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Complete The Artist's Way
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The Artist's Way
Starting as a collection of tips and hints from different artists and authors, The Artist's Way was collected into a single book and published by Julia Cameron as a set of helpful methods for maximizing the creativity and productivity of artists. Two Basic Tools of the Artist's Way are Morning Pages and The Artist Date. Morning Pages are three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing, done first thing in the morning.
This description uses material from the Wikipedia article on The Artist's Way and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License (view authors).

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This the journal I got to be writing for this project or at least the first one.
It a little damaged but it still works because it just the covers so it read for me to start to read it.
Note Added
I found my copy ready to start. Have my journal as well so I will start tomorrow
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Note added by Deb Wunder . 2 years ago
Started March 1, 2018
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Note added by E.C. Groves . 2 years ago
On Week Four - 3rd attempt at this goal. Will make it this time!
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Note added by Gina. 6 years ago
8/26/13 - Halfway mark!
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Note added by Sylvia . 7 years ago
purchased 9/26/12
Note Added
On week 2! I love doing the morning pages, even if I end up doing them later in the day...I should start just doing them first thing in the morning, though. WORKING ON IT!
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Note added by Ian Riley. 8 years ago
Got the book. Will be starting this over the summer once college is finished with
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Note added by Lisa Harrison. 8 years ago
I've worked through the first course three times--love it more every time!
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Note added by Cheryl Marois. 8 years ago
Book 1-Week 1-Day 1 Reading the lesson, complete exercises in the reading
Note Added
Note added by Cheryl Marois. 8 years ago
I have all three books which add up to a 36 week program