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Grow my own vegetables
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I bought a Pimento de PadrĂ³n plant in the summer, it looked kinda sad and hopeless and it was being sold for just 50p to get rid of it so I rescued it!

I've been looking after it since, and it's finally produced some flowers.

The flowers are meant to fall off leaving the fruit to grow but I don't think my plant has pollinated itself to do that as the flowers are dropping with part of the stem.

I think I need to learn how to pollinate the flowers so I get my peppers!
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Got huge tomato plants going on - lovely! 03/08/15
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Note added by Nichola Springer. 5 years ago
Potatoes and strawberries!!
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Note added by Haein. 5 years ago
Planted some green onions and lettuce... they are just starting to sprout cute little green leaves now
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Note added by Zoe Stembridge. 5 years ago
Grew some tomatoes and chillis in 2014 but feels a bit of a cheat as started with the plants. From seed next year...
Photo added by Ann Freese. 6 years ago
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Note added by Ann Freese. 6 years ago
I planted 2 tomato plants, 2 red bell pepper plants, and some chocolate mint!
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Note added by Anya L. 6 years ago
Cucumbers on the balcony!
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Note added by Sophie Jeffs. 7 years ago
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Note added by tammy white. 8 years ago
We have recently been given an allotment, so let the veg growing commence.
However it is fairly large and we have been clearing it and putting in raised beds, so veg might not be grown until later this year.
Plus weather in England is pretty funky at the best of times.
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Note added by Laura Evans. 8 years ago
Have planted peas, beans, tomatoes, brocolli, spring onions and radish with cubs. 17/04/12
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Note added by Sara Brown. 8 years ago
Cucumbers Tomatoes Broccoli Variety of peppers Also grew Basil, Parsley and chives. We planted catnip but that was kind of silly to do outdoors with all the cats in the neighborhood.
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We had tomatoes and cucumber and pepper plants on our deck this summer in the backyard They were good but next year they will be better (Summer 2011)
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Note added by Leonor Lalala. 8 years ago
14.Set.2011 Salsa
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Note added by Laura Burton. 9 years ago
Veg from the garden so far in 2011: Radishes Lettuce Leeks Strawberries Courgettes Onions Spring Onions Chillies Plums Beetroot Shallots Spinach Chard Butternut Squash Sweetcorn
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Note added by Bee. 9 years ago
Planted sweetcorn at the allotment Now they just have to grow!