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This is also known as a reverse bucket list! It's a great way to rediscover the things from your past that you are proud of, and give you the encouragement to set more goals for the future.
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Note added by Georgina . 27 days ago
12. Watch baby turtles hatch
13. See a cheetah run full-speed
14. Appear on the cover of the top trade magazine in my field
15. Open the New York Stock Exchange
16. Play at Carnegie Hall (11 times so far)
17. See the lemurs in Madagascar
18. Give up diet soda (4 months and counting....)
19. Go skydiving
20. Go bungee jumping
21. Visit the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica
22. Raise over 100 foster kittens
23. Visit 32+ countries
24. See Nelson Mandela's cell on Robben Island
25. Study Irish Fiddling in Ireland
26. Go to the Amazon Rainforest
27. Completed two college degrees with a 4.0 average
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Note added by Georgina . 2 months ago
1. Achieve my dream job.
2. Run a half-marathon
3. Go on a safari
4. Visit the giant tortoises in the Galapagos
5. Forgive my mother
6. Volunteer regularly
7. Go on a cross-country road trip (twice!)
8. See Machu Picchu
9. Buy a house (thrice!)
10. Go to the tip of Africa
11. See penguins
Note Added
Note added by E.C. Groves . 2 years ago
1. Aerial photography
2. Photos published in Phoenix New Times and Phoenix Magazine
3. Moved to a new state
4. Walled on peg leg stilts
5. Climbed the Acropolis
6. Lived by myself in a house for a year
7. Went to Athens, Greece
8. Rode on a cruise ship to Santorini
9. Visited Rome, Italy
10. Graduated HS in top 10%
11. Did art for two music albums
12. Met James O' Barr
13. Met Dan Ackroyd
14. Met Ernie Hudson
15. Helped with creating my proton pack
16 Repaired a toilet
17. Met great awesome people
18 Saw Ghostbusters in a theater
19. Lost significant weight in 2 years (180 to 135)
20. Went to conventions by myself in my early 20s
21. Completed self-paced CTC Graphics and Printing course
22. Drank a half bottle of Chartrues in one night
23. SciFi LGBT speed dating
24. Saw Psychic TV PT3
25. CPR and First Aid Certified
26 Traveled to NOLA twice
27 Traveled to Las Vegas twice
28. Got banned from a BBS
29. .Traveled to Portland
30. Traveled to San Diego twice
31. Met George and Jeff Takai
32. Learned how to crochet
33. Learned how to hand engrave
34. Modeled for a few photographers
35. Can tie a bow tie
36. Put a pop up tent
37. Made others happy
38. Saw Kraftwerk 3D
39. Fought at the Thunderdome 2016
40. Made soap with coconut oil and lye
41. Designed and 3D printed 450 holders to use in a laser maze
42. Launched paper rockets with a 125 psi pneumatic tank and an air compressor
43. Made eight gear box trophies
44. Made a laser maze game
45. Purchased a plotter
46. Made a trophy for a City of Phoenix department for recycling
47. Rode a bike along Newport beach
48. Visited the General Patton Museum
49. Guerilla street art
50. Designed two separate art pieces that friends then got tattooed
51. Filmed parts of a Butoh performance that ended up on a compilation
52. Impossible puzzle assembled
53. Made custom shirts on equipment I own myself
54. Saw solar eclipse while launching paper rockets (2018)
55. Learned hand engraving with gravers on copper
57. Instructed 100+ kids in a two year span on basic soldering
58. Rode on the ladder of 2 Ectos - three times on the main AZGB Ecto and once on Patrick's Ecto.
59. Ridden on public transportation while in full Ghostbuster gear
60. Submitted art to a Laibach fan project
61. Turned a bowl on a lathe
62. Made Hector his Scorpio Logo
63. Went to Legoland in California
