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Make a list of 100 things that I am grateful for
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Note Added
Note added by Mine 1. 2 years ago
Lista das 100 coisas às quais sou grata:
1Meus filhos
2Ter tido meu baby depois de tantos anos
3Minha extensa familia
4Ter saude
5ter aproveitado as oportunidades de trabalho e estudo que surgiram
6pelas viagens que já fiz e todos os lugares que conheci
7 ter amigos especiais
8 ter saudade de bons momentos
9 ter iniciativa
10 cada cultura que conheci
11 ter o que agradecer cada dia
12 nunca ter faltado nada de essencial na vida
13 pela educação que meus pais me deram
14 por ter facilidade em aprender algumas coisas
15 ter disposição para fazer as coisas acontecerem
16 ser criativa
17 pelo dom de fazer arte
18 pelo trabalho de cada dia
19 pelos sonhos que conquistei
20 pelos sonhos que ainda tenho a conquistar
21 em poder ajudar os outros
Note Added
Note added by Jennifer Dawn. 2 years ago
1. My dog, Wendy
2. My mom
3. My sisters
4. My nieces
5. My home
6. My car
7. My education
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Note added by Kayla Reed. 2 years ago
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Note added by Mindy Bogue. 3 years ago
1. Tim
2. Mo
3. Karri
4. Karri's family
5. I have a roof over my head
6. I have a reliable vehicle
7. I have a job I believe in
8. Keith Coleman
9. a wonderful church community
10. wine
11. beer
12. chocolate
13. movies
14. documentaries
15. King of the Hill
16. Game of Thrones
17. Bob's Burgers
18. the ability to watch cable shows on a nice TV
19. the ability to have access to wifi at home
20. a great office of intelligent, passionate, and respectful people
21. my ability to get around without need of assistance
22. swimming
23. walking at local places
24. Pendle Hill
25. The McShane family
26. Pam and Randy Poe
27. lucky enough to live in a country where we have rights others do not have
28. I have food in the fridge and cupboard
Note Added
Note added by M.. 3 years ago
(1) good physical health
(2) my mom
(3) my sister
(4) my brother
(5) friends
(6) being alive
(7) being able to access good healthcare for my mental illnesses
(8) my home
(9) being able to study at a top university
(10) my education
(11) being relatively financially well off
(12) my hands so I can create
(13) being mostly not depressed (or mixed or manic) right now
(14) food
(15) my good vision (when corrected with glasses)
(16) living in a time where it is easy to keep up communication with my friends even if I move away
(17) my mom helping me with rent while I pursue my undergraduate degree
(18) the scholarships + grants I've received to attend college
(19) digital art programs
(20) the variety of colors that exist in this life
(21) my job during the school year
(22) my summer job
(23) having such understanding supervisors at work
(24) having good insurance
(25) Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital
Note Added
Note added by Sarah Gregory. 3 years ago
51) For Grandma paying for my Alton Towers Ticket
52) For Steve's family contributing to his Alton Towers Ticket
53) For my Brother buying the tickets for Alton Towers in advance
54) For Uncle Chris cooking amazing meals
55) For someone being interested in my handmade crochet products
56) For mom buying me a suitacse for holiday
Note Added
Note added by Sarah Gregory. 3 years ago
41) Fresh clean water
42) All the yarn brought for me to pursue my hobby
43) Fluffy towels
44) For my new bag for my birthday from an unlikely person
45) For Unlimited hours of fun on Guitar Hero games
46) For awesome TV series on Netflix
47) For colouring books to calm my mind
48) For a jewerly box given to me
49) For earning money to buy myself a DSLR
50) For board games
Note Added
Note added by Sarah Gregory. 3 years ago
21) For my Tangle Teezer (no more knots or clumps of hair coming out)
22) For our comfy all seasons tog duvet (It's so toasty)
23) For being able to pick up crochet quite quickly
24) Fleecey pyjamas
25) Sunlight everyday
26) Being able to see the stars on a clear night
27) Candles, to create a warming cosy glow on chilly nights
28) For handy battery operated fairy lights I can keep all year round
29) LUSH bubblebars
30) That we have a bath in our apartment
31) Mom buying me an Eeyore onesie =P
32) Cats
33) Our landlady for putting in a new cooker after the old one packed up
34) Flowers
35) Having the money to buy my collection of Russia dolls
36) All my Eeyore's that have been gifted to me over the years
37) Perfume's gifted to me (I don't think I've ever needed to buy myself any yet, but now when I do I know my favourites)
38) My guitar gifted to me when I was in my teens
