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1. How curly and black my hair is. I love how unique its texture is and its softness.

2. The dark color of my eyes. They are so dark it is like a black abyss.

3. The color of my skin. I love how I can see various colors in it.

4. The shape of my body.

5. How my feet are tiny and cute.

6. The structure of my face.

7. That I am an avid reader.

8. That I am an excellent artist.

9. That I am a superb writer.

10. That I love to learn.

11. That I earned my Bachelor's degree.

12. That I have goals.

13. How I can see the metaphysical causation of situations.

14. How I inspire people.

15. That I am constantly refining myself.

16. My brilliant mind.

17. The determination within myself.

18. The radiant joy in my face.

19. How goofy I am.

20. How regal I look in fitted blouses and long flowing skirts.

21. My childlikeness and innocence.

22. How I practice being understanding of others.

23. How beautiful I feel in nature.

24. My ability to recite long poetry passages.

25. The power in my voice when I say what I mean.

26. My willingness to face my fears.

27. Taking risks.

28. That I am dynamic.

29. That I am sacred.

30. How I let myself fall passionately in love.

31. That I learn from my errors.

32. That I love Black history.

33. That I am helpful to others.

34. That I am adventurous.

35. That the patterns I use in my art are so entertaining.

36. The way I style myself

37. That I have integrity.

38. That money doesn't buy me.

39. That I take time to purify myself.

40. How optimistic I am.

41. That I am a miracle.

42. That I pray and trust God, my ancestors, the angels, the Orishas and the Universe.

43. That I give meaning to supposedly meaningless things.

44. That I have made wise decisions.

45. That I know the importance of self-healing.

46. That I am the sun, the moon, the stars and the whole universe.

47. The extraordinary freedom I feel within.

48. My natural life.

49. That I am a champion.

50. That I am an expression of God.
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Note added by Sharon Walton. 4 years ago
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Note added by Sharon Walton. 4 years ago
1. I have courage.
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Note added by Marisa. 5 years ago
This may read as a very self indulgent list. THAT IS FINE.

Things that I have learned to love about myself, things that I have always loved about myself, things that other people love about me that I have learned to internalize as things that I now love about myself, things that I have worked really hard to feel/be/think...things things THINGS!

1) My weird giggle. I don't even know where that came from. I never noticed til Tom and Alex pointed it out a few years ago.
2) My big giant happy laugh.
3) My irises. They're mostly green but also kinda blue and brown. I will keep them.
4) My eyelashes. They are long.
5) My teeth. They did nicely for themselves and never asked me for braces.
6) My eyebrows. I used to hate them for growing like caterpillars. Now I accept them for the caterpillars they are.
7) My moles ('beauty marks' if you're feeling weird, ya weirdo). I used to hate them aggressively. Now I accept them for being a part of me that make me, me.
8) My fingernails. They lead me to believe my bones are strong.
9) My hair. I spent 23 years being really insecure about my hair. I have learned to love it.
10) My ears. I have great ears. Shut up.
11) My nose. It's big. It's weird. I used to hate it but it belongs on my face.
12) My feet. They have high arches. They let me walk around on them all day. They could be weirder.
13) My belly button. It's strange. It belongs on my belly.
14) My lips. People like them. People like to kiss them. They were made for wearing lipstick, among other things.
15) My extreme paleness. I used to be very insecure about it. Now it gives me a good excuse to not go to the beach.
16) My hands. They can do a bunch of cool stuff.
17) My talking voice. I've had to work hard at not loathing it now that I re-listen to all my stand up sets all the time.
18) My metabolism. When it changes I will curse myself for all the days I took it for granted. I will curse myself for not cherishing the way it processed cheese so easily.
19) My relationship with my little brother. Maybe one day I will do a good job of explaining how proud I am to get along so well with him. How proud I am that I helped raise someone as good and smart and loving as he is.
20) My relationship with my dad. I love that we encourage each other. I love that we are finally both self aware enough to talk about our mental health, self love, self validation, etc.
21) My relationship with my mom. I am learning how to be a positive influence for her while still letting her do the mom stuff she needs to do.
22) My relatively new optimism.
23) The way I learned to love myself after not understanding how for most of my life.
24) The fact that I learned how to ride a motherfucking bicycle at 24 years of age.
25) My enthusiasm for biking everywhere and always when possible.
26) My singing voice.
27) The gigantic love I have for cats.
28) My brand new fancy vision.
29) My natural way of making people feel welcome.
30) My ability to smack cafes into shape.
31) My emotional intelligence.
32) My ability to gobble books like the girl in The Little Princess.
33) My newfound understanding of my ability to learn anything, do anything, be anyone.
34) The way I have learned to speak kindly to myself.
35) The way I am learning to help my favourite people to speak kindly to themselves.
36) My capacity for forgiveness ('to a fault,' as Timbo has gently informed me).
37) My sharp wit. Endless self entertainment.
38) My talent at sharply shutting down strange/inappropriate men (this also gives me endless self entertainment).
39) My improv skill - I will only ever get better at this but I have worked hard on listening better, accepting and advancing more succinctly.
40) My newfound enthusiasm at conquering my fears.
41) The way I've worked so hard at being able to talk about my feelings without shutting down or being humiliated.
42) The way I've worked so hard at becoming friends with the kinds of people I have always wanted to be confident enough to befriend.
43) My newfound ability to self validate and self soothe.
44) My patience.
45) My love for the underdog.
46) The way I want to take care of everyone (and also the way I am learning I can only do so much, and helping people to figure out how to take care of themselves is more important).
47) My intense emotional attachments to songs and albums.
48) My intense ability to love.
49) My open mindedness.
50) My compassion.
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Note added by Amy Peterson. 6 years ago
50 things I like about me
1. I have 3 beautiful children that have always been mine
2. I have I have 2 children that became mine
3. I have a soul mate that loves me for me
4. I have a great group of friends
5. I was born in Chicago and it is my backbone
6. I am a Minnesotan and has become my heart
7. I was Beba’s favorite
8. I am honest
9. I have strong work ethic
10. I am very sarcastic
11. I can be very witty
12. I like my Ears
13. I am liberal
14. I have very thick hair
15. I eat healthy
16. I am strong minded
17. I do not hold grudges
18. I am trustworthy
19. I am giving
20. I am a disciplinarian
21. I am a great cook
22. I am very organized
23. I am a reader
24. I am a hoarder of information
25. I am a minimalist
26. I follow rules
27. I am a tea drinker
28. I am determined
29. I can make fun of myself
30. I am very independent
31. I have a nice smile
32. I do not expect others to do what I will not
33. I am very competitive
34. I am an adventure
35. I am a good driver
36. I take the blame for others
37. I am a good baker
38. I am empathetic
39. I am a nutritionist
40. I am a researcher
41. I am a potion maker
42. I am a creative punishment maker
43. I am a Texas hold’em 1st place winner
44. I am a Legion girl
45. I am a fire fixer
46. I am never late to anything
47. I am a home owner
48. I am a doer
49. I will always seek being better than I was yesterday
50. I am no longer a smoker
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Note added by Kiera Mcloughlin. 7 years ago
1. My red lips

