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Note added by Nini. 1 years ago
fuck my life
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Note added by Nini. 1 years ago
This one is my Evrest !

I've completed the one year mark in my first job in software.
Background in Electronics and Computer Science. Theoretical, some practise but not enough.
Work has not been great. Functional testing. So my goal is to actually code, not because I want a carreer in software development at programming level, but just to have technical knowledge and not feel oblivious everytime someone reasons at a lower level than functional level. Or maybe to prove to myself that I can do it and that I did it and move on to something that is actually interesting to me.

So far coding is -for many reasons- correlated to my self worth and to my self-esteem. I did pass my exams right ? But I'm completely blocked and my mind goes blank when I'm asked about some aspect of code, or something very technical. Giving an answer on the spot is very hard, psychologically.

Anyway, I take full responsibility of my mental blocage regarding code, but I must say that lack of female representation in the workplace is very impactful. Meaning, feelings of not belonging in the workplace, being an imposter, being very different from my colleagues, imposter syndrome.

I never have the time to code review my peers. I will make time to code review (C language). It will not be fast and easy since most code is not commented.

I have started reading O'Reilly's C++ Prgramming book as a start because I will be starting my first task in writing a testing plan in C++.

Let's do this
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Note added by Courtney Andreas. 3 years ago
Started freeCodeCamp
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Note added by Robyn Verhoeven. 3 years ago
I'm no Android employee, but I did manage to build a simple one page app with Android SDK. Looking forward to chipping away at more coding knowledge! If this is something that interests you, check out Udacity.
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Note added by Molly Miller. 5 years ago
1. Completed SkillCrush's 10 Day Bootcamp
2. Enrolled in SkillCrush's Web Designer Career Blueprint (includes coding + design)