39) For my grandma buying me a lovely set of towels
40) Free crochet patterns available online
Note Added
Note added by Sarah Gregory. 3 years ago
I am grateful for:

1 - Books
2 - Warm clothes to keep me warm in the winter
3 - Steve paying for my upkeep
4 - Music
5 - Movies
6 - Grandma paying off my overdraft
7 - Mom paying for me to go to Spain
8 - Being able to freely use the library
9 - Getting a discount off my Gym membership
10 - For Neal paying for my mobile phone
Note Added
Note added by Sarah Gregory. 3 years ago
11) Steve's mom buying me a crochet pattern and yarn
12) Steve's dad taking us shopping regularly
13) Being able to get vouchers from surveys and buying others gifts
14) Living in a place with my partner
15) Able to use the internet to find this site
16) Able to use Goodreads to connect with others about books
17) Birthday money so I as able to buy my very own Pandora charm bracelet
18) Having learnt how to cook and bake when I was younger
19) My family paying my my accomadation and travel to go on holdiay with them
20) For our new comfortable, cosy bed
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Note added by Koralie Boyer. 5 years ago
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Note added by Ben Craig. 5 years ago
14 items on the list so far...
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Note added by Anja. 5 years ago
List of 100 things that I am grateful for
1) my life
2) living in a free and safe country
3) peace in the part of the world I live in
4) free access to high quality medical service
5) free access to education (including university)
6) being able to see
7) being able to hear
8) being able to talk
9) being able to walk
10) the ability to read
11) the ability to learn
12) my friends
13) my job
14) nice colleagues
15) having a lot of freedom at work
16) not having to get up early in the morning since I can choose my work hours most of the time
17) being sent to congresses to keep on learning – and having a chance to explore new cities at the same time
18) computers – make my work so much easier
19) people who take me just the way I am
20) the possibilities I have
21) being able to travel
22) my intelligence
23) my curiosity
24) my clumsiness – since it’s just part of being me
25) my talent for learning languages (even if my German accent is horrible)
26) having been able to study what I’m really interested in
27) a few special teachers who saw my potential when many others did not
28) some happy childhood memories
29) the way my best friend and I often think alike and say/write exactly the same simultaneously
30) not having my mother’s and sister’s pessimistic view of life
31) being able to appreciate the little things
32) the wonders of nature
33) being able to visit friends around Europe without needing a visa or something like that
34) my best friend who shares my love for the Bayer 04 football (soccer) team
35) books
36) the internet
37) a baby’s smile
38) laughter
39) Postcrossing
40) the Postcrossing Aliens
41) the fun we have at Postcrossing meetings
42) people sharing my craziness/weirdness
43) chocolate
44) Disney movies
45) maps – just love them in every way they come
46) living in a city with amazing train connections considering its size
47) sunshine
48) having enough time on my own
49) my penfriends
50) Lebensfreude (one of those words that don’t have a perfect English translation)
51) Fernweh
52) being relatively healthy despite being heavily overweight – guess I’m lucky
53) snail mail
54) glasses – would really have problem without
55) dreams
56) being able to make people smile or laugh sometimes
57) living in a country with literally hundreds of different types of breads – and not just that soft stuff many other countries sell for bread
58) rainbows
59) the beauty of the world
60) always having access to clean water
61) ice-cream
62) passion fruit anything
63) mango anything
64) Facebook
65) electricity
66) postcards in my mailbox
67) public transportation
68) being independent
69) living in a country where central heating is a standard in buildings
70) nice, funny, meaningful, hilarious, or whatever conversations with friends – in real life, via chat, phone or forum posts
71) Germany’s really good railway system (even though people keep complaining about it A LOT)
72) the support of my colleagues on certain decisions
73) that there is spring after every winter
74) and summer after spring
75) good public libraries
76) rather cheap flights within Europe
77) my father who paid most of my education till I was done with my studies
78) the smell after a summer rain on a warm day
79) access to save & tested medication
80) the supermarket just across the street
81) my bike (because I just hate walking!)