2. My ability to make others laugh

3. My common sense

4. I’m hard-working and determined

5. My flat stomach

6. My good memory

7. The way I learn things quickly

8. My love of books

9. I can be crazy when i want to be

10. My fashion sense

11. I am good at French

12. My strong ambitions

13. I am a good cook

14. My love of school

15. My nails

16. My brown eyes

17. My artistic photography

18. My ability to think deep.

19. My ability to stick to the person I truly love

20. My ability to play the piano

21. My ability to make friends quickly

22. My eyebrows

23. My arguing skills

24. My small wrists

25. My decent singing voice

26. My loyalty to others

27. My love of collecting memories

28. My outgoingness

29. My ability to control my money but treat myself sometimes

30. My love of music

31. I'm not a popular yet i don't just blend into the background

32. My love of Christmas

33. My ability to give up bad habits

34. My genorosity at Christmas time

35. My obsesion with good grammar

36. My manners

37. I love to dance

38. I love families

39. I bring people together

40. The bits of red in my hair and how i love red hair

41. The way I like things organised like a home

42. My ability to control my weight

43. My ability to speak my mind

44. My awesome whistle

45. My amazing friends

46. My nickname

47. My accent on my name

46. My big family and many cousins

47. I haven't need to go to hospital (apart from births)

48. My cuteness

49. My love of twins and that i am sure i have a long lost twin out there somewhere.

50. That i am going to make life the best I can for myself and do something worthwhile with it.
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Note added by Anna Ness. 7 years ago
11 of 50 completed
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Georgie did this! *note to kathryn....this is sooo hard*
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Note added by Anne de Bruijn. 8 years ago
1. haarkleur 2. creativiteit 3. handen 4. gevoel voor mode 5. intelligentie 6. nuchterheid 7. positiviteit 8. doorzettingsvermogen 9. sportiviteit (in de zin van: willen sporten) 10. kook/bak-kunsten
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Note added by Laura Scott. 8 years ago
1. I can write. Short stories, songs, articles. People say I'm good at it and I enjoy doing it so yes. 2. I'm determined. If I see something I want, then I'll go and get it. Some people call it single-minded persistance, I call it determination. 3. I know what I want. I know what I want to be, where I want to go to university, what I want to study and I have backups. 4. I'm good at shopping ok, I have a skill at barging people out of my way and grabbing the last one in my size and finding it with half off the normal price. 5. I like my hair right after I've washed it. It goes super curly and bouncy. I used to hate it but now I prefer that to when it's straight. 6. I'm always there for my friends. Like no matter what, even if we're arguing, no matter what they've done to me in the past, if they need me, I'll be there. I also kinda hate that about me though, it means I get walked over and disappointed sometimes. 7. People have said I'm a strong person. I dunno but if it's true then that's cool I guess. I don't really see how I am but if they think so then that's great. 8. Not to brag- but I make awesome playlists. I make a lot of them, every activity that requires music, I make a playlist. 9.I have a lot of books. I like that I read, people that don't read confuse me. How do you just not read? 10. I make good cups of tea. My mum might not admit it, but they're better than Dad's cups of tea and Dad's are pretty good. 11. I actually don't mind tidying my room. I do it once a week in general and it just helps me keep my head clear and I can actually be in a room that isn't a shit tip all the time. I never used to tidy my room but I don't mind it so much anymore. 12. People have said my eyes are nice, they're my favourite part of my body so. 13. I'm good at baking. 14. I learn song lyrics pretty quickly. It's handy cause I hate listening to songs I don't know the lyrics to. 15. I'm short. I used to hate it because everyone would jokingly take the piss all the time and it irritated me but now I kinda like being a short arse. 16. I stand up for myself. I never used to but then I grew a pair and now I have no problem telling people when they're treating me like shit or when they've done something. 