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Note added by Erica. 3 years ago
1. I can sing
2. I can play piano
3. I'm a good teacher
4. I'm a good wife
5. I love small animals
6. I get emotional about feels and am not afraid to show it
7. I don't suffer bullshit
8. I help out my friends
9. I'm a hard worker
10. I'm a pretty safe driver
11. I don't give up when things get hard
12. I see what I want and I go for it
14. I'm a good cook
15. I'm smart
16. I recycle
17. I'm a good writer
18. I'm beautiful and I know it
19. I'm professional
20. I'm smart about money
21. I'm competitive but still play for the fun of the game
22. I'm willing to try new things
23. I try to take care of my body
24. My happiness is a priority
25. I like to have fun
Note Added
Note added by Faye. 3 years ago
1. Intelligent
2. Hulpvaardig
3. Kritisch
4. Grensverleggend
5. Durft risico's te nemen
6. Sta altijd klaar voor mensen die dichtbij me staan
7. Positief ingesteld
8. Levensgenieter
9. Harde werker
10. Analytisch
11. Snelle leerder
12. Snelle denker
13. Rustig
14. Nieuwsgierig
15. Wil altijd groeien
16. Zelfstandig
17. Onafhankelijk
18. Eigen wil/keuzes
19. Assertief
20. Pro-actief
21. Flexibel
22. Vindingrijk
23. Zelfkennis
24. Gevoelig
25. Steeds meer bewust
Note Added
Note added by Javed Ahmed. 5 years ago
Made a list of my 25+ best qualities.
Note Added
Note added by Angela . 7 years ago