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Spend a night stargazing
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Note Added
Note added by Rianca Vogels. 3 months ago
Deep Gap, NC
Photo added by Juliette. 2 years ago
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Note added by Wendie . 4 years ago
Spent a night a few weeks ago looking at the stars through a telescope and a pair of binoculars
TRG end of the year party out in Crawfordville- 40 degrees F out there but it was beautiful! Watched the Geminid meteor shower, Dec 13, 2014!
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Note added by Naomi. 5 years ago
Completed 19th September 2014.
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Note added by Naomi. 5 years ago
We spent the evening at West Lake Farm in Chilla, Devon watching the stars and identifying the constellations on the star chart. We could even see the Milky Way. A fantastic evening.
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Note added by wynnona . 5 years ago
met eric x)
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Note added by Dee Michael. 5 years ago
I stargazed most nights while sailing the coast of Turkey with mom, dad, Michele, Ryan, Jake, Philip, Nina, Christian and Doris.
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Note added by Elle Sanchez. 5 years ago
South Fork, CO with Sam
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Note added by Celina Oh. 6 years ago
It was kind of cloudy but we got to see some stars at China Walls.
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Note added by Jennifer Vasquez. 6 years ago
12/6/13 Astronomy nights at MCC
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Note added by Hetty Beckers. 6 years ago
Under the beautiful sky of Tanzania
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Note added by Dornbusch Hexe. 6 years ago
Mit R. im Urlaub 2013
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Note added by Cheryl Punzalan. 7 years ago
With Austin Bazan. July 22,2012. The night we went to PI to watch the Dark Knight. The very first time we went out alone.
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Note added by Sara Perry. 7 years ago
PEI with Gayle, Donna, Erik and Helen, Diane and John, and of course Larry. After an evening dinner of Island blue muscles and salads, instead of playing cards, we opted to sit outside and watch the stars! It was a warm night with a slight ocean breeze. We could hear he waves cresting on the shore as we waited for shooting stars. I saw more planes than shooting stars! It was a beautiful night sky, and such a calming, relaxing way to end another perfect Island day!
Note Added
Note added by Jamie Brenner. 7 years ago
Watched the Perceiods with my parents last night. (8/11/12) First time in a long time that the conditions were right. We saw a bunch of little ones and 4 or 5 beautiful big ones. Really makes you realize how big the universe is!
Note Added
Note added by Chantal Clements. 7 years ago
With Emily Dennis during school groups!