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Note Added
Note added by kanelikisu. 1 years ago boyfriend
4.starting to study in university
5.being at home after a long week
Photo added by Dustin Hughes . 2 years ago
This took way longer than I wanted it to, but I wanted to have something I could hang up on the wall. Perhaps next year I'll have a few more goals that help me get better at drawing!
Note Added
Note added by VMontito. 3 years ago
Votar en film
Gim monitoras
Hacer listas
Pasteles pa
Amistades por las que el tiempo no pasa
Pasar tiempo con bi
Ratitos cris
Mañanas con alex
Masajes guille
Paseos nocturnos diagonal
Festival sitges
Hacer regalos
Musica nueva
Tirar cosas
Llevar postres
Molestar di
Hacer y probar cosas nuevas
Bob morley
Caer bien
Ser capaz de hacer algo que crei imposible
Cafes con sofi
Pintarme las uñas
Ordenar cosas
Porra oscars
Starbucks mlau
Libros usados
Agua fria en verano
Cumplir objetivos
Estrenar cosas
Ver pelis
Que me toquen el pelo
Harry potter
Olor rochas
Mantener contacto
Ayudar a la gente
Beber con sed
Sabanas limpias
Guardar cosas
Hablar con desconocidos
Ir descalza
Mundo tolkien
Sentirme responsable
Decir mentiras
Hacer reir
Ojos verdes
Aprovechar las cosas
Estar lejos
Cenas sushi
Despertar sin alarma
Redes sociales
Olor a suavizante
Ver fotos
Bajar de peso
Note Added
Note added by M.. 3 years ago
76. my university
77. being president of my club and working with my board members
78. graphic design
79. someone feeling something from my artwork/writing
80. stargazing
81. vegan/vegetarian food
82. vegetarian sushi (avocado roll!)
83. being vegetarian
84. my tattoo
85. being self-sufficient
86. having supportive friends
87. magical girl genre
88. locks and keys
89. beautifully done video games
90. elegant hair styles
91. surprising friends with gifts
92. random acts of kindness
93. being pansexual
94. pansexual pride colors
95. nail polish
95. the color mint
96. the color green
97. autumn
98. violet-tinted things
99. chasing after my dreams
100. the vivacity of life
Note Added
Note added by M.. 3 years ago
51. Tegan and Sara
52. Moleskines
53. windchimes
54. when my mental illnesses are under control
55. being in the preschool
56. origami
57. sakura blossoms
58. my Chinese heritage
59. Latin quotes
60. Smallpools
61. The Secret of Kells
62. Song of the Sea
63. Claude Monet
64. anime + manga
65. Spirited Away
66. Joywave
67. elegant gothic lolita style
68. mori style
69. pixeling
70. Romantic poetry
71. pineapples
72. pretty stationary
73. physical CDs
74. charity artbooks
75. volunteering
Note Added
Note added by M.. 3 years ago
26. visual novels
27. Alice Mare
28. Amelie
29. classical mythology
30. shooting stars
31. stars
32. my handwriting
33. tattoos
34. animation
35. Steven Universe
36. Miraculous Ladybug
37. Makato Shinkai films
38. Studio Ghibli
39. inbox zero
40. Evernote
41. mason jars
42. watercolors
43. my drawing tablet
44. doing digital art
45. artist pens
46. feeling loved
47. advances in LGBT+ rights
48. fairies
49. fairy tales
50. twirling around out of sheer joy
Note Added
Note added by M.. 3 years ago
1. Ancient Greek
2. Latin
3. classics in general
4. Sappho
5. graphic novels/comics
6. handwritten letters
7. mochi
8. sweet lotus
9. Veggie Grill
10. friends
11. my siblings
12. my mom
13. illustration
14. drawing
15. Ferris wheels
16. hot air balloons
17. pandas
18. quetzals
19. birds in general
20. cats
21. flowers
22. poetry
23. Vergil
24. The Metamorphoses
25. Green Tea Frappaccinos at Starbucks
Note Added
Note added by Ingo Willems. 4 years ago
1) Listening to movie soundtracks (and also trying to identify from which movie it's from!)

2) Listening to music.. To me not identical as listening to soundtracks.

3) Spending time with my girlfriend!

4) Going to the cinema's.

