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Note Added
Note added by LadyBug. 1 years ago
1. Graduated.
2. Reduced sugar intake.
3. Decluttered main room.
4. Decluttered my room.
5. Decluttered hall (cupboards)
5. Decluttered inbox(ex).
6. Declutter, sort out and throw away makeup.
7. Declutter first aid kit (main one and for travel).
9. Left the consulting job.
10. Got employed again.
11. Left.
12. Read 53 books in a year.
13. Tried new baking recipes.
14. Tried to pick up learning Korean. Failed.
15. Started learning Turkish.
16. Reconnected with some old friends from Uni.
17. Started and finished manga series. (Uzumaki)
18. Watched new ganre of anime (horror)
19. Tried new skin products.
20. Developed sin routine/
21. Tried some new oils for hair.
22. Wax.
23. Sugaring.
24. Found new friends.
25. Tried cheap all purpose eco soap.
Note Added
Note added by Tali V. 1 years ago
1. Received my Bachelor Degree
Note Added
Note added by Jodiesharp. 3 years ago
1. Got a passport
2. Got a provisional licence
3. Learnt to ride a bike
4. 30k gamerscore
5. BTEC Level 1 Applied Science
6. Adult Literacy Level 1
7. FS English Level 1
8. Level 1 Childcare
9. 10/10 on most spelling tests in Primary school
10. Learnt to swim(doggy paddle)
11. Donated money to charity
12. Got a dog
13. Got a cat
14. Got a rabbit
15. Got a hamster
16. Got a guinea pig
17. Got different types of fish
18. Lived in a nice area with a big house
19. watched 100s of films
20. Been to Disneyland Paris
21. Been to Wales
22. Been to Turkey
23. Been to Greece
24. Been to Alton towers
25. Been to American adventure
26. Been in love
27. Recovered from depression
28. Never been drunk
29. Been Vegan
30. Turned vegetarian
31. Been on a plane
32. Rode a horse
33. Had my first kiss
34. Been in the audience of a TV game show
35. Watched all the Harry Potter films
36. Watched every episode of Skins
37. Been kissed at midnight on New Years
38. Been in a LDR for over five years
39. Not killed myself
40. Seen a shooting star
41. Had a henna tattoo
42. Completed a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle
43. Being able to type without looking
44. Own a pair of converse
45. Watched every SAW movie
46. Received flowers and chocolate from someone I love
47. Level 1 Maths
48. Watched every episode of Utopia
49. Watched every episode of Black Mirror
50. Watched every episode of The Whispers
51. Level 2 English
52. Know the correct money to give out at the beginning of Monopoly
53. Saw wrestling live
54. Been to concerts
55. Saw one of my favourite bands live
56. Caught a train long distance by myself
57. Conquered my fear of the oven when downstairs alone
58. Conquered my fear of the oven when home alone
59. Watched over 1000 movies
60. Read over 100 books.
61. Took a dance class
62. Took a professional wrestling class
63. Planted a tree
64. Dyed my hair a "crazy" colour
65. Been on the Dodgem's
66. Reverted back to veganism
67. Played spin the bottle
68. Own Ray-ban sunglasses
69. Experienced snow
Note Added
Note added by Marisa. 3 years ago
1. Nominated for Best Female Rookie Comic of the Year in the 2016 I Joke Awards
2. Nominated for the Mark Breslin Stand Up Excellence Award 2016
3. Chosen to do stand up in the 2016 Humber Industry Show
4. Did a sketch with Mark McKinney and Mikey at the Industry Show
5. Wrote Cheer Dad sketch on my feet with Vance
6. Strong Humber Yuk's showcase in April 2016, Breslin's second favourite of the night
7. Accepted to Humber Comedy Program
8. Moved to Toronto
10. Made my first 101 Things list
11. Learned to ride a biiiiike
12. Did a Learn To Run clinic in winter 2013/2014
13. Did 200 stand up sets in 2 years!
14. Did two 'Bout Times after not doing improv in years
15. Graduated from the Bad Dog Ensemble Studio Series (Harold) with Wheels
16. Wrote a song with Dave
17. Got headshots done (need new ones now)
18. Made a list of the things that make me happy
19. Wrote a list of 50 things I like about myself
20. Got laser eye surgery
21. Got laser hair removal
22. Visited Nonno and Nonna solo
23. Went to Montreal to help Nonno and Nonna move
24. Hung out with/came out to Aunt Ro
25. Became a godmother
26. Went on a road trip with my brothers
27. Came out as bi
28. Came out as polyamorous
29. Did talk therapy with Gundel - huge amounts of emotional work there
30. Went to CAMH emergency walk in
31. Started on lithium
32. Started cognitive behavioural therapy
33. Pierced my septum
34. Pierced my nose
35. Cut my hair short after years of wanting to
36. Bleached my head after years of wanting to
37. Graduated high school - yeeeeesh
38. Promotion to supervisor
38. Promotion to assistant manager
39. Quit Starbucks
40. Rehired with promotion as manager
41. Won Partner of the Quarter for my district in the fall of 2016
42. Bought Hamilton tickets!
43. Went a month without booze
44. Went a month without soda
45. Went a month without cigarettes
46. Went a month without weed
47. Got on Top Shelf Comedy
48. Got on Reverse Late Night twice
49. Had some fun Boys Club shows
50. Bought cool lights for my room
51. Worked on and developed a good relationship with my mom
52. Worked on and developed a good relationship with my dad
53. Made entirely new social circles in Toronto (which I was afraid I would struggle with doing)
54. Learned to talk about having been sexually assaulted in high school.
55. Learned to talk openly with my immediate family about sexuality, gender, mental illness, etc.
56. Saved up $12 000 to go back to school.
57. Went to Australia.
58. Went to New Zealand.
59. Went to the DR.
Note Added
Note added by Andie P. 5 years ago
I've just realised there's more than that in my 'done' list doh
Note Added
Note added by Emmie Dali. 6 years ago
1. Have a Summerjob (Noah's Ark, Wisconsin Dells)
2. Travel to America (2013)
3. Learn to play the piano.
4. Buy a guitar.
5. Graduate high-school.
Note Added
Note added by Liz. 6 years ago
Finally completed
Next mission, photographic evidence! I'll add that as another thing to accomplish. Probably can't do all of them, but I'll aim for 25 to start with.
