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Note Added
Note added by Alexa Dacre. 2 years ago
Netherlands, China, Canada, Russia, Germany, Lithuania, Taiwan, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland!!
Note Added
Note added by Amanda G. 2 years ago
Sent out 4 more postcards to the following countries:
- Germany
- Russia
- The Netherlands
- Czech Republic

4 of the 5 previous ones were already received.
Note Added
Note added by Amanda G. 3 years ago
Sent out the five postcards to the following countries:
- Germany
- China
- Turkey
- Russia

2 have already arrived at their destination so my daughter can't wait to see what we receive..
Note Added
Note added by Amanda G. 3 years ago
Bought our first 5 postcards and my daughter is excited to help send them out as soon as possible!
Note Added
Note added by Lydia E. 3 years ago
US-3613382 to Taiwan
US-3613380 to Netherlands
US-3613377 to New York
US-3613375 to Germany
US-3612522 to Russia
US-3625548 to Czech Republic
US-3625136 to Belarus
US-3631323 to Pennsylvania
US-3638873 to Germany
US-3642407 to China
US-3642409 to Netherlands
Note Added
Note added by Cat Whitteker . 4 years ago
five cards sent so far!!
Note Added
10 postcards received! Love postcrossing and will continue on...
Note Added
Got 5 addresses! Got to get postcards now!
Note Added
Note added by Alanna Frank. 5 years ago
Note Added
Photo added by Dustin Hughes. 6 years ago
It's fun to go to your mailbox and get a postcard from Latvia or Russia or something; certainly better than the mix of bills and junk mail that I am used to seeing.
Note Added
Note added by Julia Marsh. 6 years ago
1 sent
Note Added
Note added by Peiyi Liang. 6 years ago
December 30, 2011 - Sent first five postcards! January 9, 2012 - Sent two postcards. January 26, 2012 - Sent three postcards.
Note Added
Note added by laura. 7 years ago
1. Germany 2. Russia 3. Austria 4. Netherlands 5. USA 6. Taiwan 7. Uzberkistan 8. England 9. Republic of Belarus 10. USA
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Note Added
Note added by annet glas. 7 years ago
Note Added
Note added by Karen Jones. 8 years ago
10 Postcards sent but I am enjoying this so will continue. I will come back at the end of the 1001 days and advise howmany postcards I sent in total