5) Citytripping
Note Added
1. Spending time with my family
2. Reading books in peace and quiet
3. Chocolate
4. Movie nights with my family
5. Staying in bed in a morning
6. Colouring
7. Going on walks with my family
8. Hugs
9. Texting someone for a long time
10. Getting dressed up to go out
11. Going out with friends
12. Getting the grade I wanted on an exam
13. Finding a new TV series to get addicted to
14. Pretty little liars (I'm obsessed)
15. Watching kids programmes (because I'm such a kid)
16. Getting mail (I don't get a lot of it)
17. Completing things that have took me a while
18. Baking
19. Going shopping
20. Getting parcels
21. Writing letters
22. Being on holiday from school
23. Spending the day in bed
24. Staying in my pyjamas
25. Snuggling with a blanket
26. Listening to music
27. Takeaway food
28. When my hair looks good
29. Getting new clothes
30. When I take a good picture
31. Uploading a cute picture to Instagram
32. Getting compliments from others
33. Giving other people compliments
34. When I'm in a confident mood and feel like I can do anything
35. Being creative
36. Cuddling new babies (because they're just so cute)
37. When school finished for the day and I can go home
38. Being able to sit with a friend in a boring lesson
39. Having cuddles with my little brother
40. When a new episode of something goes on Netflix and I can finally watch it
41. When I make a new friend
42. When I make my parents proud
43. Having photo-shoots with my friends
44. When I paint my nails and they actually go well (This doesn't happen much)
45. The colour green (It's my favourite colour)
46. Playing with my dog: Rosie
47. Burning candles
48. Finishing a book
49. Having beautiful flowers in my room
50. The fact that my teeth are finally straight (I had braces for ages) (I'm finally half way there)
51. When I cook for myself and it actually tastes good (This is another thing that doesn't happen much)
52. Going camping
53. Spending time with the Guides
54. Going to Seniors
55. Helping people
56. Finding a perfume or body-spray that smells gorgeous
57. Having my hair done
58. Watching an old film and singing along or knowing all the words
59. Looking through old photos
60. Remembering something I thought I'd forgot
61. Seeing my family happy
62. Being someone that others look up to
63. Being organised
64. When people play with my hair
65. Watching the sun set
66. When the sky is perfectly blue
67. When I have the perfect outfit
68. Getting a text message
69. Travelling in a car
70. Walking barefoot through grass
71. Watching the clouds
72. Being given presents
73. Giving others presents
74. When I find something after loosing it
75. Buying myself new things
76. Getting likes on my posts
77. Getting in a lovely warm bath
78. Clean bed sheets (Who doesn't like this?)
79. Learning new things
80. Being productive
81. The feeling of sand between my toes
82. Talking to old friends
83. Having friends that are there for me all the time
84. Christmas (Even though I'm the oldest I'm the most excited)
85. The sunset
86. Getting up early and going out (Even though I love my bed)
87. Staying at my Nana's
88. Speaking to my best friend
89. Singing at the top of my voice (Even though I can't sing at all)
90. Being trusted by others
91. When the cashier in a shop is actually friendly (Yet another thing that is rare)
92. Going on a plane
93. Discovering a talent I never knew I had
94. When my eyes look very blue (This is strange I guess but it makes my happy)
95. When my bedroom is tidy and I can actually see the carpet
96. When I have no homework
97. Making other people smile
98. Making a change in others lives
99. Making a positive difference for others
100. Having fun

Well that took a while, but I've actually learned a lot about myself and I now understand that sometimes the little things in life make everything else better
Note Added
Note added by Ria Rees. 4 years ago
1. Family
2. Sitting in the garden in the evening and listening to the birds sing
3. Reading a book in peace
4. Playing games with Dai, Pete & Ali
5. Cuddling on the sofa
6. Blowing raspberries on Maisey's belly
7. Maisey's laugh
8. Hearing Maisey "sing"
9. Driving with the music turned up to 11
10. Growing something
11. Having a bath by candlelight
Note Added
Note added by Christie Ann P. 5 years ago
Regular chats with Addy
Doing things with friends
Visiting friends from school
Playing fighting with my brothers
Talking to my mum
Talking to my sister
Nan’s cooking
Visiting family on my weekend off
Mtv’s Girl Code
The feeling after a good workout
My tattoos
My piercings
Going for walks
Getting deliveries
My old tatty hella 90s looking sleeping bag
The smell of rain
The smell of books
Hairspray (the musical, not the product. I’m a friend to the environment)
Family gatherings
Harry Potter marathons
Chilled water
Fresh sheets
Singing and dancing badly around the flat
Changes to myself (e.g. haircut)
Train journeys by myself
Pancake day
The short time I manage to not chip my nails
Going braless!