64. Made a Thor's Hammer Prop
65. Successfully milled an STL file that I put rendered, a Nelson & Murdock plaque, on a Shopbot
66. Took #65 and painted it and got it signed by Eldon Henson at Phoenix Comic Con 2017
67. Visited Museum of Death in California Nov 2017
68. Visited Ameba Records Nov 2017
69. Kristen Ritter Book signing 2017
70. Promoted to CREATE woodshop manager Dec 2017
71. Purchased van from Dee
72. Won 1st place at a Team Trivia match by myself
73. Built an oversize easel with Jim at ASC
74. Built 17 more oversize easels with others at ASC
75. Saw Front 242 on April 25th, 2018
76. Saw Industrial Soundtrack for Urban Decay @ Filmbar
77. Climbed on a pirate ship made of shopping carts
78. Used a tablesaw alone
79. Changed a car battery for my gf
80. Attended 2 Noxeed shows
81. Found 2 Noxeed pieces
82. Left AZGB and retired from being a Ghostbuster for a long while.
83. Taught Intro to Woodworking to 20+ highschoolers this year
84. Ice skated at Cityscape
85. Participated in GISHWISH at least twice
86. Went to the last night the original Welcome Diner was opened.
87. Saw Negativeland - not playing as Negativeland - with Justin and Dev at Trunkspace
88. Sewed up a notebook to gift to Dee - using dumpster dived paper I distressed with coffee and the oven and scrap leather.
89. Watched the sunrise and sunset while on top of my WW tribe's watchtower.
90. Made limoncello with the limes off the tree that I help plant in the yard.
91. Hosted a sabrage get together for 3 people.
92. Obtained a watercolor/ink sketch by David Mack back in Texas during one of the first WizardWorld cons
93. Convinced boys to let me paint their fingernails back in highschool
94. Puppysat Little Bear
95. Purchased a trumpet using nothing but bookmans trade credit.
96. Used watercolor to make original pieces and designed the cd cover for one of Jay Wikked's music projects
97. Photography, design, photo correction and created a font from scratch for an industrial
band's 6 panel digipack
98. Won a mini growler from Bonus Round at their two year anniversary
99. Wrote a short essay for James W - called "How to Go Fuck Yourself" (Still need to send it)
100. Made it half way through my first "101 Goals in 1001 Days" list.
101. Reached out and personally thanked at least 3 fanfiction writers I do not know in real life.
Note Added
Note added by Clare Kelly. 2 years ago
1. Gave a guided tour at work, even though I was petrified to do it. I wanted to prove to myself that I am capable of doing one and I did it
2. Walked a full marathon
3. Visited Disney World in Florida
4. Passed my driving test after quite a few tries
Note Added
Note added by Chereeka Straker . 3 years ago
Look at DONE list
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Note added by Cintia. 3 years ago
1 - Learned to walk
2 - Learned to talk
3 - Learned to speak
4 - Learned to swin
5 - Learned to speak english fluently
6 - Learned to speak spanish
7 - Finished school
8 - Got 2 bachelor degrees
9 - Became financially independent
10 - Got my driver's license
11 - Bought my first car
12 - Bought an apartment
13 - Learned to play the keyboard
14 - Danced on stage
15 - Been a runway model (once.. hehe)
16 - Traveled by plane
17 - Traveled alone
18 - Visited Machu Picchu
19 - Lived in London for 3 weeks
20 - Saw several musicals and plays on West End
21 - Used public transportation without getting lost in London
22 - Visited New York City
23 - Saw 2 musicals on Broadway
24 - Saw several famous paintings both in London and New York
Photo added by Alison Cook. 4 years ago
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Note added by Alison Cook. 4 years ago
It's harder than you think.
