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Note Added
Note added by Megan Liner. 5 days ago
1. Hibachi Grills
Note Added
Note added by Shiccy. 7 days ago
1. My husband
2. My dog
3. My cat
4. Owning my own home - safe place
5. Music
6. CandyCrush
7. Saving money
8. Organization
9. Being warm - fires, heaters, sweaters
10. Being in shape - running, yoga
11. When my dog cuddles with me
12. Baby kicks
13. When my skin is clear
14. When a meal comes out tasting divine
15. Being debt free
16. Feeling appreciated by family, friends or coworkers
17. Hearing baby's heartbeat
18. P - new love of my life
19. P's smiles, giggles and coo's
20. Being silly hyper with G
21. Watching friends and family interact with P
22. Reality TV shows
23. Starting to get the hang of mom life and enjoying it (first little bit is ROUGH I tell ya!)
24. Having stability in mine and G's jobs - during this pandemic is proving it to be SO crucial
25. Documentaries
26. True baby giggles
27. Watching my baby grow, physically and mentally
28. Kuma walking well enough on the leash that she can come on our stroller walks now without pulling! Good girl
29. Having good neighbors
30. Homemade drinks that taste just like the stores but for a fraction of the price - ex. my chai tea latte's or vanilla latte's
Note Added
1. Odin
2. Shiva
3. Sunshine
4. Birds singing
5. Going for walks
7. Snuggles with Shiva
8. Watching Odin and Shiva play
9. Playing video games
10. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
11. The dog park
12. Relaxing in the hammock
13. Coffee
14. Music
Photo added by Malak. about a month ago
Photo added by Jessica Lamont. 2 months ago
Yesterday I had started writing down in Google Docs 101 things that make me happy. I was thinking about taking my time with this as there is a lot I wanted to add. But I wanted to see how quickly I could fill this out and what I came up with. Going over the list I'm happy with the result and I thought maybe this could be something I can do once a year and compare them to the previous years' list.
Note Added
Note added by LadyBug. 2 months ago
1. Yoga (I've only began but it already feels amazing)
2. Sauna
3. Swimming in a pool
4. Beach (I've been to one since I was a kid)
5. Ponds, lakes, rivers
6. Finished book
7. Travelling with my girlfriends and/or mom
8. When my friend (that I made a teen on internet) visits me
9. Sleepovers (I didn't have them as a kid, and that one time as a teen was awkward but now as an adult, I have many of them with my friends)
10. People liking my my reviews on Goodreads
11. Making new penpals (haven't had much luck as of lately, it's either creeps or I get ghosted)
12. Cats (cuddly floops)
13. Poems (18+)
14. Planners!
15. Shopping for makeup products
16. Volleyball (haven't played since middle school)
17. Swings (man, the one thing I'd tell my younger self? SWING ON SWINGS AND DON'T STOP)
18. My curls being curly and not being meh
19. Hot summers spent NOT in the city
20. That feeling you get during spring days and summer nights, that love will come your way and fill your lungs with happiness and giddy energy
21. Mom getting out of her years long funk and buying things for herself, treating herself
22. Getting lost in the bookshop
23. Libraries
24. Reading in the park
25. Movies
26. Music
27. Fanfiction
28. Doggos, big doggos
29. Decluttering and deep cleaning
30. Shopping for gifts
31. Packing care packages from my friend from another city
32. Receiving hand written letters
33. Lancome perfume (I've never had one, they were always above my budget but this year I must purchase one)
34. Jewelly
35. Soft flannel shirts for men (because the ones they make for women is always lacking in maneuverability and/or softness)
