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2017 (YEAR 1)
-Become a pescetarian
-Drink more water and tea
-Begin taking better care of my teeth
-Start getting acupuncture and massages
-Begin practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine

2018 (YEAR 2)
-Begin preparing my body for childbirth.
-Change my diet according to what I need

2019 - 2021 (YEAR 3 - 5 )
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2017 (YEAR 1)
-Work on developing my listening skills.
-Research on how to be more sensual.
-Practice opening my heart.
-Begin reading books about marriage and childrearing.
-Begin reading books and practicing femininity.
-Research on other cultures and their womanly arts.
-Change my style
-Heal the myself of emotional residue.

2018 (YEAR 2)
-Begin dating if I have not begun already
-Start preparing my body, mind and soul for marriage
-Practice telepathy.
-Open my heart even more.
-Get engaged.

2019 (YEAR 3)
-Get married and use the skills I have learned in my marriage.
-Get pregnant.

2020 (YEAR 4)
-Have our first child.
-Continue to work on keeping marriage healthy.

2021 (YEAR 5)
-Have our second/third child.
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2017 (YEAR 1)
-Join Launch Code to learn coding and use the money earned for medical school.
-Invest money in Toastmasters to build up public speaking skills and to create outside opportunities.
-Invest money into modeling in order to create opportunities for travel.
-Apply for fellowships in art and writing.
-Become adept in the Adobe Creative Suite and learn how to make logos and do layout.
-Use the fashion design book my aunt gave me and begin to make patterns.
-Get my driver's license in order to travel and carry my art around.
-Promote my art and books perhaps by sending them to different book stores or paying people to write online reviews.
-Change the self-publishing company that I am going through in order to make my books look more professional.
-Write two books.
-Begin making artistic posters and selling them from my website and at events.
-Buy my buttons and place them in stores for them to sell.
-With the skills learned in Toastmasters, begin going on the public speaking circuit.
-Increase vocabulary and practice speaking by reciting other people's speeches.
-Change my resume and begin independent study for medical school.
-Get a better computer.
-Learn a second language and sign language.
-Begin writing the drafts for the Powerpoints I will launch next year. Mini-documentaries.
-Become adept in Microsoft Office. Buy Microsoft Office.
-Utilize my church.

2018 (YEAR 2)
-Have a series of books that range from various ages. It is a curriculum.
-Increase the amount of posters that I am creating.
-Begin to book travel opportunities in relation to my books.
-Begin making instructional YouTube videos and Powerpoints on multiple subjects in order to generate income.
-Create a goalsetting system that can be implemented with materials included.
-Travel and showcase my art internationally.
-Travel nationally speaking to others, especially in New Thought churches.
-Begin to get certified in New Thought teachings.
-Save even more money than last year from my projects.
-Get a car.
-Modeling opportunities are opening up and allows me to travel even more.
-Look for people to collaborate with in making books and powerpoints. Be linked to several organizations.
-Learn a new computer program.

2019 (YEAR 3)
- Begin outsourcing my projects to very few people.
-Become an icon in the modeling world and on the public speaking circuit.
-Begin writing my books that are related to my public speeches.
-Learn a third language and begin researching being an interpreter.
-Use the money I have saved and apply to medical school for traditional Chinese medicine.
-Build more of a foundation in the New Thought spiritual centers.
-Begin making plans for opening up my own New Thought Center.

2020 (YEAR 4)
-Use my skills that I have picked up over the past three years to become a humanitarian.
-Learn a fourth language
-Transfer my skills from medical school into the spiritual center.
-Write even more books and find authors that will write under my curriculum.

2021 (YEAR 5)
-Retire and repeat
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Note added by Shaila Mahabier. 3 years ago
I made a year plan, now 4 more to go
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Note added by Melvin Marsh. 4 years ago
This is Jewish studies only
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Note added by Jess Peters. 6 years ago
It's possible, I have to keep reminding myself of that.