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Note Added
Note added by Jessie Taylor. 1 years ago
01.07.2018 - A nice long lie-in and Craig made me breakfast in bed (fresh fruit salad, granola and yoghurt) and a bunch of fresh flowers
02.07.2018 - I had a 'me' day, spent the morning setting up my new blog and the afternoon watching a UFO documentary on Netflix
Note Added
Note added by Adam Elliott. 1 years ago
3/01/2018: I got more girl scout cookies!
3/02/2018: It was finally warm and sunny today!
3/03/2018: I got a quarter of amazing weed for hella cheap.
3/04/2018: Work wasn't too crazy today!
3/05/2018: I got to work with my two favorite co-workers!
3/06/2018: I finally filed my taxes!
3/07/2018: Got lots of tips!
3/08/2018: Wore my new blue lipstick!
3/09/2018: Made an amazing pescatarian dinner.
3/10/2018: Finished my double early!
3/11/2018: Finished my new Amethyst piece!
3/12/2018: Work was chill for once!
3/13/2018: Watched Thor: Ragnarok!
3/14/2018: Made good money!
3/15/2018: Spent time with a good friend!
3/16/2018: Got my hair cut!
3/17/2018: Got to expo with Jackie!
3/18/2018: Wrapped a new Citrine!
3/19/2018: Got new underwear!
3/20/2018: Got to sleep in!
3/21/2018: I didn't have to work a double!
3/22/2018: Got to wake up next to Chris!
3/23/2018: Finally home!
3/24/2018: Got off work super early!
3/25/2018: Got free snacks!
Note Added
Note added by Benni. 3 years ago
I'm still trying to do this every night! It's not always easy, but usually I can point to at least one thing that made me smile, and it makes me feel better before I go to bed.
Note Added
Note added by Maaike. 4 years ago
started with 'one line a day' and mention something positive daily.
Note Added
Note added by Monica McNamara. 6 years ago
Started April 1
Note Added
Note added by Rachael. 7 years ago
For a month
Note Added
Note added by Rita Ferreia. 8 years ago
Um mês! 3.1.2012 Todos os dias têm coisas boas!
Note Added
Note added by Cláudia Santos. 8 years ago
Start - August 31st Finish - September 30th What a wonderful month! =)