months ago
Restarted 15/06/2019
Note Added
My bad habits:
1. eating candy every day
2. read, be on the computer or sit in bed (bad for posture)
3. drinking sodas (especially coke cola)
4. buying fast food more than once a week
5. not eating breakfast
6. waking up late
7. having the tv on all day
Note Added
Note added by Chelsea Sommer. 8 months ago
Restarted 05/01/2019
Note Added
Note added by Chelsea Sommer. 11 months ago
Until I get my haircut again, restarting 26/10/18
Note Added
Note added by Chelsea Sommer. 1 years ago
Picking at my split ends. Started [1/9/2018]
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Note added by Upe Ruke. 1 years ago
eating healthy, without gluten
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Note added by Tia Robertson. 1 years ago
I have a horrible habit of scraping the sides of my thumbs near the nail with my index finger. I started it when I quit biting my nails as a teen, and I haven’t figured out how to stop. It’s a nervous/stress habit, so I’ll need to focus on that to alleviate the urge
Note Added
Note added by ellen. 3 years ago
1. non- spending too much time surfing the internet
2. stop cleaning armpit
3. stop watching movie , listening to music on youtube