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1. Sent cookies to Kitty & Tim
2. Sent Pumpkin Whoopie Pies to Seth and Talmadge & Richard
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Note added by Tegan Bellski. 10 months ago
1: asked a man begging in the city if he wanted me to buy him a sandwich, he said no but thanked me a few times. 31/5/19
2: helped a lady find the disabled area on the train as her walker wouldn’t fit in the luggage compartment. I walked up the train to see where she could sit with her walker 4/6/19
3: elderly woman got on a busy tram and I have her my seat 30/6/19
4: offered someone to sit at my table at a birthday as they were sitting alone 6/07/19
5: guy needed some money to get back home, have $5 27/7/19
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Note added by Becca. 3 years ago
12/16/2016: Sent $20 to a friend.
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Note added by Becca. 3 years ago
12/16/2016: Sent $20 to a friend.
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Note added by Nikki. 4 years ago
- Handing out "blessing bags" to the homeless
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Note added by Courtney Rasey. 6 years ago
Do 100% tip as one of the five
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Note added by Lovetimes13. 7 years ago
Act 1 ✓
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Note added by Maerlyn. 7 years ago
1 / 5
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April 10th 2012 - After organising an event, we had many sandwiches left over... on my way home I offered someone that was asking for money if he wanted a sandwich and he gladly accepted, I gave him two and I saw him in my rear view mirror eating her food quickly!
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2)Scraped snow off of a disliked coworker's car
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Note added by Nikki. 8 years ago
- Livejournal paid account gift
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Note added by Ellen Piercy. 8 years ago
1 - Helped the elderly women with her bag down the stairs and showed her to her bus, 12/11/11
Note Added
October 2011 - I was at Michaels with a 40% coupon looking for something and I didn't have any luck so I offered my coupon to this lady with her daughter and she was so happy! December 2011 - Was buying $25 gift card at Subway and there was a promotion for a free 6inch sub with my gift card purchase. I was going for a turkey dinner, so I offered to the next customer. December 2011 - I offered a wrapped tealight to 2 Tim Horton ladies that served me often near work. They thought it was very sweet!
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1) Gave money to some kids who didn't have enough to pay for their stuff.
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Note added by Xinyu Li. 8 years ago
1. Lief doen voor een dag. 2. Vreemde met mobiel laten bellen. 3. Twee muntjes weggeven. 4. Iemand anders afval wegbrengen. 5. Een telefoontje plegen namens iemand anders die geen beltegoed meer had.
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Note added by Novembre. 8 years ago
07/18/2011 - Even though I can't name ALL of them that I've done, I know that I've done them... I gave away all my neopoints and a $10 tim card, I let someone go ahead of me in line when we got there at the same time, I leave tips now... I'm on a roll.