36. Skating (with friends and music like in movies, even tho' i am crap at it XD)
37. Riding bicycle
38. Flowers
39. Beautyboxes (someday, someway I'll find the one for me and subscribe, I swear)
40. Dusks, especially in countryside
41. Quality ice cream. Quality ice cream that doesn't cost freaking fortune.
42. Alcoholic cocktails that my friend makes (she's rather good at it)
43. Milky Way. Just to be in this place in the world where stars are right above your head.
44. Making progree on Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge
45. Baking. Successful baking.
46. Preparing a feast and day off for mom.
47. Beautiful and COMFORTABLE shoes!
48. Divination
Note Added
Note added by Cat. 4 months ago
1. Watching snow fall
2. Cats
3. The Christmas season
4. Chocolate
5. Wearing necklaces
6. Seeing a favorite band in concert
7. Playing The Sims games
8. Yoga with Adriene videos
9. Soap that smells and feels good
10. Glass jars
11. Big, comfy sweaters
12. The stars
13. The moon
14. Geology
15. Christmas lights
16. Iced coffee
17. Organic fruit
18. Soft serve ice cream
19. Leaving work on a Friday
20. Getting good grades
21. Autumn
22. Golden retrievers
23. Leaving the dentist with clean teeth and no cavities
24. Parks and Recreation
25. Getting someone a gift they will love
26. Listening to the SYSK podcast
27. Sitting on the balcony on a nice day
28. Mozzarella cheese
29. A clean, well-organized home
30. Making people laugh
31. Going to Fire Island
32. Early summer mornings
33. The colors of a sunset
34. A good meal at a nice restaurant
35. Harry Potter nostalgia
36. When the underdog wins
37. Getting a manicure/pedicure
38. The Great British Bake Off
39. Finishing a work out
40. When someone is happy to see me
41. Genuine compliments
42. Winning a game
43. Pokemon
44. Cuddly stuffed animals
45. Doing something good for the environment
46. NY Pizza Suprema
47. Successfully cooking a new recipe
48. Farmer's markets
49. Helping others
50. The morning when I'm leaving for a trip/vacation
51. Taking a risk that pays off
52. Comfortable clothes that also look nice
53. When my boyfriend buys me flowers
54. Funny memes
55. When I look good in a photo
56. When my boyfriend does nice things for me (e.g., pack my lunch, cook dinner, etc.)
57. Long weekends
58. Buddhist philosophy
59. Baby animals
60. Wholesome, feel-good movies
61. Driving on an open road
62. Well-timed cancellations
63. Bookstores
64. Free food
65. Meeting someone with similar opinions/interests
66. Getting a good deal
67. Free workouts online
68. Hot chocolate with whipped cream
69. Traveling somewhere new
70. Seeing my mom in a good mood
71. Getting a spa treatment
72. Seeing weight loss progress
73. A good hair day
74. When my makeup looks natural
75. A warm, filling breakfast
76. Having a dishwasher
77. Having a washer/dryer
78. Saturdays with no obligations
79. Arriving early
80. Salads that taste good
81. When an animal wants to sit with me
82. Polite kids
83. An alcoholic drink that doesn't taste like alcohol
84. Achieving a goal
85. When others think my ideas are good
86. Walking in a park on a nice day
87. Peace
88. Genuine hugs
89. Feeling focused and productive
90. Fireflies
91. Butterflies
92. Real flowers
93. Getting the best seats
94. Arriving to a clean hotel room
95. The feeling when it all "clicks"
96. Warm laundry from the dryer
97. Seeing my savings increase
98. Funny animal videos
99. Cozy warmth on a cold day
100. Feeling loved and appreciated
Note Added
Note added by Amy McMullan. 5 months ago
1. Dermot Kennedy
2. Concerts
3. London
4. Ireland
5. Werewolf Online
6. Books
7. Real Madrid
8. Food
9. Rain
10. Eurovision Song Contest
11. YouTube
12. Cats
13. Harry Potter
14. Pretty outfits
15. The colour yellow
16. Flowers
17. Playing the guitar
18. Music
19. Summer
20. Dresses
21. Pepsi
22. Vanilla scented everything
23. Cinema
24. The sea
25. Wind
26. Strangers smiling at me
