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Travel to India - Sept 2018
Patty on goal Visit India

Central Park

I am TERRIBLE at it. From now on I'm sticking to kayaks.
Dustin Katie Hughes on goal Go paddleboardingOne person likes this

So lucky to wake up every morning to this splendid scene!

Chicken pho
R. Smart on goal Try Vietnamese foodOne person likes this

Got dive certified!

Xenia on goal Visit Lake LucerneOne person likes this

Raspberry and Blackberry picking.

Graduation at Canterbury Cathedral.
Abegael Tomlin on goal Visit Canterbury Cathedral2 people like this

Turned out pretty well for the first time!

The Mel Fisher Treasure Museum was the first place on my list for Key West Florida and it was fascinating. I even bought a small piece of jewelry made from silver brought up from the wreck of the Atocha. So cool. 3/7/2018

Spent a nice day at Colonial Williamsburg with my east coast siblings. Very well done and a second day would have been nice. 6/26/2018
samstoybox on goal Visit Colonial WilliamsburgOne person likes this

Hang gliding lesson in Lewes. Given me a thirst for more skyward activity.

Steph P on goal Fly in a hot air balloonOne person likes this

Riga - August 2018

State Fair Milkshake | The Tipsy Steer

We're half-way through our hike! I was not jumping when we got back to the car.
Molly Page on goal Visit Starved Rock State Park2 people like this

Beautiful morning to wake up outside...
Rae Cody on goal Spend a night on a hammock under the stars3 people like this

Susie Morgan on goal Visit five cities I have never visitedOne person likes this

KateS on goal Visit Arlington National Cemetery2 people like this

Mushroom Rock State Park - Kansas
Rae Cody on goal Visit Mushroom Rock State ParkOne person likes this

Absolutely loved it!
Eendju on goal Go paragliding7 people like this

One of the first spots we pulled off the Cabot Trail for. A gravel road led past an old cemetery to this point. A very nice beach is to the right.
Robyn Verhoeven on goal Roadtrip on a Motorcycle6 people like this

Lamb crown n.2.
Yep, I made two of them. I was scared to ruin one and mess up Christmas dinner ha!
Both were amazing. No leftovers.