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Dye my hair an outrageous color
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love it!
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Note added by Deborah. 8 months ago
Photo added by Deborah. 8 months ago
The weekend before I did this I was playing around with Snapchat, and found a pink hair filter. As my girls were growing up they experimented with coloring their hair all different colors such as blue, green, pink, and purple. I always loved pink on them! Ironically enough they both grew up into beautiful young woman, and chose to keep their natural color. I however personally felt that I missed out on that one. I am seriously maturing because I quite frankly don't care if anyone likes it or not. I like it, and that's all that matters. I was coloring my hair anyways so I figured...Why not?
Note Added
I dyed my hair red, although it was semipermanent it was scary for me. Now that I have that color I feel happy that I actually did it.
Recently I received a news and a referral to see a specialist and make sure that my eyes are ok. This was something that I feared would happen, yet I still must wait for more exams and understand the severity of the issue and what can I do to reduce any side effects. Still, this reminded me that I am taking many things for granted and that I should do things that I want to do. All of this made me wonder, What am I waiting for?????
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Note added by Lydia E. 3 years ago
Scheduled 3/22/2017
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Maybe do this right before I get my haircut after 6 months of not cutting.
Color is Berry Blast by Splat
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Photo added by Taylor Alexander. 8 years ago
Blue tips
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Note added by Emma Lee. 8 years ago
Not quite outrageuous, but it now has a hint of red
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Note added by Laura Clark. 8 years ago
Done: 1.5.2010 Fuschia!
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Note added by Kara Santiago. 10 years ago
The hair is purple! I repeat, the hair is purple!