27. The smell of coffee
28. Hot Chocolate
29. Floral prints
30. Fairy lights
31. Travelling
32. Airports
33. Flixbus
34. Vinyl records
35. Polaroid pictures
36. Necklaces
37. Amusement parks
38. Pizza
39. Casting shows like The Voice
40. Singing
41. Winning games
42. Having luck
43. Chocolate covered strawberries
44. Red grapes
45. Honey melon
46. The salad bar at the grocery store
47. Ice skating
48. Dancing
49. Hugs
50. The very first snow in winter
51. Cereal
52. Warm blankets
53. Christmas markets
54. City lights
55. Perfume
56. Finding memories of my childhood
57. Ribbons
58. Suitcases
59. Green sparkly shoes
60. Thoughtful gifts
61. Silence
62. Birds
63. Small tattoos
64. Butterflies
65. Online School
66. Ravenclaw
67. Waffles
68. Movies
69. Ed Sheeran
70. Watching Germany's Next Topmodel
71. People taking care of me
72. A fully charged phone
73. Chocolate milk
74. Warm blankets
75. Fashion
76. Being bold
77. Guys stopping me in the streets to compliment me
78. Green eyes
79. Inside jokes
80. Languages
81. So elixir perfume
82. Oversized hoodies
83. People coming to me for advice
84. Wit
85. Completing lists
86. Challenges
87. Space
88. Sleep
89. Mermaid swimming
90. Creating or fixing something by myself
91. Nicknames
92. Rediscovering a long forgotten song
93. Cafés
94. Being the best at something
95. Hockey
96. Presents
97. Pure love
98. Dogs
99. Someone remembering positive things about me
100. Making others happy
Note Added
Note added by Fey Davis. 6 months ago
11. Making people smile
Note Added
Note added by Fey Davis. 6 months ago
10. Snowstorms
Note Added
Note added by Fey Davis. 6 months ago
9. Travel
Note Added
Note added by Fey Davis. 6 months ago
8. Books
Note Added
Note added by Fey Davis. 6 months ago
7. Christmas
Note Added
Note added by Fey Davis. 6 months ago
6. My little sister
Note Added
Note added by Fey Davis. 6 months ago
5. Puppies
Note Added
Note added by Fey Davis. 6 months ago
4. Film soundtracks
Note Added
Note added by Fey Davis. 6 months ago
3. Lord of the Rings
Note Added
Note added by Fey Davis. 6 months ago
2. Rainstorms
Note Added
Note added by Fey Davis. 6 months ago
1. My cat Pippin
2. The seaside

I went away for a week down in Dorset and I realised how happy being by the sea made me. It was glorious weather, but looking back I've even loved being by the sea in not so great weather!

Maybe it's the fresh sea air filling my lungs, watching the sea birds, or maybe it's the sounds of the waves or walking barefoot in the sand. The sounds of my footsteps along a wooden pier or watching the boats go by. Maybe it's all of this and more.

All I know is that when I'm close to the sea, I'm able to slow down and acknowledge each moment.
Note Added
1) Singing
2) Reading
3) Travelling
4) Walking in Nature.
5) Coffee
6) Running
7) Finding something that is Vegan
8) Finding a new Vegan restaurant
9) Meeting new friends
10) Taking steps to fulfil my dreams
11) Fulfiling my dreams
12) My Husband
13) Thinking and talking about our Wedding
14) Spending time with friends.
15) Drinking wine.
16) Chocolate
17) Working for myself
18) Being a member of the Beltane Fire Society.
19) Listening to music I love
20) Enjoying a good movie
21) Inspiring other people to live their dreams
22) Good news
23) A good night sleep
23) Having a pamper evening.
24) Animals
25) Finding out I am going to be a "Gothmother"
26) Being around friends children
27) Having my haircut
28) Planning the future
29) Making new vegan friends
30) Taking part in Beltane
31) Making money
32) Finding money
33) Feeling free to be myself
34) Expressing myself
35) Learning new things.
36) Meditation
37) Pampering myself
38) Pampering my friends
39) Planning travel
40) Our first wedding anniversary
41) Being at home
42) Vegan Advocacy
43) Meeting people that I admire
44) Being a Geek
45) Feeling free to be myself.
46) Not caring what other people think.