17. I can pull thousand word essays out of my arse in 2 hours and get damn near full marks on them. I think it's because I work better under pressure, if I have loads of time I put it off and put it off and then I end up not doing it, whereas if I wait until the last couple of days then I'll do it. 18. I'm stubborn- to some people it might be a bad thing but for me, it just means I won't take no for an answer. 19. I have a lot of pyjama bottoms. I have this undying love for pyjamas, they're the comfiest things in the world and they're like 800 times better than sweats. That said, I refuse to wear sweats or pyjamas outside the house. 20. I've learnt to not give a crap about people that treat me badly or that don't care about me. It's a recent change, but it's one I like. From now on, I'll be there for people that care about me and are there for me too and I'll love them, cause that's what I do for my friends. 21. I’m always honest. I try to be tactful about it but when it comes down to it, I am always honest. 22. I always hold up my end of a deal, even if there’s a way out of it. Like it seems really fucking cowardly to me if you back out of something you’ve promised to do. 23. I have a pretty good vocabulary. I have a friend that used to call me her walking dictionary. 24. When I really need it, I’ll ask for help. Like it’s really hard for me to because I’m so used to dealing with everything with no help because I just refuse help but now it’s kind of like ok, I need someone to help me through this. 25. People have said that I’m brave. I dunno, I don’t feel it a lot of the time, but if I am then that’s a good thing. 26. I’m competitive. To the extreme. Someone once told me that I am the most competitive person they’ve ever met. Sometimes it gets annoying because I fucking hate losing anything with a passion but most of the time, it just drives me to win. 27. I read really fast. 28. I’m into Greek mythology. It’s interesting, idk. 29. I’m really good at being a sarcastic twat. Not normally something I’d be happy about but it comes in handy when I have to deal with arseholes. 30. I try to see the beauty in everything. I don’t always manage it because some people I just can’t handle but with most things, I really try to find something beautiful in them. 31. I'm pretty resourceful. 32. I grab every opportunity. Like getting a solo in the school play and this weekend. All down to opportunity grabbing. 33. I have a lot of clothes. I used to pretty much only wear black and grey but now, I wear more color which is nice. I still have days (like today) where it's pretty much just navy, white, black or grey but I do try and put more colour in there now. 34. I have a fairly varied taste in music. We're talking varied as in from Debussy to Architects and all the way back again. 35. I'm realistic. 36. My parents have always said that I'm good at reading people. 37. I am awesome at Wii Tennis. No shame. 38. I always feel like I'm not good enough. Like there's something wrong with me. But I've pushed the thoughts out of my head and now those days are getting less. I guess the thing I like is that I'm able to make myself feel better sometimes. 39. I'm pro-active. When something's bothering me, I get off my arse and sort it out. I also always get off my arse to get what I want because it really annoys me when people sit there whining about how much they want something when they don't do anything about it. 40. I can quote all of Noel and Mike Fielding's lines in series 3 of The Mighty Boosh. 41. I have a very dry sense of humor. 42. I'm always early. 43. I travel a lot. 44. I always try and see things through, I never give up or quit. 45. I'm organized. I know what I want and exactly how I'm gonna get it. 46. I might throw a ton of stuff away, but I always keep the sentimental stuff. Like photos or birthday cards. Stuff that actually means something. 47. I'm sort of a dreamer. I unintentionally create wild scenarios in my head that will most likely not happen. It makes my dreams a lot more exciting though. 48. I try hard in school. It's not like it's pointless or anything and when I get a bad grade I really beat myself up about it. I try not to but I get super disappointed in myself because I know I can do better. 49. I taught myself how to roll my tongue and how to say the word 'Raxacoricophallapatorius'. If you don't know what it is, google that shit. 50. I finished this motherfucker of a goal. Suck it.
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Note added by Elina. 9 years ago
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Note added by Alexandra Silva. 9 years ago
1. My smile