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Most things in my garden were plants purchased from a nursery. These sunflowers managed to survive the chipmunks.

2020 Sept. Visegrád

Janelle arrived on May 5, 2020.

Afternoon tea at Ashburnham Place with the girls for Katharine’s baby shower.

Homemade dutch baby-- My girlfriend and I learned how to make these for a kitchen date, and I couldn't believe how easy it is. Definitely a weekend staple now.

They were a bit past peak but so beautiful!
Georgina on goal Photograph the wildflowers at Albion Basin3 people like this

Christopher Lott on goal Fly a kite2 people like this

Grandeur Peak hike....this is a beautiful state.

This was the first time that I’ve ever made donuts. I utilized my sourdough starter for this particular recipe. They didn’t turn out like a light and fluffy Tim Hortons donut. Nonetheless, they are very good.
Dawn on goal Make donuts4 people like this

1. Pink flamingo
Lauren on goal Try 10 new cocktails3 people like this

Lili Green on goal Visit the Grand Canyon3 people like this

Deborah on goal Walk through a sunflower maze2 people like this

Learned to make my first cocktail during our virtual girls' night out! Long Island Iced Tea. A great cocktail to go along with a great time!
Linda on goal Learn to make 5 new cocktails4 people like this

Mordor park

2nd attempt was a success. It doesn’t look like the best loaf of bread in the world but it does taste amazing.
Dawn on goal Make sourdough bread3 people like this

Added some vanilla sugar, otherwise stuck to the recipe. But they didn’t “melt” like in the picture. Very basic, quite underwhelming cookie.
Rebecka on goal Make something from every cookbook I ownOne person likes this

Four months on and it's doing well!
Anne-Marie O'Neill on goal Own a bonsai tree13 people like this

Gdańsk. Finished 3/15/20.

1st course consisted of 4 pies. Steak and Guinness, Leek/mushroom and Guinness, Tourtiere, and Turkey Pot Pie. They were all delicious 😋
Dawn on goal Make a pie on Pi day2 people like this

Yurij S. on goal Visit Hagia Sophia8 people like this

Anantara Lawana, Koh Samui, Thailand
Pan Reas on goal Swim in an infinity pool7 people like this

Turned out just okay... But, in fairness apple pie's like 10th place on my list of favorite pies, so just okay is about as good as it could have gone.
Dustin Katie Hughes on goal Make an apple pie from scratch7 people like this

Page 3
Anne-Marie O'Neill on goal Complete a coloring book12 people like this

The Twisted Tree
Susie Morgan on goal Have 3 new afternoon teas3 people like this