47) Finding and creating my life purpose
48) Metal
49) Going to Metal nights
50) Watching a movie
51) Buying books
52) Getting stuff for free
53) Living in Edinburgh and seeing the views
54) Watching Formula One
55) Go to Metal Festivals
56) Going to Edinburgh Pride
57) Walking up Carlton Hill
58) Playing Pokemon Go - getting a new Pokemon.
59) Sex
60) Discovering a new band
61) Buying gig tickets
62) Learning that I could do Acro
63) Booking festival tickets before it sells out!
64) Discovering that I can play drums
65) Connecting with my Metal loving friends
66) Being alone
67) Walking along Water of Leith
68) Walking through Stockbridge
69) Travelling alone
70) Realising my own worth
71) Realising my own power
72) Gaining my confidence
73) Funny videos
74) Seeing other people succeed.
75) Grabbing new opportunities.
76) Writing
77) Having my work recognised
78) Swimming
79) Drinking good wine
80) Watching old Dr Who's
81) Finding a Gin I like
82) Booking my next holiday
83) Going for coffee alone
84) Learning a new skill
85) Going to the gym
86) Connecting with new people
87) Coming out as pansexual
88) Watching a new movie
89) Booking my next holiday
90) Starting my journey on becoming Zero Waste
91) Getting my piercings back.
92) Connecting with fellow Digital Nomads
93) Spending time with my nephews
94) Going to Metal festivals
95) Formula One
96) Cars
97) Bikes
98) Being at the beach
99) Handing in my notice at the job I hate.
100) Finding a new TV series I love.
