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Write a letter to three people who have made a difference in my life
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Note added by Krish. 1 years ago
Rob - wedding.
Nicola - Wedding
Nicola's parents - Wedding.
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Note added by Bridget Hunt. 4 years ago
Mike, Mike and Mike
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Note added by Niki. 4 years ago
Number 2 of 3 done. Over the summer at camp I was... I guess you could call it in a relationship with another counsellor. We grew close in my first summer but this summer we got back and things picked up pretty much where they left off, naturally becoming more serious. He's very good with words, with expressing his emotions on the spot. I tend to clam up and just nod and say nothing, taking the moment in. So as I was travelling round, about a week after camp ended and a few days after we'd said our goodbyes in Boston, I wrote him a letter. It wasn't much, just a little piece to say all those things that I wished I'd had the courage and the vocabulary to say in those moments. But this guy, whatever happens now, will always be one I look back on fondly. I've never had a guy care for me and make me laugh and shower me with so much affection as this one. It made for a very special summer that's for sure. And I grew up and changed a lot because of him. He made a difference and so his letter is definitely a second of three towards this goal.
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Note added by SteveD. 5 years ago
JO - November 2014
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Note added by Cristine Yabes. 5 years ago
Monday, September 1, 2014
Task#15. Write a letter for three people who changed your life.

Sir Mel,
How are you Sir? I know you were so busy since you've been the acting head teacher of the related subject in our high school. And I was also so busy too with my studies that's why I wasn't able to check on you.
Anyway Sir, I just wanted to say thank you for all the encouragements and concerns you have shown me. Everytime I go to school, I always remember the advices that you always tell me. "Galingan mong mag-aral". "Kaya mo 'yan". "Bilisan mo para 'pag umalis na ako dito sa school may papalit sa akin". Sometimes these words put an intense pressure on me but oftentimes they challenge me to do well in my studies.
I always look forward on your words Sir and I admire you a lot because you always prove to other people that you can do more. You’re always the strongest person that I knew that whatever comes your way, you are still firm and still tries to accomplish everything possibly on time.
You’ve changed me a lot Sir since I was still your student. You’ve showed me that I can also do extraordinary things. Thanks for helping me see my potentials, for telling me what to improve on myself and for throwing me encouraging words.
Thanks a lot Sir.

Hi bbf. Kumusta ka na? Ang busy yata nating pareho? Halos ‘di na tayo nagkakakwentuhan ah kahit sa text man lang. 
Miss na kita. Walang nangungulit sa ‘kin. Walang nanenermon. Walang nangaasar.
Ah, about pala dito sa letter na ‘to, kasama kasi sa 30 days challenge ko. “Write a letter to three people who have made a difference in my life”.
Isa ka dun siyempre. Ewan ko, simula nung naging close tayo (wait close ba tayo? Haha SANA…..) may naiba sa sarili ko. Aside from naging bully din ako tulad mo, (haha joke) natuto akong tumawa kahit may problema. Nakita ko ‘yun sa iyo eh. Na kahit may probema ka, ‘di mo pinapahalata, ‘di mo sineseryoso. Natutunan ko ‘ding alagaan ang sarili ko dahil lagi mong nireremind sa’kin na kumain sa tamang oras, magpahinga kung kinakailangan at ‘wag abusuhin ang sarili sa pag-aaral.
Thank you sa pagpapatawa at sa pag-aalala. Thank you kasi lagi kang open-minded pag nagsheshare ako ng problema sa’yo. Lagi kong naaalala ang linya mong ‘to “Pag di mo na kaya iiyak mo para mabawasan yang nararamdaman mo”.
Pasensya na po medyo senti. Anyway thank you sa lahat. Ingat ka lagi.

Ate Janet,
Hi ate! Good to see you again last week. 
I miss you being in school. Walang nagpapatawa sa’min. Masyado kaming serious ngayon. Buti pa nung nag-aaral ka pa, napapalabas mo mga ngipin namin. But it’s another story na sabi nga nila.
Maybe once or twice ko pa lang sinabi ‘to sa’yo. You helped me change ate. We’ve been together since 1st year college and alam ko na pinagtiisan mo din ugali ko. Thank you kasi you are a true friend to me. ‘Di mo lang inadmire positive attitudes ko. I can still remember nung pinagsabihan mo ‘ko ng line na’to “Tin, minsan matuto kang magpreno sa mga salita mo kasi ‘di mo alam nakakasakit ka ng ibang tao”. I know this is my weakness before. Salita lang ako nang salita not knowing may natatamaan ako. Without those words siguro from you, ‘di ko maaassess sarili ko. Dahil sa’yo natuto akong magpreno sa mga salita ko. Na everytime I will speak, I must first think of my word choices. Super thankful ako kasi nakita ko ung maling ugali ko sa inyo and I was able to changes them.
You’re so mabait na ate. Kahit na sinisigawan kita dati, okay lang sa’yo. Mga bisaya talaga noh. Hahahaha. Pa’no ba ‘yan? You’re on your next chapter na. Wish ko lang for you is sana masaya ka sa decisions mo. Before, you always say na gusto mo namang sumaya para sa sarili mo. Sa lahat ng mga naging kaklase mo ngayong college, kami ni Ate Maricris ang matagal mong nakasama and I know this is one of your dreams-to be happy. This is the time ate. Make your life happy naman as you start your family. We will always be here for you and to your future baby/babies??? Hahaha. Ingat lagi! If you need help “CALL ME MAYBE?” Hahahaha. Love you ate.
Photo added by Niki. 6 years ago
Not quite a letter, but I left my first job yesterday and my colleague is one of the people that has made a difference in my life, so I wanted to give her a thank you card for everything she's done for me. So, one down
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Note added by Jenn Miguez. 6 years ago
2/6/14- Card to MKV
3/3/14- Card to Patrice Cedor
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Note added by Allie . 6 years ago
Uncle Danny (11/24/13)
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Note added by Kayla Freiboth. 6 years ago
technically one is to many people but they work as one