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Note added by Meghan O'Connor. 4 years ago
1 sung a solo for an audience
2 sung in a city chorus
3 had a butterfly light on my hand
4 had a book of poetry published
5 made a quilt
6 won a talent contest by singing
7 won a costume contest
8 went to a convention
9 spoke at a conference
10 won a poster contest
11 acted in a play
12 acted/sang in a musical
13 made costumes for a play
14 grown miniature roses
15 helped put on a festival
16 won state in HS chorus
17 survived Basic Training
18 learned to shoot an M-16
19 learned to shoot/clean a handgun
20 learned to make jewelry
21 was in an art showing of jewelry
22 had a photography exhibit
23 sold photographs of mine
24 wrote a mystery novella
25 met a famous actor
26 joined a protest
27 helped a friend at her kid's birth
28 volunteered at my local library
29 traveled to England
30 visited Stonehenge
31 did the March of Dimes
32 marched 22 miles in the Army
33 built a backyard shed
34 owned a greyhound
35 played a drum as the sun rose on the Solstice
36 participated in a large community pagan ritual
37 led an herbology workshop
38 led a safe-sex seminar
39 was President of my college's LGBT club
40 co-wrote/produced the club's newsletter
41 marched in an LGBT Pride parade
42 protested at a TV studio
43 traveled to Canada more than once
45 lived in Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines
46 had a duck for a pet
47 won a poster-making contest
48 learned clarinet
49 learned guitar
50 played Bodhran
51 made Yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do
52 written fanfiction
Note Added
Note added by Sarah Gregory. 4 years ago
91) Held an owl
92) Been a bridesmaid
93) Written a letter to my future self
94) Made an origami crane and a few other animals
95) Made a list of thigs I like about myself
96) Kept a notebook of my favourite quotes
97) Climbed to the top of a castle on my own
98) Made my own handmade card
99) Made my own candles
100) Spent the whole day at Alton Towers and went on Rita, Nemesis and Thirteen
101) Sold handmade crochet items
Note Added
Note added by Sarah Gregory. 4 years ago
62) Took up a new hobby and enjoyed it (Crochet)
63) Created an amigurumi monkey for my first crochet project
64) Got better at calling people (whilst suffering from anxiety)
65) Learnt how to hold a guitar properly and learnt 2 chords
66) Went to a SOLDOUT gig to see Megadeth (whilst suffering from anxiety and depression)
67) Increased my weights at the gym
68) Created an exercise schedule
69) Got my ears re-pierced
70) Looked after my ears for 6 weeks (whilst suffering from depression)
71) Organised and created an exercise program for others to help with depression
72) Dog-walking (on and off the lead)
73) Transferred myself to another store
74) Lived with other people (House-share: and never again lol)
75) Brought my own Pandora charm bracelet
76) Completed a high-ropes course that was taller than 3 double decker buses
77) Came 1st in a 3-way zip-wire race
78) Have decorated my own nails with a professional nail art stamping kit
79) Have found the perfect recipe for cupcakes that are super light and fluffy (by tweaking a few recipes)
80) I have kept multiple diaries
81) Gave myself a french manicure
82) Gone to a music festival
83) Been camping
84) Gone ice skating (failed miserably)
85) Rode a horse
86) Died my hair (black, cosmic black (black which looked dark blue in the light), purple and soon to be red)
87) Wrote a short story
88) Have written book reviews
89) Gone hiking
90) Made pizza from scratch including the dough)
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Note added by Tegan K. 4 years ago
Photo added by Serena Yu. 4 years ago
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Note added by MotivatingMyself. 5 years ago
done -
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Note added by MotivatingMyself. 5 years ago
Starting this list today
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Note added by linu alex. 5 years ago
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Note added by linu alex. 5 years ago
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Note added by linu alex. 5 years ago
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Note added by linu alex. 5 years ago
started today....
1. my education
2. job in a foreign country to teach international syllabus.
3. High salary.
4.A family life
5. My son
6.Renovation of house
7. helped needy
8. cleared my parent's debts
9.bought 40 cents of land and a house.
10.bought a laptop, printer, key board and 4 mobile phones. i listed 10 things...
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Note added by Aby. 5 years ago
I started with 103, actually. Whew!
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Note added by Allison Delaney. 5 years ago
This was a very positive exercise. My life has been quite exciting thus far!
Photo added by .. 5 years ago
wheeler's in magazine
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Note added by .. 5 years ago
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This was so much harder to do than I imagined, but I've just completed the list. And to think i'm 37 and have achieved 101 things, wonder how many it will be by the time I die?!?!
Note Added
This was so much harder to do than I imagined, but I've just completed the list. And to think i'm 37 and have achieved 101 things, wonder how many it will be by the time I die?!?!