Scolding hot showers
A good cry
Good confidence days
Having the flat to myself
Getting compliments
Bursts of inspiration/motivation
My boobs
Granddad knitwear
My massive Hogwarts Express hoody
Having trips to look forward to
The Cow&Gate ad with the laughing babies
Beauty and the Beast
Movies that make me cry
Crying with laughter
Orange juice
Mindy Kaling
Kat Dennings
Getting to bed after a long day
Being noticed in a positive way
Completing goals on Day Zero Project
Planning my life
Older shows like The Cosby Show, That’s So Raven, Boy Meets World and Roseanne
Being lost in a book
The string lights on my bed
(Faux) Leather jackets
My skin after I’ve shaved
A tidy bedroom
A tidy flat
Kissing a guy who is actually nice
Rainy days
Afternoon naps
Pay day
Good hair day
Good face day
Losing weight and knowing I made the effort to make that happen
Leaving my hair naturally curly
Going back to my hometown
Learning new things
Being weird!
Dr Seuss
A A Milne
Sharing secrets with Addy
Attractive men
Trying on a bunch of outfits just for fun on days off work
My butt
Being appreciated
Randomly getting a text from a sibling
Cooking something successfully
Chips and mayonnaise
My legs
Finishing this bloody list!
Note Added
Note added by Tsai Tse Yin. 5 years ago
Having a huge cup of coffee, with the option to customise
Doing something for Rescue Paws
Reconnecting with friends, writing them emails and messages
Ice skating with Jieshen
Playing pool with Jieshen
Prowling Etsy or Pinterest for craft ideas
Curling up with a good book and reading late into the night
Eating fruit. Especially pineapples and watermelon
Having my room all neat and tidy (should happen more often really!)
Note Added
Note added by Lucy Irvine. 5 years ago
1) hot tea
2) walking in the woods
3) clean sheets
4) getting up early to exercise 
5) singing with others
6) sitting by a log fire 
7) Zumba
8). Trekking
9). Head massages
10). Haircuts
11). Cleaning
12). A clean house
13). Organised drawers and cupboards
14). Exercise 
15). Playing tennis with friends
16). Pottering around the shops
17). Physical challenges
18). Walking outside all day
19). Galloping/ running
20). Riding a horse
21). Going on the swings
22). Reading time
23). Watching a documentary with my family
24). New socks
25). Watching the sun rise
26). Sunsets
27). Autumn days
28). The school song
29). My job
30). Knitting
31). The smell of freshly cut grass
32). Cycling on a cycle path
33). John Lewis's 
34). Musicals
35). Writing lists like this
36). Human chord
37). Guided meditation
38). Being slim
38). Pub walks
39). Candlelight
40). Hot deep baths
41). Birdsong in the morning
42). Looking at old photo albums
43). Party dances
44). Long long walks
45). Radio 2
46). Watching tv when ironing
47). Roller skating
48). Colouring in
49). Waking up, thinking its morning and it's only midnight
50) making family plans
51). Watching Glee with my family
52). Nice stationery
53). My maccoroni cheese
54). Colourful Christmas lights
55). Christmas Eve
56). Urban exploration
57). Red tulips
58). The first day of the school holidays
59). The smell of geraniums
60). The smell of tomato plants
61). Hot deep baths
62). Black Magic chocolates - especially the raspberry Creme
63). Campfires
64). The feeling of sun on my back
65). Having a sun tan
66). Berrol felt tips
67). Immediately after a deep teeth clean at the hygienist
68). When my muscles hurt after a workout
69). Reading a book with my children
70). Picking fruit/ veg from the garden on a warm morning
71). Dance classes
72). Painted toe nails
73). Coming back into my own home after being away for a while
Note Added
Note added by Marina. 6 years ago
51 Adenture
52 Traveling
53 Snuggling
54 Nice bedsheets
55 Fluffy pillows
56 Helping people
57 Cats
58 Cleaning
59 Planning my present
60 Lack of clothing
Note Added
Note added by Anne de Bruijn. 6 years ago
1. de geur van gemaaid gras
2. zon die 's ochtends door mijn slaapkamerraam schijnt
3. wanneer Ajax wint
4. wijntjes drinken met vriendinnetjes
5. vakantie
6. voor de open haard zitten
7. sneeuw
8. uitslapen
9. leuke liedjes op de radio
10. de eerste warme dag van het jaar
11. winkelen met mama
12. foto's kijken
13. bankhangen
14. gesport hebben
15. friends
16. op blote voeten op het strand
17. naar Ajax gaan/kijken met papa
18. bordspelletjes spelen
19. boeken lezen in bed
20. schoenen kopen
21. gossip girl
22. vers brood
23. reizen
24. slapen in een net verschoond bed
25. thuisthuis zijn
26. taarten bakken
27. lachen.
