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Say "yes" to something I would not normally do
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For a popular alternative, Say yes to everything for a day.
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Note added by Ripal Patel. 5 months ago
Ride the scooter with kids.
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Note added by Toni. 9 months ago
I'm going to keep doing this one. Stepping out of my comfort zone is helping me grow!
Photo added by Molly Page. 10 months ago
Last minute radio interview on WGN radio
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Note added by Jurgita. 11 months ago
Bungee jumping
Photo added by Susie Morgan. 1 years ago
Walk across a rope bridge
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Note added by Johanna. 1 years ago
Scientific solutions- apotekarseminarium
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Note added by Laura. 1 years ago
Take part in a demonstration (I went to the Youth for Climate demonstration today)
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Note added by Fifi Goggo. 2 years ago
I ate black pudding, and white pudding - something I would NEVER normally say yes to... and I didn't die. They were actually quite tasty...
Photo added by Fifi Goggo. 2 years ago
See top of page - black pudding and white pudding!
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Note added by Bjorg. 2 years ago
Starf í fluffunni
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Note added by Cassie Sims. 2 years ago
Eating seafood...doing a bike tour...swimming in the sea...Barcelona
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Note added by Sabby Hacker. 2 years ago
Cat sitting
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Note added by Teri Crawford. 2 years ago
Dream interpretation class & Reiki & Readings
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Note added by Lisa Surette. 2 years ago
I said yes to Rick taking me to Quebec for my birthday and paying for it.
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Batida de vodka no natal

vodka suco de maracuja leite condensado e pessego em calda
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Note added by Monika. 2 years ago
1. Join Toastmasters
2. Volunteer abroad
3. Visit Wrocław
4. Participate in language exchange meetings in Łódź (started: 03/02/2017)
5. Join a gym (started: 06/12/2016)
6. Become a bikini and figure (?) competitor
7. Stop giving my clients discounts. (''Know your worth and your time investment + add taxes + add cancellation/processing fees)
8. Learn to play a piano. + find a teacher
9. Meet new people outside the pub
10. Meet with my friend and learn how to invest better (+ read books)
11. Start speaking Spanish and Italian during language exchange meetings.
12. Force myself to stop speaking Polish and start using only English during language exchange meetings.
13. Accent Reduction Therapy (Someone will have to listen to my weird American accent)
14. Learn how to maintain eye contact with people. + practice
15. Flamenco lessons
16. Pole dancing classes
Note Added
Note added by Molly Miller. 2 years ago
Went mudding!
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Note added by Jess Letchford. 3 years ago
Teach piano
Eat fish eye
White water rafting
Jump off rocks ;)
Play piano for phelung fellowship without another musical instrument
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Note added by Tamara Mjåseth. 3 years ago
Gå tur med Mariam uten å ha treft henne før.
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Note added by Alica Detková. 3 years ago
When he doesn't chase you
when you walk away,
just keep walking.
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Samþykkja það að fara í 7 daga yoga ferð með 8 stelpum sem að ég þekkti ekkert.
Photo added by Alison Thompson . 3 years ago
It's not every day you get photobombed by an alligator! Here's the story...

Eleven years ago I was on honeymoon in South Africa & Zambia and took a trip up the Zambezi in a canoe. An inflatable canoe. All was well till the very last section of the day when I felt something hit the boat, looked down and saw a crocodile snout bashing against the canoe! It hit once, twice, three times and punctured the boat, leaving me stranded in the water and my new husband smacking the surface with an oar while we both panicked for our lives!

Obviously we were both okay but since then I've had a deep fear of crocodiles and even the thought of them has made my stomach churn.

Very close to us is a place called Crocodiles of the World and it's come up in conversation a few times - but I've always been adamant I didn't want to go. But Steve mentioned it again today as I was trying to find something to do on a bonus day off, and I thought "No!" And then thought, "Actually, why not? Yes!"

And you know what - we had a really good time! I started off jumping nervously at a lifesize sculpture of a crocodile outside the entrance, and ended up oohing and aahing at feeding time and even holding a two-year-old alligator! I definitely feel like I've come close to overcoming the irrational fear, though I still have a very sensible respect for these intelligent killers.
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Note added by Denise Meister . 3 years ago
I went to Long Island Medium with Sondra...Definitely not something I would do without prompting!
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Note added by Samantha Plumb. 3 years ago
Watched the Super Bowl.
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Note added by Drew Anne. 3 years ago
I said yes to going dt even though in the end I decided not to go. But I still actually said yes and went to my big's birthday party!
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Note added by Lauren R. 3 years ago
Took a job in AZ
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Note added by Karima Kadaoui. 3 years ago
Cousins asked me if I'd like to help them with their mom's pharmacy inventory.
I usually don't like sudden tasks that I know nothing about beforehand.
Felt good to help!
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Note added by Stephanie Clark. 3 years ago
I said yes to meeting someone I met online (Tinder). We met on a Wednesday & Friday he asked if we could meet Sunday afternoon since we both had plans that Saturday & he couldn't wait until next weekend. I would normally say no to something so impromptu.
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Note added by Karolina. 3 years ago
So there was a band called Niemoc...
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Note added by Gabriele Gomes. 3 years ago
Be with someone I just recently met
Note Added
I agreed to a vacation.
Photo added by Susie Morgan. 4 years ago
Hair raising trip up above the clouds
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Note added by Gloopy Gloop. 4 years ago
I did part of the Via Ferrata at the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. August 27, 2016.
Note Added
just becase I've beaten my weakness.
Note Added
Taking over in planning a wedding (3 days before the actual wedding).
Photo added by Elisha Ransom. 4 years ago
Hoover Half Pipe. We made it all the way up to the white part
Note Added
Note added by Elisha Ransom. 4 years ago
I went on a huge scary waterslide with Jason. I initially said no but Jason really wanted to try it so I went and it was actually pretty fun. I cried the first time but then we went on it again. I wouldn't do it by myself though.
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Note added by Sarah Olsson. 4 years ago
Subbed for volleyball
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Note added by Danny. 4 years ago
Legion Run! 9.07.16!
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Note added by Carrie Hurley. 4 years ago
Doing 21 Day Fix