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Note added by Kate. 6 years ago
Guide here:
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Note added by T Sutton. 6 years ago
This year:
I will try to know myself better, my capabilities as well as my limitations.
I will make stories, good stories, and share them, through any medium possible. I will give others my time, freely.
I will take risks. For every no, I will say yes.
I will learn control and moderation, materially as well as emotionally.
Learn to make decisions for myself
I will ask myself what I really want.
I will relinquish regret. I do not need to atone. The mistakes I make don't dictate my self worth. Let go.
I will stand up for myself.
I will stop procrastinating and start working on my health, mental and physical.
I will take the time to seek inspiration
I will make time to shut the door, and block out distractions
I will take advice
I will remember I can always make more money. But I will make more of what I do have and work within a budget that rewards me, not smothers me.
I will try to prevent times when I feel cornered, pressured or led.
I will try to avoid having my time taken by things that don't fully engage or stimulate me.
I will not stifle what I want, for what others want.
Note Added
Note added by Raymonda. 7 years ago
Well - I've temporarily abandoned writing fan mail instead to think on my personal manifesto. For once, I'm really thinking about what life means to me.
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Note added by Michelle. 7 years ago
Done! I wrote this in my personal journal.
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Note added by Brandon Smith. 7 years ago
Research started concerning what my manifesto will contain and essentially what I stand for.