28. uit eten gaan
29. op de fiets in de zon met leuke muziek
30. luie dagen waarop niks hoeft
31. skeeleren
32. mijn haar wassen met lekker ruikende shampoo
33. lieve smsjes
34. naar het theater/bioscoop gaan
35. kerstmis
36. goede punten voor tentamens
37. nagels lakken
38. jarig zijn
39. roeien
40. creatief bezig zijn
41. post krijgen (en dan niet brieven van de bank, etc.)
42. lunchen in de stad
43. zwemmen
44. door kookboeken bladeren
45. pretty little liars
46. binnen zijn bij guur/nat weer
47. thee
48. lieve appjes
49. blogs lezen
50. de zee
51. soep (maken en eten)
52. parfumflesjes ruiken in de parfumerie
53. geurkaarsen
Note Added
Note added by Anja. 6 years ago
In rather random order...

1. an unexpected good mark in a language course
2. a baby/little child smiling or laughing at me
3. beautiful postcards in my mailbox
4. making someone happy with a sent postcard
5. reading a good book
6. laughing with friends
7. yummy chocolate
8. getting positive feedback at work
9. receiving a nice letter from a penfriend
10. sunshine on a winter day
11. watching Mamma Mia (the movie)
12. spending time with people I like
13. Postcrossing meetings
14. spamming at the Alien talk, having fun chatting there and annoying Foxy ;)
15. planning trips (even those that are just ideas and won’t be realized in the end)
16. Bayer 04 Leverkusen winning a match
17. receiving a card showing a UNESCO site new to my collection
18. seeing a baby or little child laughing like mad about ordinary things (like sneezing)
19. watching an interesting documentary about foreign countries, nature, animals etc.
20. reaching another step when learning a new language
21. being at a stadium to see a Bayer 04 match
22. going to the zoo
23. just being silly with my best friend
24. being silly with little children
25. a challenging task at work
26. the first homegrown tomato
27. Astrid Lindgren books & movies
28. finding a photo in my snapshots that turns out to be a really amazing picture