Note Added
Note added by Crazy Pixie. 1 years ago
1. Butterflies
2. Sparrows
3. Pink flamingoes
4. Pretty flowers (orchids and asters)
5. Glow in the dark stuff
6. Colors on a pallette, especially neon
7. A child's laugh
8. Curly hair
9. Soap bubbles
10. Henna tattoo
11. Fireworks
12. P.G.Wodehouse books
13. Driving a car, especially convertibles
14. Beaches/oceans/waves
15. Waterfalls
16. Purple sunsets
17. Chirping of birds
18. Crystal jewelry or artefacts
19. Swings on trees
20. Swimming pools (infinity pools)
21. Glitter and shimmer stuff
22. Cool breeze
23. Cheese-cherry-pineapple
24. Chocolate eclair
25. Ice cream!
26. Sky full of stars
27. Rain drops on my face
28. Mangoes - raw with chilli and ripe as it is!
29. Puppies
30. Kittens
31. Rainbows
32. Snow and snowflakes
33. Staircases (winding ones!)
34. Gift bows
35. Steam engines
36. Harleys
37. Hamleys shops
38. Christmas trees
39. Coffee and its aroma
40. Gin and tonic
41. Autumn leaves
42. Cherry tomatoes and baby corn
43. Praises and appreciation
44. Fluffy clouds in a blue sky
45. Full moon on a beach
46. Top of a lighthouse
47. Learning something new
48. Wind chimes
49. Ivy
50. Gulmohar trees in full bloom
51. Walking in the rain
52. Peacock feathers
53. Achieving something I have never done
54. Haircuts
55. Green fields
56. Lacy lingerie
57. Paper quilled art
58. Plane takeoffs
59. Mojito
60. Listening to gmcks "recall a happy event"
61. Salt pans
62. Pretty Ganesha idols (especially if the eyes are done well)
63. Smell of new books
64. Cuddling in a blanket
65. Holding hands
66. Singing out aloud
67. Finger painting
68. Discussing psychology
69. Reading thrillers/mystery books
70. Helping out in a temple or holy place
71. Pottery
72. Cleaning stuff
73. Maggi noodles
74. Writing with ink pens
75. Spicy mango pickle
76. Sylvester Stallone
77. Sand in an hourglass
78. Ferris wheels
79. Calligraphy
80. Hanging out of a running train
81. Sitting in the front seat of a double decker bus
82. Buddha statues
83. French braids
84. Fresh lime juice
85. Culottes
86. Soft mattress, pillow and blanket
87. Aquarium
88. Wimbledon tennis matches
89. Bread and butter (loads of it!)
90. Sizzlers
91. Colorful dream-catchers
92. Teardrop earrings
93. Warm hugs
94. Lip gloss
95. Ball gowns with glitter
96. Baby Krsna photos
97. Salsa sauce
98. Dark chocolate
99. Meditation
100. God (as a higher power)
Note Added
Note added by tarshaan. 1 years ago
1. Trees
2. Stars
3. Cats
Note Added
Note added by Agata M. 1 years ago
1. Puppies
2. Yoga
3. Walking in nature
4. Good wine
5. Hugging
6. Mushroom foraging
7. Swimming in a lake or a sea
8. Eating tasty food
9. Reading a good book
10. When John makes me food
11. Taking a bath
12. Good science results
13. Spa breaks
14. Ice cream on a hot day
15. Bright mornings
16. Seeing my nephews
17. Coffee in the morning when I’m really tired
18. When I watch movie\tv series and there’s a romance forming between two awkward people
19. Quirky family traditions
20. Creating my own little family with John
21. Reading a silly magazine on the weekend after hard week at work
22. Prossecco celebrations with girls
23. Coffee art
24. Baby animals in spring time
25. Fish and chips in Tynemouth
26. Weekend adventures
27. Good window seat on train
28. Watching birds
29. After run feeling
30. Facials
Note Added
1. Bird watching

As I gazed out of the kitchen window, washing the dishes, I realised that watching birds visit my garden brings me a lot of joy.

My garden isn't very big, and is just a patchy lawn with a path running down the middle and a slightly unruly apple tree half way down. It's not the worst garden I've ever seen but it needs a lot of work.

Anyway, as I stared out of the window, I saw two birds that I think were mistle thrushes hopping about the lawn picking out worms and insects. Then I saw a couple of smaller birds - a robin and I think a coal tit which was feeding from my bird feeder. And to finish off, a blackbird which was also digging around looking for insects in the lawn.

It was so mesmerising watching them go about their business that I think I'm going to have to work at making my garden into a haven for the birds!
Note Added
Note added by sunnyyellow. 1 years ago
1. the scent of my favorite cleaner
2. taking photos with my dslr
3. walking through an open field
4. walking on the beach
5. hanging out at the library taking notes on books
6. hanging out in starbucks taking notes on books
7. chipotle
8. being inspired
9. when I draw something
10. when i sew something
11. when I sell something
12. when I sell something over 50% ROI
13. when I cook fresh rice in the cooker
Note Added
1. Being with My family.
2. Being with Friends.
3. When my mom hugs me and kisses me.
4. Watching movies with happy endings.
5. Dancing.
6. Spending time with my brother.
7. Foot massages.
8. When i get paid.
9. When someone is nice.
10. Old people in love.
11. Seeing my parents in love.
12. Reading.
13. listening to my music.
14. When someone says im Beautiful not just hot.
15. When I read a HP/ Twilight book for the first time.
16. Eating hot cheetos with chile.
17. Seeing someone you've missed.
18. When i see my Grandparents.
19. Listening to Mariachis
20. Talking about Mexico
21. Going to Mexico.
22. When I can watch whatever i want on TV.
23. When a favorite movie comes out on TV.
24. Watching Grease
25. Seeing someone proposing.
26. Hugging sarge.
27. Kicking it with the guys.
28. Those REAL hugs.
29 Remembering happy moments.
30. Slow dancing
31. Rock and roll dancing with my brother.
32. When my brother hugs me when I have been crying.
33. Getting front row parking.
34. When I see how much I've saved Couponing.
35. Eating.
36. Getting free stuff.
37.when someone recognizes my hard work.
