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Get a professional massage
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Note Added
Note added by Kim. 3 years ago
This goal was crossed off in Melbourne, where my husband and I both went out for a professional hot stone massage on our honeymoon. It was very relaxing, if a little expensive, and was a nice addition to the holiday.
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Note added by Marijn. 4 years ago
Got a Thai Massage, not what I expected of it. It actually hurts quite a lot..
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Note added by trublu. 5 years ago
Must be done all the time
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Note added by Brianne. 5 years ago
Got a nice massage while on our honeymoon
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Note added by Amber. 6 years ago
So I got a professional massage and it was nice, took a while for me to relax and I kind of felt sorry for the therapist because I was so tense and he definitely had to put some muscle into my back and shoulders. All in all it was a nice experience. Not what I thought it would be. I thought it would be relaxing, but it actually hurt! Maybe I should go more often or lean how to loosen up a bit ;)
Note Added
Note added by Karmila Saulong. 7 years ago
So addicting! I probably go once a month now.
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Note added by Erin Laborda. 7 years ago
10/15/11 - Got my first professional massage at CC Spa.
Note Added
Note added by Erin Laborda. 8 years ago
6/2/11 - Groupon is currently offering a 1/2 off coupon for a spa just outside of Louisville. Jill, Brandi, and I each bought one. Spa day, soon!
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Note added by Sarah Cotton. 8 years ago
Had a Turkish bath & massage in Turkey on 13/3/11
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Note added by Jasmine Liesch. 9 years ago
Got some major work done on October 2, 2010.
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Note added by Kristin. 9 years ago
May 29th, 201 - at Free Spirit Massage with mom!