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Get in the best shape of my life
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Note added by Lora Ewinaga. 5 years ago
Target date: 01/07/2015

Get more muscular and trimmed, lose more or less 5 kg and fit into my high waist skirt again.

1. Started doing HIIT five days a week on 28/12/2014.
2. Doing the grocery shopping by foot instead of taking the car since 30/12/2014.
3. Going for a 1-hour (minimum) walk once a week since 04/01/2015.
4. 2 hours and 45 mins of dancing every week again since 06/01/2015.
5. Switching the HIIT up with some heavy lifting (3x HIIT, 2x LHT a week) since 19/01/2015.
Photo added by Megan Buchel. 6 years ago
Starting point for getting in better shape. Shit starts here.
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Note added by Alice K. 7 years ago
July 2013. I think it's actually time to tick this off. Yes, there will always be further goals, but it remains true that I'm fitter and stronger than ever, working out more, and slimmer than I've been in years - as indicated by having to replace walking trousers and summer wardrobe essentials, all of which were hanging off me!
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Note added by tami anderson. 8 years ago
Want to start... 1. More sleep 2. 2 miles a day 3. Better nutrition 4. Food diary 5. Bike ride once a week
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Note added by tami anderson. 8 years ago
1. Lifting weights 2. Push ups 3. Situps 4. Walking a mile a day 5. Yoga 6. Diet changes 7. Vitamin c, b12, and iron Currently doing these things.
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Note added by Michael. 8 years ago
P90X Round #2 starting 22JAN!
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Note added by Michael. 8 years ago
On Week 2 Day 4 P90X. I'm making the connection - as Oprah used to say.
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Note added by Cindy Belmonte. 8 years ago
Oct. 26 - started my workout
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Note added by Makkenji. 9 years ago
And stay there.