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Punting from Cambridge to Grantchester
Beautiful but very tiring
Stephen Greening on goal Go Punting2 people like this

Pear pie. Not bad for my first pie. :-)

I'm thinking about going to the butterfly garden at the Ashland Nature Center (a part of the Delaware Nature Society), so for now I'm going to save the link in this handy-dandy spot.

Jennifer Zink on goal Visit a butterfly gardenOne person likes this

Me at the top of the mountain. Love that view!

Amy-Louise Murray on goal Visit Budapest3 people like this

Amy-Louise Murray on goal Visit Budapest3 people like this

How beautiful <3
Lisa Heidinger on goal Visit VeniceOne person likes this

Laura Hayes on goal Go kayaking2 people like this

Amanda on goal Adopt a dog from a shelter9 people like this

Not technically a 'yurt' but close enough for now. Canvas tent, pitch black in the middle of the day. Bunk beds for sleeping 6. That's Maureen & Gauthier. Adirondack Loj, Heart lake, NY.
Steph P on goal Spend a night in a yurt3 people like this

I am a new volunteer at the zoo! I will volunteer every other Saturday for at least one year.
Corrina on goal Do some volunteer work2 people like this

I visited this amazing place this year on our vacation in Spain.
Alica Detková on goal Visit Gibraltar2 people like this

A very quiet and saddening place. Very interesting too. Definitely recommend a visit.
Georgie Rawes on goal Visit the 9/11 Memorial2 people like this

These guys turned into a two course meal consisting of Buffalo worm ravioli and an Azian salad with grasshopper.

Ironwood Par 3 course at Lake Calabogie.
Allison Delaney on goal Take golf lessonsOne person likes this

My hair is out of control
JC on goal Do a tandem sky dive7 people like this

MW on goal Cross a glacier on foot6 people like this

Lisa on goal Take a photo the Angel of the North3 people like this

Various times while in the Galapagos 8/9-8/16/15
Amanda Fahrenbach on goal Go snorkeling2 people like this

Sunrise in Muskoka
Keri Thompson on goal Wake up early to watch the sunrise5 people like this

Boulder Beach at Silverwood! Spent a long time floating the lazy river with my girlfriends, also had fun in the wave pool and on the waterslides. Perfect thing as summer starts to wind down.

Spent a day in Nagcarlan, Laguna!
Abby Dela Cruz on goal Travel to 10 new cities2 people like this