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Note added by Natalia. 10 months ago
Ok, so I wasn't the sole host or anything, but my housemates and I threw a small party and I made the last minute decision to actually invite people. About 5 of my friends did show up, which for me is quite a success! It was a Halloween party; I dressed up as Newt Scamander, made sangria and a "graveyard cake" with a barbie arm sticking out of it, and introduced my friends to a fun drinking game (and some bananagrams). Surprisingly I had a really great time, and I think most of the guests did too. I used to kinda hate party games, but now I appreciate them - if you choose the right ones, it's a great way to get everyone involved and feeling included, and doesn't put a huge burden on guests (or hosts!) to initiate conversations with randos all night.
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Note added by Ratha Kelly. 4 years ago
Pasta Party for Mermaid Runners!
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Note added by Sabby Hacker. 4 years ago
Birthday Party 24th Birthday
Photo added by Hetty Beckers. 5 years ago
My birthday/goodbye party
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Note added by Kali Burks. 6 years ago

Here's my journal that tracks my Day Zero Project
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Note added by Kali Burks. 6 years ago
This was disappointing...only 6 of 50 people showed up. #fail
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Note added by Elien Coppens. 6 years ago
24e verjaardag, met Dorien en Marjolein
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Note added by Tina. 7 years ago
Buddy and Grandmas 60th Anniversary October 6, 2012 Diamond Annivesary
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Note added by Manda. 8 years ago
Pig roast.
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Note added by Jo Richardson. 8 years ago
Must have 10+ guests Party hats a necessity!
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Note added by Alina Brown. 8 years ago
My 18th birthday! AND it was w/ *special* drinks!
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Note added by Caitlin Kaluza. 9 years ago
Birthday Glee night 9/21/10!