29. finishing a task on one of my lists
30. sunny summer days with low humidity
31. Bayer 04 Leverkusen finally beating Bayern München in München after 23 long years
32. making someone happy with a gift
33. making a bargain when buying postcards
34. Swedish knäckebröd with prästost – soooo good!
35. happy Hurray messages from Postcrossing
36. cute animal babies
37. a friendly dog
38. a beautiful view
39. Sweden
40. Stockholm
41. Postcrossing in general
42. my lists
43. finding a piece of clothing that fits AND that I like
44. the classic Disney movies
45. a new recipe/cooking idea that turns out yummy
46. fresh baked, still warm cake
47. little kids
48. vacation in another country
49. happy ending books
50. happy ending movies
51. buying postcards
52. the first signs of spring
53. magnolia trees in full bloom
54. golden trees in autumn on a sunny day
55. getting a million options for breakfast at a hotel stay and choosing half of them
56. re-reading childhood books
57. Moccaschokoküsse
58. McDonalds Sundae with chocolate sauce
59. stretching my mind
60. my favorite ROFL smiley
61. things/series/movies etc. from my childhood
62. having done something useful/productive
63. finishing a project/paper etc. at work
64. watching funny animals
65. reading my favorite books for the umpteenth time
66. being asked for advice because someone respects my opinion
67. one of my favorite players scoring a goal
68. dayzero lists
69. Pizza
70. Pasta
71. travelling to new places
72. eating with my fingers
73. exploring a new place/city on vacation
74. knowing that someone likes you despite being weird or crazy
75. being optimistic
76. visiting Linda in Sweden
77. ripe strawberries, cherries and nectarines at the supermarket – because they are yummy and it means that it’s finally summer
78. Höhner feel-good songs
79. popping bubble wrap
80. watching squirrels or birds in the trees
81. passion fruit
82. mango
83. discovering a beautiful thing in an unexpected place in an unexpected moment
84. grilled chicken
85. tomatoes
86. eating Nutella right from the glass
87. Turkish apple tea
88. laughing till I cry
89. writing exactly the same at the same time when chatting with my best friend
90. learning something interesting
91. funny and absolutely useless facts
92. maps, globes and Planet Earth
93. interesting museums
94. writing with fountain pens and different colours of ink
95. Nescafe Frappé
96. Spanish tapas
97. funny comments from my 3 years old nephew
98. saving enough money to do a vacation trip as planned
99. the smell of rain on a warm summer day
100. being done with this list ;D
Note Added
Note added by Marina. 7 years ago
1 Ted
2 Drawing
3 Flowers
4 The moon
5 Reading
6 My sister
7 My brothers
8 My mother
9 My goals and how I'm going to achieve them
10 Music
11 My friends
12 Meeting new people
13 Completion and conclusion
14 Talking
15 Laughing
16 Making crafts
17 Making jewelery
18 Planning my future
19 Computers
20 Writing in my journals
21 Drinking cold water
22 Walking while it snows
23 Painting
24 Hugging
25 Scents
26 My hair
27 Pretty hair clips
28 Pretty clothing
29 Gloves
30 Photography
31 Crying
32 Hats
33 Creation
34 Colours
35 Thinking
36 Stuffed Animals
37 Learning
38 Organizing
39 Efficient uses of available space
40 Contests
41 Markers
42 Swirls
43 Lace
44 Being Happy
45 Love
46 Cool Water
47 Being able to see clearly
48 Being able to breathe clearly
49 Fresh Air
50 Solving Problems
Note Added
3.One Tree Hill
4.Tootsie Rolls
8.clothes right out of the dryer
10.the ellen show
11.watching waves crash against the surf
12.looking through old pictures that make up your childhood and your past memories
14.cute old couples
17.worn in boots
18.seeing other peoples faces light up with joy
20.disney movies on VHS theater popcorn
22.the smell of rain
23.80's movies
24.rayban sunglasses
25.vintage mustangs
26.sleeping in late
27.australian accents
31.laughing until you cry
33.the pretty frost on the trees when you wake up
34.licking the cake from the beaters green
36.The Titanic-the movie
37.chocolate covered pretzels
38.baking cookies
40.messy buns
41.sleepovers with your girls toms
43.the notebook
44.the old disney channel
45.painting your nails
46.boy meets world
47.when i get an unexpected compliment
48.zac efron
49.blanket forts
50.thats so raven
51.home made pizza
52.popping bubble wrap
53.cute country boys
54.drawing in the sand
55.playing taboo
56.getting lost in a book
57.harry potter
58.vintage coke bottles noodle
61.cookie dough
62.making a wish at 11:11
63.white hot chocolate
64.belgium waffles with fresh fruit and whipping cream
65.making smores over the campfire
67.american eagle jeans
68.paper lanterns
69.making paper planes
Note Added
3.One Tree Hill
4.Tootsie Rolls
8.clothes right out of the dryer
10.the ellen show
11.watching waves crash against the surf
12.looking through old pictures that make up your childhood and your past memories
14.cute old couples
17.worn in boots
18.seeing other peoples faces light up with joy
20.disney movies on VHS theater popcorn
22.the smell of rain
23.80's movies
24.rayban sunglasses
25.vintage mustangs
Note Added
Note added by Nellie Allen. 7 years ago
1. Reading
2. Sewing
3. Funny Movies
4. Music
5. Shopping
6. Board Games
7. Brooklake
8. The Sun
9. Warm Fires
10. Trying new restaurants
11. Group Texts
12. Pinterest
Note Added
Note added by James Leighs. 7 years ago
1. Lindsey
2. Diving
3. Mythbusters
4. Two and a Half Men
5. Red Dwarf
6. Roast Dinner
7. Buster
8. Being by the Sea
Note Added
Note added by Lucas Souza. 7 years ago
- Cocholate
- Drawing
- Reading
- Play games
- Beer
- Wine
- Ride a bike
Note Added
Note added by Pyry. 8 years ago
7 or 8 things identified, this is surprisingly difficult.
