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Write all my bad memories on paper, burn this paper afterwards
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love it!
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Note Added
Note added by rubi. 1 years ago
I will never forget them even if I did
I see no point
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Note added by Maisoon Adwan. 1 years ago
I use this book ( creative visualization ) to help me do it right 🙂
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Note Added
At Isha Life, Coimbatore (BSP Program)
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Note added by Sam O'Neill. 3 years ago
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Note added by Andrea SaMar. 4 years ago
Also my secrets and my wishes. It was a very special kind of spiritual ritual. I like it, it frees you.
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Note added by Alica Detková. 4 years ago
Now I feel much better
Photo added by Sebastian Cool. 5 years ago
Writing down and burning some bad memories. Hopefully it will bring some peace of mind.
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Note added by Ruby Lin. 5 years ago
Wrote the note. Just need to burn it now!
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Note added by Becky Ribeiro. 6 years ago
Fazer isso no mesmo dia que:
100- Don't speak a single word for a day
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Note added by Jurgita. 7 years ago
I did it and now I'm feeling great.
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Note added by Lina. 8 years ago
Felt so good, done on New Years Eve so i could enter the New Year without any bad memories of the previous year.
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Note added by Brandon Smith. 8 years ago
Making this my top 10 or 20 bad memories. More than that would be crazy.
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Note added by Tiara Henderson. 8 years ago
I did this and I think it went swell.
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Note added by Kesi Miwa. 8 years ago
definantly wasn't easy but i did it
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Note added by Hannah Harris. 8 years ago
So many things to write down..
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Note added by Katie H.. 8 years ago
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Note added by Nikie Veld. 9 years ago
5 September 2010 samen met Elf en Kayla in de tuin. Nadat we eerst koekjes hebben gebakken om onze buddy band te versterken.