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Make a list of 100 things I like about myself
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Starting my list.
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Note added by Crystal. 7 years ago
1. I made sure my brother didn't turn out like my father
2. I'm every bit as funny as I am smart.
3. I'm a sweet compassionate person
4. I see the beauty in (some of) my imperfections
5. I have great taste in music
6. I haven't acted violently towards anyone (but I've been tempted to)
7. I work hard
8. I play harder
9. I like that I'm introspective
10. I creep people out and they creep me out
11. I figured out how seductive awkwardness can be.
12. I'm a good chess player
13. I embrace my inner nerd
14. I embrace my inner redneck
15. I can keep my hands to myself
16. I won't put up with a man's crap, if he disrespects me I'm gone
17. I'm a wiz at minesweeper I can play for days
18. I am willing to give people so many second chances (maybe something I don't like about myself too) as long as they don't try to violate me
19. I am a strong minded woman albeit a tad submissive
20. I may not be the best at everything but I'm still going to give it a try
21. I trust my instincts above all else but I don't let them dictate my life
22. I'm not married yet so nobody can dictate my life but me.
23. I have pretty amazing fantasies if I do say so myself.
24. I am just open-minded enough to not let my brain fall out
25. I generally agree with conservatives on most points except for gay marriage
26. I have a pretty good memory
27. I have never slept or had a romantic relationship with a coworker
28. I haven't murdered my computer yet.
29. I have been told that I'm mature beyond my years (which made more sense at 5 than it does now)
30. I try to help others out any way I can
31. I try to be the best person I can be
32. I make beautiful jewelry (which I don't wear)
33. I am ambitious and I will own my own business someday
34. I am trying to better myself physically
35. I never give up (I may say I do but I don't)
36. I am a total sweetheart (that's my story and I'm sticking to it)
37. I cause trouble
38. I can cut a rug like nobody's business
39. I type fast (I'm working on accuracy though)
40. I can do basic auto repairs
41. I'm working on letting go of some things
42. I'm still alive (unlike my wizardry party that I Malor-ed into a wall I almost had a ninja. that was years ago and I'm still not over it.)
43. I've never owned a slave.. what it's something to be proud of
44. I'm a good cook (but it shows.. )
45. I donate to charity specifically St. Jude - Kids should not have to die of something as terrible as that.
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Note added by Fayetta. 7 years ago
I'm surprised that even though I don't have good self esteem I still managed to find 100 things I like about myself. It really opened my eyes. ♥
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Put it on your mirror
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Note added by Amanda Marquardt. 8 years ago
25 things....100 is a little ambitious
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Note added by Stefanie R.. 9 years ago
1. vrienden aan het lachen maken
2. mijn benen
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Note added by Cyndi McNamara. 9 years ago
1. I'm silly / 2. I speak in different accents (however accurate or not) / 3. My eyes / 4. Advice I can give / 5. I enjoy reading
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More difficult than I thought. 38 done
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Note added by Laurie Sawyer. 9 years ago