Note Added
Note added by Jesse. 8 years ago
Note Added
Note added by Rachel Guthall. 8 years ago
3/9/10 - Started list 3/16/10 - Finished list! Let's do this every year now!
Note Added
Note added by Darby . 8 years ago
1. Fireflies
2. A Great Cup of Tea
3. A Clean Closet
4. A Good Book
5. A Conversation With a Friend
6. Flowers
7. Eris when she's behaving herself
8. Accomplishing a goal
Note Added
Note added by Stephanie Clark. 8 years ago
1/6/2010 - Documented my first 3 things that make me happy:
Note Added
Note added by michelle l. 8 years ago
1. Charlie
2. My family
3. My friends
4. Shopping
5. The beach at sunrise
6. Days off
7. Lazy Sundays
8. Cuddling
9. Wrestling
10. Kissing
11. Massages
12. Falling asleep next to someone I love
Note Added
Note added by Bethany Guthall. 8 years ago
1.Puppies, 2.Little Kids, 3.Shopping, 4.Music, 5.Food, 6.Good Grades, 7.Friends, 8.Facebook, 9.TV, 10.Steak,11. Family, 12.Friends, 13.Rollercoasters, 14.God, 15.Fuel Team, 16.Wildfire, 17.Crossroads, 18.Vacation, 19Beach, 20.Steel Band, 21.Finally getting something right, 22.Texting, 23.the radio, 24.lollypops, 25.sleepovers, 26.movies, 27.summer, 28.snow, 29.kittens,, 31.corn dogs, 32.parties, 33.teen center, 34.flip flops, 35.chickfila, 36.chinese food, 37.thunder storms,38. Pop-pops soup, 39.wii music, 40.wii fit,41. trumpet, 42. the sarah silvermen show 43.being proud of my artwork 44.sleeping 45.putting make up on 46. being right 47. completing my goals 48. complements 49. Sweedish fish 50. dum dum lolipops 51. teen center 52.carnivals 53. holidays 54. presents 55. talking 56. WRITING IN CAPS 57. dark chocolate 58. earning something i have worked hard for 59. photography 60.
Note Added
Note added by Eric F. 8 years ago
1. Eat nachos with friends while watching sports. 2. Play board games with friends. 3. Surprise people in a positive way. 4. Receive postcards from places/landmarks/cultures. 5. High five! 6. Declare that something/someone is AWESOME! 7. Clean the bathtub in a sparkingly shinny way. 8. Read on marketing strategies by companies **drool**. 9. Cuddle with Sophie. 10. Émile's smile = instant happiness. 11. Complete a scheduled task.