38. When one of my kids is able to get a hard problem.
39. When my kids hug me.
40. When I am able to have one of my kids listen to me.
41. When I pass a test.
42. When It finally clicks in class.
43. When I got my graduation application approved.
44. When Glinda Medina called me to say I got the job.
45. When I passed Psych 350.
46. Finding a movie dvd I was looking for.
47. A good song coming on the radio.
48. Finding money in my pocket or didn't know I had.
49. When the Ice cream is soft.
50. Looking at old pictures.
51. Seeing someone I haven't seen in a long time.
52. Having stupid conversations with friends.
53. Nights out with my cousins.
54. Being able to pay off a credit card.
55. Putting my toes in the beach of the Dominican Republic.
56. Wearing the dress.
57. When I feel pretty in Pageant outfits.
58. Relay
59. Gobble Gobble
60. When there is no traffic.
61. Reading the end of Love Rosie
62. Laughing so hard it hurts
63. Making death shot in BP
64. Being able to travel.
65. Seeing St. Patricks Cathedral.
66. Mom's kisses
67. Finding a bathroom when I really have to pee.
68. Being able to afford more things.
69. Being able to pay things on my own like school.
70. Paying for graduation.
71. When i received my sashes
72. Graduation Day
73. When My parents brought me mariachi.
74. When I was able to hold my diploma.
75. Finishing the mud run
76. When my kiddo was happy for passing to 6th grade.
77. Getting a raise.
78. When I get to take naps.
79. When the internet is fast.
80. Seeing Paris
81. Seeing breathtaking views
82. When I wake up in another country
83. When I taste sweet wine
84. When I choose a good book
85. Seeing beautiful vintage clothes
86. When I visited the Grand Canyon
87. When I went to Dia National De La Banda
88. When I moved out
89. When I got an orgasm
90. sex
91. Spending time with Gordo
92. When planning my best friends wedding
93. Eating Good Food
Note Added
Note added by Dianne Whab. 1 years ago
1. Razvan
2. Mia
3. Soarele
4. Gym
5. Desenul
6. Cititul
7. Cand fac pe cineva fericit
8. Cand ajut alte persoane
9. Tataie
10. Dulciurile
11. Hainele
12. Cumparaturile
13. Telefonul
14. Internetul
15. Scrisul
16. Surprizele
18. Zambetele oamenilor
19. Sunetul ploii
20. Sunetul pasarelelor
21. Cand ma pupa pe frunte
23. Cand imi cumpara cineva mancare
24. Fotografii favoriti
25. Machiajul
27. Visele
28. Fotografia
29. Istoria
30. Biologia
Note Added
Note added by Kate Webb. 1 years ago
1. Feeding people
2. Singing
3. Travel
4. Making music
5. Making music with my friends
6. Sushi
7. Costumes
8. Getting dressed up
9. Stars
10. Magic
11. Presents
12. Being good at things
13. Being in the water
14. Libraries
15. Words
16. Masks
17. Archery
18. LEGO
19. Board games
20. Card games
21. Video games
22. Bubbles
23. Being alone in nature
24. Being outdoors with my friends
25. Eating outdoors
26. Ice cream
27. Books
28. Learning
29. Road trips
30. Falling in love
31. Kissing
32. Hugs
33. Baking
34. Naps
35. Feeling strong
36. Adventures
37. Creating
38. Breaking things!!
39. Puppies
40. Kittens
41. Chickens
42. Waterfalls
43. Bicycling
44. Making beautiful things
45. Campfires
46. Candles
47. Sunshine
48. Good sunglasses.
49. Theme parks
50. Water parks
51. Mountains
52. Festivals
53. Letters
54. Pedicures
55. Moving heavy things
56. Maps
57. Consent
58. Touch
59. Orgasms
60. Staying up all night talking and laughing
61. Waffles
62. Twinkling lights
63. Presents
64. Soulful discussions
65. Cute shoes
66. Sunrise
67. Travel
68. Dancing
69. Cunnilingus
70. Poetry
71. Giraffes
72. Red pandas
73. Trees
74. Flowers
75. Chocolate
76. Chai
77. Cinnamon
78. Ginger
79. Lime
80. Sunshine
81. Sunrise
82. Sunset
83. The moon
84. Snorkeling
86. Spelunking
87. Crispy pickles
88. Olives
89. Mimosas
90. Hummingbirds
91. Warm breezes
92. Sailing
93. Oceans
94. Cupcakes
95. Small foods
96. Nice bourbon
97. Caramel
98. Coffee
99. Teaching
100. Love
