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Oh hi there, Seattle! First time in Washington!

City hall and Brabofontain in Antwerp

Alice Cooper at Graspop!

Mackinaw Island
TJ Hanna on goal Ride in a horse drawn carriageOne person likes this

Kenya -- 2003
TJ Hanna on goal Stand on the equator3 people like this

Amy-Louise Murray on goal Visit Italy3 people like this

Morocco - One my 5th continent, AFRICA!!
Chelsea H on goal Travel to a 5th continent (Africa)2 people like this

Amur tigers at Yorkshire Wildlife Park - 22nd February 2015

I completed Nagoya Women's Marathon 2015!
Evgenia Bruk on goal Finish Nagoya Women marathon 20154 people like this

Swimming with baby in Crystal River in 2014
Davis Peric on goal Swim With Manatees3 people like this

Ketchikan, Alaska
Davis Peric on goal Go on a cruise to AlaskaOne person likes this

Spent a lovely long weekend in Cannes!

Spring boarding

This is so cool.

We went on a day trip to Seattle from Vancouver. The main reason was Pike Place market

Lydia Cox on goal See a Shakespeare play at the GlobeOne person likes this

Philadelphia, April 26, 2015.

A room with a View.. .and a pool, housekeeping, amazing meals and my darling Man.

Father Damien Church in Kalaupapa National Historic park. I had the exceptional opportunity to stay in this tiny settlment for the weekend because of my friend Tim who lives here. No visitors are allowed to stay here overnight without a special pass! Quiet the experience

White spirit does not taste particularly great, but here I am, channeling my inner dragon :-)
Liz on goal Learn to breathe fire5 people like this

Noora on goal Have dinner by candlelightOne person likes this