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Note added by Lora Ewinaga. 5 years ago
1. got into art school
2. moved out of my parents' house
3. finished high school
4. got out of a depression
5. finished univeristy
6. found the love of my life
7. successfully maintained a ten year long distance relationship
8. got a phd position
9. lost 15 kg (gained back 5)
10. got a gym membership
11. learned how to make hollandaise sauce
12. tried yoga, and stuck to it
13. eat nearly only organic food
14. got a more balanced biorythm
15. learned to make mayo
16. tried zumba enough to know that zumba CAN be a lot of fun
17. learned how to make my own laundry detergent
18. published my first scientific paper at age 24
19. tried pilates
20. went to Germany (multiple times)
21. learned to mend my own clothes
22. tried bbb and got bored with it after a few years
23. got rid of over 200 things in half a year
24. stopped buying ugly things
25. learned that by giving things away for free you can only gain in the long run
26. went to Switzerland (multiple times)
27. gave up gluten
28. started dancing again
29. saved 30.000 eur
30. performed on stage (several times)
31. learned how to make fresh cream cheese
32. attended several scientific conferences
33. taught my first course at university
34. learned how to crochet
35. started a blog (several ones)
36. tiled a wall all by myself
37. learned how to sew
38. realized that you don't need a lot of stuff to be happy
39. went to Vienna for a week
40. learned how to draw
41. got myself a DSLR and learned how to use it
42. learned how to grow a garden
43. traveled by myself (once by train and once by plane)
44. allowed myself to get out of unrewarding friendships
45. visited Kopenhagen
46. switched to using loose leaf tea
47. letting go of the past becomes easier with practice
48. went to Croatia
49. visualizing the present/future positively makes life a lot easier
50. shower in the summer rain
51. visited London a number of times
52. realized that i do not need a career, i just want to be successful at something that i enjoy doing
53. share my umbrella with a stranger on a rainy day
54. learn herbal medicine basics
55. have basic woodworking skills
56. learn about the history of our food and agriculture
57. help an old lady cross the street
58. dance until sunrise
59. refurbished an old cupboard
60. learned how to can my own food
61. visited New York
62. upholstered a set of chairs
63. learned how to embroider
64. designed a website from scratch
65. got my photographs published in two different magazines (2013 and 2014)
66. learned about permaculture gardening
67. quit putting honey in my tea
68. cooked on a wood stove
69. got over my hysterical fear of earwigs
70. went to Sweden
71. plastered my own kitchen
72. tried kickboxing
73. learned basic photoshop skills
74. went to helpX for two weeks
75. visited Glasgow
76. learned to live beneath my means
77. made my own perfume
78. switched to using only organic beauty products
79. grew more conscious about my ecological footprint
80. want to France (several times)
81. played the tourist in my own city
82. supported several good causes (through greenpeace, unicef and avaaz)
83. lend money to a friend in need (and got it all back again, thank you friend!)
84. visited Prague (twice)
85. played the tourist in my own country
86. got the job at my first ever interview
87. visited Lissabon
88. spent one week without electricity
89. built an access database (and then forgot how to repeat the process)
90. visited Rome (three times)
91. danced in the rain
92. visited Versailles
93. learned how to make plaster casts
94. wrote a book when I was 15
95. cooked for a party of 80 people (with the help of very industrious helpers)
96. went kayaking on the Lesse river
97. wrote a script for a play when I was 12 (with the help of some friends we performed it in my parent's living room)
98. cooked a three course meal for the first time when I was 9
100. learned how to make candles
101. slept on a night ferry
Note Added
Note added by Sarah Gregory. 6 years ago
56) Completed a Reading Challenge 100 books in 1 year.
57) Created a Coping Bank
58) Flew on a plane
59) Stayed in another country (Spain)
60) Visited Barcelona
61) Completed a whole colouring book
Note Added
Note added by Sarah Gregory. 6 years ago
14) Donated to charity (multiple times)
15) Completed an xbox game
16) Adopted a cat
17) Was a Vegetarian for 6 years
18) Finished primary school
19) Finished secondary school
20) Finished college
21) Had my photography work on display at my college
22) Recieved a compliments from a customer for exceptional customer service
23) Learnt to skip with a skipping rope (this was so hard for me when I was younger, it took me ages to grasp it)
24) Joined a gym
25) Went on a rollarcoaster that went upside down (afraid of heights)
26) Went on the London Eye when I was terrified
27) Gone into town all on my own (whilst struggling with anxiety)
28) Did a high ropes course