Note Added
Note added by Laura T. 1 years ago
90. Dyeing my hair.
91. New notebooks.
92. Buying new books.
93. Sticking to my calories and macros.
94. Exercising.
95. Getting stronger by lifting weights.
96. Hoyun.
97. Movie and food marathon days.
98. Having my favorite songs on repeat.
99. Getting a good night's sleep.
Note Added
Note added by Denisa. 1 years ago
1. Hot weather
2. Music
3. Friends
4. Food
5. Family
6. Sea
7. Beach
8. Boys
9. Water
10. Swimming pool
11. Free
12. Tv shows
13. Videos
14. Movies
15. Relax
16. Cycling
17. Photos
18. Blog
19. Smile
20. Good grades
21. Second family (aka Tanya, John, Clay)
22. Animals
23. When someone helps me or ask me on something
24. Other exchange students
25. Call-skype...
26. Internet
27. Phone
28. Notebook
29. Hawaii
30. Traveling
31. Sleeping
32. Bonfire
33. Firework
34. Alcohol/drinks
35. Letters from my friends
36. Running
37. Adrenaline
38. When someone tells me something nice
39. When I don't have to wake up in the morning
40. When I have fun with my friends
41. Late nights calls
42. Kissing and Hugging the right person
43. Just laying on a beach with people that I like
44. Singing
45. When someone smells good
46. When someone hugs me from back
47. When someone kisses me on my neck or shoulder or top of my head or me cheeks
48. Sweatpants
49. Make up
50. Pizza
51. Lazy days
52. Drinking water
53. Doing something for my body
54. real FAMILY
55. Vacation
56. Laying in the bed for whole morning
57. Listening my favorite pop music
58. Bastille
59. Avicii-and other DJs
60. This day zero project
62. I love when someone ask me about my exchange year!
63. When I can help people with certain things
64. My sister
65. jumping
66. working out
67. fire, fire place
68. traveling with my sister
69. sex
70. sunny morning
71. late night talks
72. drinks/alcohol
73. easy people
74. my new friends
75. meeting other exchange students
76. living my life to the fullest
77. theme parks
78. swiming pools
79. ocean
80. cartoon movies
81. romantic comedies
82. festivals
83. planning my future
84. those day when i dont have to do anything
85. days that i got plenty to do
86. christmas
87. decorating chritmas tree
88. baking christmas cookies
89. times with favorite people
90. my boyfriend
91. those movie nights
92. popcorn candy and junk food
93. vine
94. taking a walk around
95. capturing moments with my friends and family
96. cuddling
97. kissing
98. everything
99. I
100. do I love
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Note added by Chelsea Sommer. 1 years ago
93. Juepucha!
94. Weird cultural quirks
95. Kindness
96. A strong handshake
97. People overcoming hardship
98. Cuddling
99. Compassion
100. Fresh starts
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88. Going to the gym.
89. Lexi sharing my pillow.
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84. When people reach out to me.
85. Lexi laying on my chest.
86. Lily meowing when I talk to her.
87. My cats being fools.
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82. Relieving my hunger.
83. Sample platters.
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81. My cats purring.
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74. Binge watching one of my favorite TV shows.
75. Flowers.
76. Waterfalls.
77. Doing the things that scare me.
78. Going to 노래방 alone.
79. Mornings at cafes.
80. Coffee/food at a balcony/terrace.
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69. Clean sheets.
70. Puppies excited about me.
71. Cats excited about me.
72. Receiving packages.
73. Finishing a blog post.
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62. Dressing up.
63. Making lists.
64. Nostalgia.
65. New friends.
66. Hugs.
67. Great sex.
68. Being believed in.
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58. Blogging.
59. Netflix.
60. Trying out quirky movie theaters.
61. Rooftop restaurants, bars, cafes, etc.