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Note added by ESI. 8 years ago
1. knowing everyone in my life is ok 2. getting a hug 3. chocolate cake 4. summer 5. pre-xmas period in general 6. putting up xmas tree with a glas of wine and old/classic xmas songs 7. receiving a wish card 8. giving a gift that the receiver really likes 9. clean house 10. on a rainy day, sitting on the sofa covered in a blanket and reading a magazine with a cup of nice fruity black tea 11. seeing/doing things with my mum 12. taking a moment to enjoy my food 13. going out for a dinner to a very nice restaurant 14. feel loved 15. feel appreciated at work 16. knowing i helped some one 17. kittens, cats 18. squirrels 19. going to a park on a nice day, particularly when it is sunny and quit. 20. going to a park and feeding the birds 21. feeding squirrels 22. listening to happy songs 23. comedies (movies, cartoons, series, stand up, everything funny) 24. working out, especially the past-work out feeling 25. loosing weight or feeling very 'fit' eg in good condition physically 26. days/holidays away 27. planning of holidays 28. achieving a goal. whatever the goal is 29. sometimes: walking in the rain (with an umbrella and music on) 30. making packages for mum & niece 31. walking in/near natur 32. going to the zoo 33. butterflies 34. reading a happy ending in a book and getting a hug/feeling loved by hubby at the same time. world in harmony 35. looking at 'classic' art (14-19th century, not modern art) 36. buying fresh cut flowers myself 37. going to movies (the full experience) 38. flying home 39. flying back home from home (confused yet ) 40. baking 41. planning future 42. waking up in the morning and realizing you can and want to sleep for another few hours. and sleeping for another few hours because you want to and you can 43. waking up really early on a weekend-day and feeling fully refreshed and ready to start the day. and starting the day 44. painting/decorating the home: the after it's done feeling but also the actual painting activity 44. going to ikea 45. going to museums 46. sightseeing 47. walking along a river/canal 48. waking up while being hugged and kissed by hubby 49. morning sex (not necessarily as a follow up from 48) 50. being served breakfast in bed 51. getting a really thoughtful and personal gift 52. getting promotion/pay increase/positive review 53. taking a long journey by train and having all the time to eat, read, listen to music, play with the phone, have a meaningful conversation, sleep, make out etc etc etc 54. being in a country where i don't speak the language 55. meeting with friends i haven't seen in a while 56. having a tasty&nutritious salad with a glass of wine for dinner 57. making a cosy home 58. cooking up a really tasty dinner (and everything working out) 59. taking a bath with candles & reading a book/magazine and/or playing soothing music 60. meditation 61. yoga 62. getting a good new haircut or hairstyle 63. getting a massage 64. feeling clean, scrubbed and moisturized 65. brushing my teeth in the evening (yes) and doing the 'beauty' routine 66. getting something new for the house 67. sauna 68. watching a sunrise/sunset 69. going to the beach 70. going for a picnick in nature/park 71. snow 72. seeing golden trees in autumn on a sunny day 72. having hot choco on a dark evening in october with some cookies 73. noticing first signs of spring 74. having late night happy/meaningful talks 75. being motivated 76. feeling purposeful 77. giving to charity 78. butterflies 79. good sex 80. taking a lunch break and going for a walk in the nature nearby 81. giving/throwing away things i don't need anymore 82. getting inspired on interior design ideas 83. seeing a baby smile 84. successfully trying out something new 85. chocolate in general 86. skin contact with hubby 87. unexpectedly getting good news 88. freshly made linnen bed 89. a nice hotel stay 90. good view out of the window 91. getting a million options for breakfast at a hotel stay and choosing half of them 92. going to second-hand market and finding something gorgeous 93. re-reading childhood-books 94. being genuinely spoiled 95. occasionally being tipsy in good company 96. feeling on the same level... 97. having a day for myself occasionally: shopping by myself, eating by myself, working out, watching tv, taking a bath, whatever, just by myself 98. french kissing 99. flirting 100. knowing person you love loves you back
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07/09/2011 - I'm amazed that this took me so long, but I'm done!
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Note added by nancy lamont. 8 years ago
1. Walking Zoey 2. ice cream 3.cinnamon rolls from fair 4 playing with Turbo 5 sparkpeople 6 Zoeys smile 7 geocaching 8 reading 9 hiking 10 coffee 11 Taking hot bath 12 gardening 13 Turbo's wiggly butt 14 Spending holidays with my family 15 Darryn's BBQ ribs 16 cooking with family 17 spa days
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Note added by Jennifer Chen. 8 years ago
1.the right amount of sunshine
2.trees and flowers
9.Amy Chang
13.fresh air
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Note added by Nikki Decoy. 9 years ago
001 seeing my friends 002 diet cherry soda 003 mcdonald's vanilla iced coffee 004 unexpected little kisses 005 petnames 006 being told i did a good job on a project 007 fresh out the dryer clothes on a chilly day 008 reading outside in mild, but sunny weather 009 when my dog curls up on me 010 sharing popsicles with my dog
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Note added by Kallirhoe. 9 years ago
1. Niilas;) 2. Red Lipstick 3. Braided hair 4. Project Runway 5. TEA! 6. 1950's silhouettes 7. Knitwear 8. Fur hats 9. Nail polish 10. My job 11. Reading 12. Writing lists 13. Blogs 14. Documenting my life through text and photos
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Note added by Christine Hough. 9 years ago
1. Mike 2. Eating chocolate 3. Walking in the mountains 4. Climbing 5. Learning a new skill