82) all the documentaries on TV that let me “travel” around the world and through time from home
83) Swedish classes which help not to forget what I’ve already learned
84) my new smartphone (even if I didn’t want one for quite a long time)
85) knowing how to cook yummy food
86) knowing how to bake yummy cakes
87) not having to clean the staircase/hallway since a neighbor is taking care of that
88) DVDs that come with the original soundtrack (in case of movies in English or Swedish)
89) free online courses
90) comfy shoes
91) the wide choice of different postcards in Germany
92) names, because they can be quite interesting
93) all the things I learn through Postcrossing – how people from different countries can be so different and still alike
94) travel guidebooks
95) the fast, reliable and inexpensive German postal service
96) magnetic bookmarks because they don’t slide out of the book
97) democracy
98) the money I earn
99) my family (even if I’m glad that they live quite a bit away)
100) having found 100 things for this list ;D
Note Added
Note added by Rynnee . 7 years ago
Making this list was very freeing! You will love it!
Note Added
Note added by Rachel Kenny. 7 years ago
100 Things I am Grateful For 1. My family 2. Free Health Care 3. The fact that we have paid off our house so we will never be homeless 4. That my parents both have good jobs so that we may have good lives 5. Living in a MEDC 6. The love my family gives me 7. My room 8. Colour-without it the world would be a lot more boring 9. My memories 10. My intelligence 11. My compassion 12. The opportunities I have to reach people 13. My faith 14. God 15. Jesus 16. My epiphanies 17. That I can choose and practice my own religion freely and without persecution 18. The diversity of people in the world 19. Feminism 20. Activists 21. The internet 22. Free education 23. Teachers who honestly want the best for their students 24. Inspiration 25. Advances in technology 26. My support network 27. That I am learning to love myself 28. Laughter 29. Music 30. Loyalty 31. Honesty 32. Generosity 33. Kindness 34. Magic 35. The people in the world who show me that goodness is not forgotten when I have all but lost faith 36. People who’re willing to sacrifice everything for others 37. Shared interests 38. Personal differences 39. That every day there is something new to learn 40. No matter how lonely I feel, there will always be someone there for me 41. Lizzie 42. Soph 43. Ed 44. Joe 45. Arran 46. Ali 47. Ian 48. Beki Chapman 49. CHIPS 50. Felicia 51. Allie 52. John 53. Amanda 54. Gabe 55. Dee 56. Random acts of kindness 57. Selfishness 58. Guidance 59. That every day is a fresh start and a new opportunity 60. That a life can be changed 61. That no one is ever past redemption 62. Artistic expression 63. Acceptance 64. Free Speach 65. A right to choose 66. Disney 67. Warner Brothers 68. Dreamworks 69. Literature 70. Movies 71. Chocolate 72. Comfort 73. Travel 74. Culture 75. Being able to learn from history 76. Healing 77. Patience 78. My childhood 79. Protection 80. Creativity 81. Ideas 82. Photographs 83. Text message/IM conversations which are either so meaningful or so funny that it doesn’t matter that you’re not with the person face to face 84. Skype 85. Phones 86. Instant messaging 87. Knowledge 88. Discovery 89. South Park 90. Beauty in all shapes and forms 91. Body acceptance 92. Ipods 93. Inside jokes 94. Togetherness 95. Electricity 96. Love 97. Hope 98. Miracles 99. Nature 100. That I’ve had to miss things off this list
Note Added
Note added by Shatema Brown . 7 years ago
1.keke 2. keith 5. brother 7. god kids 8. friends 10. the fact i have a job 11. the things i have went through in my life 12. sister 13. secreat 14. That I was able to give keke a good Christmas 15. That I have God in my life.
Note Added
Note added by Megan. 8 years ago
It got harder after I got past 40 but somehow I found another 60 things that I'm grateful to have in my life, ^^ Just gotta keep pushing myself, you know?
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Note added by Ashley Eftink. 8 years ago
And keep it on my mirror to read every morning
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