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Note Added
Note added by Brogan Pierce. 4 years ago
So I did this a little late, but it's there to open in 992 days' time!
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Note added by Denise McCray. 6 years ago
I'm doing this for the achievements and memories. Hopefully future Denise will be able to say that she has done most of her listed goals.
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Note added by Ria. 8 years ago
ooo, the first thing I can tick off the list. Also one of the scariest in some respects. I've been pretty honest about the peripheral things I want from this whole project in terms of the me I intend on being by the time 1001 days is up. Can't wait to re-read it..just hope I get a lot more things ticked off by then
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Note added by Danneh. 8 years ago
Future me will send it to the williamskd2 email.
Note Added
I wish I could put the file here. I wonder if this account will still exist after the 1001 days are up.
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Note added by CHughes. 8 years ago
started 10/31/11
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Note added by Martha Woody. 8 years ago
L'hai messa nella scatola dei ricordi, nel caso ti fossi scordata, me del futuro!
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Note added by Lexie Darr. 8 years ago
Signed, sealed and delivered!
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Completed on 11/05/2011
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Note added by Amanda. 9 years ago
Completed October 1, 2010
Note Added
Why am I doing this project? What do I intend to achieve? Where do I hope to be at the end of this? What is my opinion of a 'perfect life'? What do I currently like about myself? What do I currently hate about myself? Why are certain things on this list? More importantly, how much have i saved?!