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Note added by Crossroad . 16 days ago
Areas I want to change in a 5 year period (jan 1st. 2020 - dec 31st. 2024):

1. Myself (weight, health, emotional stabililty, be authentic etc)
2. My financial situation (pay off debt, have savings, stay on budget, have a higher income etc)
3. My living situation (move, get new funiture etc)
4. Find my passion (hobbies, write books, learn languages etc)
5. Create my own life (be enough, love myself, be my own priority, trust myself, believe in me etc)
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Note added by Crossroad . 17 days ago
I decided to buy a notebook for my 5-year plan. It was expensive. There were some much cheaper notebooks but many wrote they did not last 5 years without breaking. The one I bought should be able to last 5 years. It starts january 1st, so I have a bit of time to actually create a 5 year plan. I have never planned my life so far into the future before. But taking one day at a time has not worked out that well so it is time to try something new. Besides researchers say people with a plan (and of course follow their plan and are able to make adjustments since we can't control everything) end up much further in life and are much happier.

So where do I see myself in five years and doing what...and how do I get there
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Note added by Aden Lynch. 8 months ago
Okay, so I finished my five-year plan.
2019: Finish my contract at work in Beijing and move back to Seattle.
2020: Work full-time, live with my parents, save 75% of my income.
2021: Move to Germany, work part-time and start university for a BA in elementary education.
2022: Continue working part-time, and studying.
2023: Continue working part-time and prepare for graduating university.

I finished this (in better detail obviously) and all I can think about now, is how redundant my life plan seems. Where does this actually leave me? Am I actually progressing by doing this? TOTAL ANXIETY ATTACK about my life now...
Note Added

2017 (YEAR 1)
-Become a pescetarian
-Drink more water and tea
-Begin taking better care of my teeth
-Start getting acupuncture and massages
-Begin practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine

2018 (YEAR 2)
-Begin preparing my body for childbirth.
-Change my diet according to what I need

2019 - 2021 (YEAR 3 - 5 )
Note Added

2017 (YEAR 1)
-Work on developing my listening skills.
-Research on how to be more sensual.
-Practice opening my heart.
-Begin reading books about marriage and childrearing.
-Begin reading books and practicing femininity.
-Research on other cultures and their womanly arts.
-Change my style
-Heal the myself of emotional residue.

2018 (YEAR 2)
-Begin dating if I have not begun already
-Start preparing my body, mind and soul for marriage
-Practice telepathy.
-Open my heart even more.
-Get engaged.

2019 (YEAR 3)
-Get married and use the skills I have learned in my marriage.
-Get pregnant.

2020 (YEAR 4)
-Have our first child.
-Continue to work on keeping marriage healthy.

2021 (YEAR 5)
-Have our second/third child.
Note Added

2017 (YEAR 1)
-Join Launch Code to learn coding and use the money earned for medical school.
-Invest money in Toastmasters to build up public speaking skills and to create outside opportunities.
-Invest money into modeling in order to create opportunities for travel.
-Apply for fellowships in art and writing.
-Become adept in the Adobe Creative Suite and learn how to make logos and do layout.
-Use the fashion design book my aunt gave me and begin to make patterns.
-Get my driver's license in order to travel and carry my art around.
-Promote my art and books perhaps by sending them to different book stores or paying people to write online reviews.
-Change the self-publishing company that I am going through in order to make my books look more professional.
-Write two books.
-Begin making artistic posters and selling them from my website and at events.
-Buy my buttons and place them in stores for them to sell.
-With the skills learned in Toastmasters, begin going on the public speaking circuit.
-Increase vocabulary and practice speaking by reciting other people's speeches.
-Change my resume and begin independent study for medical school.
-Get a better computer.
-Learn a second language and sign language.
-Begin writing the drafts for the Powerpoints I will launch next year. Mini-documentaries.
-Become adept in Microsoft Office. Buy Microsoft Office.
-Utilize my church.

2018 (YEAR 2)
-Have a series of books that range from various ages. It is a curriculum.
-Increase the amount of posters that I am creating.
-Begin to book travel opportunities in relation to my books.
-Begin making instructional YouTube videos and Powerpoints on multiple subjects in order to generate income.
-Create a goalsetting system that can be implemented with materials included.
-Travel and showcase my art internationally.
-Travel nationally speaking to others, especially in New Thought churches.
-Begin to get certified in New Thought teachings.
-Save even more money than last year from my projects.
-Get a car.
-Modeling opportunities are opening up and allows me to travel even more.
-Look for people to collaborate with in making books and powerpoints. Be linked to several organizations.
-Learn a new computer program.

2019 (YEAR 3)
- Begin outsourcing my projects to very few people.
-Become an icon in the modeling world and on the public speaking circuit.
-Begin writing my books that are related to my public speeches.
-Learn a third language and begin researching being an interpreter.
-Use the money I have saved and apply to medical school for traditional Chinese medicine.
-Build more of a foundation in the New Thought spiritual centers.
-Begin making plans for opening up my own New Thought Center.

2020 (YEAR 4)
-Use my skills that I have picked up over the past three years to become a humanitarian.
-Learn a fourth language
-Transfer my skills from medical school into the spiritual center.
-Write even more books and find authors that will write under my curriculum.

2021 (YEAR 5)
-Retire and repeat
Note Added
Note added by Shaila Mahabier. 3 years ago
I made a year plan, now 4 more to go
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Note added by Melvin Marsh. 5 years ago
This is Jewish studies only
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Note added by Jess Peters. 7 years ago
It's possible, I have to keep reminding myself of that.