Note Added
Note added by Anja. 6 years ago
1. Got my Fachabitur as second best in class
2. Got my Diplom
3. Got the best mark possible for the oral exam about my thesis
4. Was admitted to the doctoral course of studies
5. Reached the level of being fluent in both speaking and writing English
6. Moved out of my parents’ home
7. Moved to a new city – twice
8. Organized all my moves myself
9. Live completely on my own
10. Lived away from home for a year before I turned 18
11. Found a job I love
12. Survived two weeks of vacation with my sister…
13. Travelled abroad completely on my own without knowing anyone at the travel destination
14. Learned to swim
15. Learned to ride a bike
16. Learned to ice-skate
17. Learned to roller-skate
18. Learned Spanish
19. Learned Swedish
20. Published my first scientific paper
21. Attended national congresses on nutrition and obesity
22. Did PowerPoint presentations at different congresses
23. Attended the ICO 2010 in Stockholm
24. Did a poster presentation at an international congress
25. Did fluent presentations in Swedish with very little preparation (for Swedish course)
26. Donated blood
27. Donated thrombocytes
28. Got registered as bone marrow donor
29. Made postcards of a photo I took myself
30. Saw a soccer match at the stadium
31. Saw an American football match at a stadium
32. Worked as a volunteer at a youth sports event
33. Was a team member at a holiday camp for children from 6 to 12
34. Organized a big international Postcrossing meeting
35. Saw Starlight Express
36. Saw The Lion King (musical, German version)
37. Swam in the Mediterranean
38. Organized a scavenger hunt
39. Organized a day-trip for a group of 25
40. Collected money for charity
41. Learned to play volleyball properly
42. Grew my own tomatoes
43. Learned to cook
44. Learned to bake
45. Learned to sew (but hated it all the time)
46. Learned to play the flute
47. Never started smoking (after 20 years of growing up in a smoker family)
48. Never got drunk
49. Flew on a plane
50. Won a prize on a drawing competition as a child
51. Worked at a canteen kitchen for a year
52. Attended a Chinese class
53. Attended an Italian class
54. Grew my hair halfway down my back
55. Had my hair cut short from being quite long
56. Got my ears pierced (twice)
57. Attended Postcrossing meetings in 6 European capitals
58. Went to the international Postcrossing meeting in Helsinki in 2009 despite not knowing anyone and my fear of big groups of people I don’t know
59. Been co-author on a paper published internationally
60. Was listed as weight loss expert in a women’s magazine
61. Learned to work with SPSS all by myself
62. Seen the Sistine Chapel in Rome (wasn’t that impressed, though, too dark & too crowded)
63. Walked through the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin
64. Been to two different German capitals (Berlin and Bonn when it still was a capital)
65. Stayed up all night (and slept about 16 hours straight afterwards)
66. Been to 33 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
67. Stayed at a 5* hotel
68. Travelled first class on a train
69. Travelled on a train that travelled on a ferry part of the way
70. Went out of the country by train
71. Did my tax declaration completely on my own
72. Visited 12 European capitals
73. Been to the 13 biggest German cities
74. Read 40 books in just 3 weeks (as a child during vacation)
75. Stopped biting my nails when I was 10 (only reason my mother allowed me to use nail polish at that age)
76. Found a best friend that has the same way of crazy thinking as I do
77. Managed to keep a friendship with someone living I another country for almost 15 years
78. Tried rowing
79. Tried artistic gymnastics (yes, really!)
80. Took part in a soccer school competition – and failed miserably
81. Helped a classmate to pass the final exams by tutoring
82. Managed to break my elbow at an office job…
83. Found 100 things that make me happy
84. Organized and cooked dinner on my sister’s confirmation all on my own
85. Assembled my IKEA furniture on my own
86. Sent over 1600 official Postcrossing postcards
87. Designed my own rubber stamp to use on postcards
88. Been unofficial travel agent for many Postcrossers
89. Attended a live taping of a TV show
90. Sang in choir at primary school
91. Finished a 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle
92. Learned to eat with chopsticks
93. Learned to say Thank you in 10 languages
94. Decided what I want to be when I grow up
95. Learned to work with Word, Excel and PowerPoint on a quite good level
96. Learned how to use Photoshop (and still hate it)
97. Organized a class activity at open day at school
98. Organized hotel rooms, travelling plans etc. for business trips with colleagues
99. Took a self-defense class
100. Spoke in front of a crowd of more than 100
101. Found 100 things I achieved for this list
Note Added
Note added by Liz. 7 years ago
80 achievements on the list so far. It's really motivating looking at what I've accomplished.
Note Added
Note added by Liz. 8 years ago
Started making a list in the 'Done' section. Kind of feels like I'm boasting, but I'm trying to look at it as being proud of my achievements for me, and not for others. Maybe I'll take the list offline at some point instead.
Note Added
Note added by Debi Martin. 8 years ago
Done! List is here:
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Note added by Bernice Stump. 8 years ago
Note Added
Note added by Ruth Cooke. 8 years ago