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Identify 101 things which make me happy, or smile, and photograph them
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Note Added
Note added by Sarah Gregory. 4 years ago
I did a list for 101 things that make me happy. nd so I've decided to identify things that make me smile and photograph them.
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Note added by Nika Malinowski . 4 years ago
Fireflies - Townsville - Mid Sept till about Xmas
Photo added by Ria Rees. 5 years ago
8. Growing Something
Photo added by Ria Rees. 5 years ago
1. Family
Photo added by Ria Rees. 5 years ago
2. Reading a book in peace
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Note added by Denise Meister. 5 years ago
Shutterfly Book complete!
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Note added by Francesca Bhutta. 5 years ago
1. Noah
2. Farhan
3. Family
4. Friends
5. Classroom
6. Autumn leafs
7. sunny days/blue skies
8. Snow
9. Christmas
10. History
11. A good book
12. Nature walks
13. Beach
15. Zoo
16. Learning
17. Nice songs
18. Children singing
19. Memories
20. Beer gardens
21. Girly and glittery things
22. Holiday
23. Caravans
24. Thunder storms
25. Smell of rain
26. Flowers
27. Doodling
28. Alfresco eating
29. Clouds
30. Food!
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Note added by LS . 7 years ago
1. My husband blowing out the candles on a not-quite-perfect birthday cake baked by our daughter.
2. My cats investigating a newly delivered shipping box.
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Note added by Courtany Hanley. 8 years ago
Golden retriever puppies
Yellow tulips
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Note added by Denise Meister. 8 years ago
Started the list last night
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Note added by anouk . 8 years ago
lijst waarvan ik fotos ga maken: 1. puk 2. whoopi 3. mijn huis 4. mijn gezin 5. mijn vrienden (muhwahah jullie ontkomen er niet aan ^^)
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Note added by Jessica Graham. 8 years ago
Got the 101 things, just need to photograph them!
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Note added by Jessica Graham. 8 years ago
1. Swinging 2. Swimming 3. Climbing 4. Being with my boyfriend 5. Having my feet in sand 6. Someone putting/giving me a blanket as I'm about to fall asleep 7. Hanging upside down 8. Smell of rain 9. Staring out at calm water 10. Looking up at a starry night 11. Watching the sun rise/set 12. Eating free samples 13. Lying in snow or grass 14. Long hugs 15. Dangling feet in water 16. Fireworks 17. Popping bubble wrap 18. Finding shade on a hot day 19. Smell of campfire 20. Watching snow fall 21. Sleeping/napping 22. Curling up in bed reading a good book 23. Cuddling 24. Smell of gasoline 25. Smell of a forest 26. Smell of chlorine 27. Walking in a forest 28. Sitting on a beach 29. Relaxing to music 30. Dancing 31. When the heater on my bus is on 32. Sleeping in 33. Getting unexpected gifts, or just gifts in general 34. Receiving hand-written letters 35. Playing in snow 36. Drinking a good, warm cup of tea 37. Drinking a good, warm cup of hot chocolate 38. Running 39. Inspirational quotes 40. Biking 41. Receiving flowers 42. Sea breezes 43. Cookies straight from the oven 44. Rollercoasters 45. Farmers Markets 46. Taking baths/showers 47. Sour gummy candies 48. Taking pictures 49. Yoga 50. Finding money in an unexpected place 51. Receiving chocolate 52. Climbing into bed with freshly washed sheets 53. Being in a car with the windows rolled down on a sunny day 54. Waking up to a sunny day 55. Sitting in the sun 56. Little messages left around for you to find from a loved one 57. Chocolate 58. Eating cake 59. Smell of BBQ - unless its a burning smell 60. Kissing 61. Hanging out with friends 62. Drinking white hot chocolate 63. Smoothies from Booster Juice 64. Breakfast in bed 65. Painting my nails 66. Making something special for someone you love 67. Making magazine collages 68. Editing pictures 69. Watching movies 70. Doing something kind for someone 71. Wearing clothes that just came out of the dryer 72. Traveling 73. Having a whole row to yourself on an airplane 74. Smell of a bakery 75. Roasting marshmallows 76. Paying for something with exact change 77. All-you-can-eat buffets 78. Gift shops 79. The perfect temperature in the shower 80. Bacon 81. Buying new clothes 82. Sledding 83. Skating 84. Taking pictures for tourists 85. The bright colors of leaves in the fall 86. Previews before the movie starts 87. Finding something you lost 88. Sound of snow crunching underneath boots 89. Staying up late and knowing sleeping in the next morning is an option 90. Listening to a favorite song 91. Figuring out a plot twist before its revealed 92. Smell of pages in books 93. The first warm day of spring 94. Drinking egg nog 95. Taking walks at night in the summer 96. Wearing a boyfriend's sweater 97. Eating cupcakes 98. Rock-climbing 99. Dancing in the rain 100. Warming up by a fire place 101. Cooking/baking
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Note added by Hope Bina. 8 years ago
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Note added by Rebecca Zahm. 9 years ago
1. Roses 2. Sunset 3. Sunrise 4. Spooky 5. Zankou 6. Clouds 7. Rainbow 8. Miranda 9. Tabitha