29) Went on a zip-line
30) Brought a DSLR and learnt how to use it properly
31) I'm able to touch my toes
32) I tried yoga and enjoyed it
33) Learnt to swim (3 times as I forgot each time =/ no idea how)
34) Being able to perform downward dog yoga pose without my wrists or shoulders hurting
35) Completed the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels (twice)
36) Completed Ripped In 30 by Jillian Michaels
37) Completed a Box Fit class at the gym
38) Stayed awake for over 24 hours
39) Sold things on eBay
40) Learnt to ride a bike
41) Biked for 10 miles
42) Won a game of pool
43) Met someone online
44) Fell in love
45) I run the 3-legged race at a primary school sports day
46) I won the egg-and-spoon race at a primary school sports day
47) I've slept in a log cabin in the middle of the woods
48) I've built a raft
49) Have ridden on a steam train
50) Have explored a mine
51) Completed an entire Sudoku book
52) Have made a scrapbook
53) Created a blog
54) Read a book in a day (a few times)
55) Can identify all the countries on a map
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Note added by Sarah Gregory. 6 years ago
1) Passed 3 A Levels
2) Recieved a Distinction Certificate in Animal Care Studies
3) Gained 2 Distinction Certificates in Nutrition
4) Got my first job after my 1st interview
5) Got my second job after my 3rd interview
6) Made the choice to go to uni (even though I didn't stay)
7) Moved out of my parents
8) Moved away from my hometown
9) Volunteered at a centre for disabled children
10) Volunteered at an Animal Shelter
11) Cooked Christmas Dinner
12) Attended all my group course sessions for Stress & Mood Management
13) Walked from Saundersfoot to Tenby (on the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path) in under 3 hours
Note Added
Note added by Katie . 7 years ago
1. Fell in love
2. Married
3. Gave birth to two amazing children
4. Served as a missionary
5. Got to chop some of the German wall down
6. learned to make the perfect pizza crust
7. have traveled to several countries with my family
8. I get to home educate my children and see them happy in learning
9. I've created my own yummy pizza/pasta sauce and can it
10. I have friends
11. I had a song dedicated to me by a man I'd never met before
12. I saw fireworks on the 4th of July in Germany
13. I've slept on an overnight train
14. I quit drinking.
15. I quit smoking.
16. I became a pesco-vegetarian.
17. I make great Indian food.
18. Doner Kebab...need I say more?
19. I've played chicken in the middle of the night...and survived. (amazing I'm still alive!)
20. all our pets are rescues
21. I speak another language (German)
22. I survived
23. eaten smores
24. I've rolled in a pile of puppies
25. I've danced all night long
26. I watched my son become an Eagle Scout
27. I've skinnydipped
28. ....and been caught
29. I've worked in a factory
30. I earned my Bachelor's of Science in Psychology
31. I've seen my daughter dance on stage
32. learned to play clarinet
33. ridden an elephant
34. gone galloping on a horse
35. made angels in the snow
36. I ran for the State Legislature
37. I've stood at the Four Corners
38. walked in the Alps
39. snorkeled and swam with turtles in Hawaii
40. I've milked a cow by hand
41. I've grown a garden
42. I stopped a thief from robbing me on the Metro
43. I became friends with gypsy women
44. I've made my own ice cream...and frozen yogurt
45. danced in the living room while our laughing children looked on...then danced with us
46. I've been to a rock concert
47. we took our kids to Disneyworld
48. I saw the Bolshei Ballet
49. I've created and hung my own artwork
50. I've flown halfway around the world to get home in time for an appointment.....long story, but fun
51. lots of genealogy done (still doing more)
52. I've been a party model for Mary Kay parties
53. modeled/walked the cat walk at a mall fashion show
54. got carded when I was 38 when buying fireworks (by a teen!) lol
55. sang at the top of her lungs with her daughter driving down the road using tire pressure gauges as microphones
56. I've changed a tire
57. I've been in an accident and taken to the hospital in an ambulance
58. I've worked with the elderly
59. I've been promoted
60. I found God in my life
61. I've seen miracles
Note Added
Note added by J Davis. 7 years ago
1- Graduate high school
2- Graduate college w/ honors
3- Achieve Dean's List status in college
4- Receive scholarships for undergrad
5- Graduate from college debt free
6- Get accepted to law school
7- Get scholarships for law school
8- Graduate law school
9- Achieve Dean's List status in law school
10- Get accepted to Law Journal based on my writing abilities
11- Get an article published in the Law Journal
12- Win Second Place Team in the Intramural Moot Court Competition
13- Win Best Brief in the Intramural Moot Court Competition
14- Get all A's my last semester of law school
15- Get the highest grade in my White Collar Crime class
16- Get a driver's license
