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Note added by Monika. 2 years ago
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Note added by LadyBug. 3 years ago
The lack of confidence is the root of most problems. Having confidence is the end to all issues. This one is the hardest thing to do.
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Note added by Squee. 8 years ago
At friends events I've been speaking to new people and made new friends
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Note added by Squee. 8 years ago
About a year ago my partner saw my poetry notebook lying around and went to read it - I quickly flew across the room and grabbed the book away defensively and couldn't bring myself to let him read it. In the autumn I held a poetry reading night round a bonfire, and read out a few of my poems. Ok, I was so nervous I raced through them and they were read out really badly, but I actually managed to bring myself to read them to a group of people and even got a couple of compliments! (Not on my group reading skills however...!) Participated in Kickboxing lessons - this one was a while back now, but my sister had been asking me to go to classes with her since I was a little kid and until a year or so ago, I had never had the confidence to agree to it. I really enjoyed it but unfortunately we had to stop the lessons as the time the class was held was prooving difficult. I participated in Zumba classes. I have been trying to work on my confidence for years now and never would have dreamed of attempting any kind of class let alone an aerobic/dance based one. I went for a few weeks and always put all my effort into it and even found I was managing to keep up pretty well! Really good fun but the classes were getting pretty samey so seemed better value for money just doing it from home...
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This is something that I admit, I have struggled with for years. Working on something that is not there, is....well...hard work?