17- Get married
18- Buy a house
19- Pay off several car loans
20- Pay off credit card debt
21- Get a promotion from file clerk to legal secretary
22- Get a promotion from legal secretary to law clerk
23- Get my first job as an attorney
24- Win a costume contest (twice actually)
25- See my favorite band in concert
26- Be highlighted in a magazine for charity work
27- Settle a PI suit by myself
28- Settle a Labor Board claim by myself
29- Move to California
30- Get accepted to a California law school as a visting student
32- Become a landlord
33- Learn to cook
34- Learn how to drive a manual transmission
35- Learn to sew
36- Make the cheerleading squad
37- Make the soccer team
38- Run a 5k
39-Climbed Diamond Head
40- Be an editor of the Law Journal
41- Took the LSAT
42- Take part of Duke's TIP 7th Grade Talent Search
43- Be in Gifted and Talented Program in elementary and middle school
44- Take AP classes in high school
45- Take SAT
46- Take ACT
47- Score college level on reading ability test freshman year of high school
48- Help a senior pass geometry my sophomore year
49- Help a senior pass World Civ. my sophomore year
50- Be invited to a premier screening of a movie
51- Quit smoking cigs
52- Quit smoking pot
53- Quit hanging out with friends who weren't really friends
54- Bailed a friend out of jail
55- Quit the Job from Hell because I wasn't being respected
56- Changed my name to my husband's after we got married
57- First chair clarinet in middle school band
58- Member of Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science Honor Society)
59- Ate pineapple at the Dole Plantation
60- Passed out on Bourbon Street (from heat, not alcohol)
61- Drove across the Pensacola Bay Bridge in hardcore rain
62- Driven in a snowstorm (from Carbondale home)
63- Drove half of the trip from Kentucky to California
64- Been to (multiple) NFL games
65- Been to multiple NHL games (usually with executive box seats)
66- Been to a MLB game with first base seats
67- Been to the Winter Classic
68- Watched a meteor shower
69- Got an A in a math class in college (Statistics)
70- Sold stuff on ebay
71- Changed a flat tire
72- Wrote a 30 page legal research paper
73- Selected to give senior presentation during Scholars' Week in undergrad
74- Drafted a memorandum of points and authorities that resulted in having evidence from an illegal search suppressed and therefore having the case dismissed in favor of our clients
75- Helped in jury selection
76- Been selected from the venire for a jury panel, but dismissed by a peremptory challenge
77- Assisted with numerous depositions
78- File a complaint (initiating a lawsuit) by myself
79- Propound discovery by myself
80- Draft responses to interrogatories
81- Developed the ability to see things from both sides and usually come up with arguments in support of each
82- Learned enough about legal research to know how to find just about anything I'd need
83- Mastered the IRAC answer structure
84- Learned to perform well under pressure
85- Learned to be able to divide my work and complete projects before the deadline
86- Saved up money and bought myself a Louis Vuitton bag as a reward for finishing law school and taking the bar exam
87- Had at least one job that I loved working for an awesome boss
88- Learned how to shoot a rifle
89- Learned how to shoot a handgun
90- Cultivated a decent sense of style
91- Made a vision board
92- Won a giveaway from Tone It Up!
93-Become known as the "Chevron Expert" in my Environmental Law course
94- Made new friends in LA
95- Learned how to eat with chopsticks
96- Gone to the mall and left without making a purchase
97- Conquered my fear of the dentist
98- Joined LACBA
99- Joined WLALA
100- Developed a taste for wine
101- Enjoyed good relationships with my family
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Note added by Samantha T. 7 years ago
stuck on 63 and really really struggling here
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Note added by Holly Johnson. 7 years ago
Only got to 34, but it was true and far more than I expected, so I'm happy with it.
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Note added by Marina Q.. 7 years ago
Oh! I´d like to try this too!!! Congratulations!!!
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Photo added by Emily Hancy. 7 years ago
It's pretty long, but it's finally finished!
It actually makes me feel really good about myself reading this. :3
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Photo added by Emily Hancy. 7 years ago
I'm past halfway!
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Note added by Christie Barr. 8 years ago
Made a template and started brain-storming some ideas.
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Note added by Nikki. 8 years ago
drivers lisence, feed tingrays graduate from college
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Note added by Shatema Brown . 8 years ago
1. graduated high school 2. join the military 3. got married 4. had keke