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2. The seaside

I went away for a week down in Dorset and I realised how happy being by the sea made me. It was glorious weather, but looking back I've even loved being by the sea in not so great weather!

Maybe it's the fresh sea air filling my lungs, watching the sea birds, or maybe it's the sounds of the waves or walking barefoot in the sand. The sounds of my footsteps along a wooden pier or watching the boats go by. Maybe it's all of this and more.

All I know is that when I'm close to the sea, I'm able to slow down and acknowledge each moment.
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Craig Burghardt The sea is wonderful and thought provoking.
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Other notes for this Goal:
1. Bird watching

As I gazed out of the kitchen window, washing the dishes, I realised that watching birds visit my garden brings me a lot of joy.

My garden isn't very big, and is just a patchy lawn with a path running down the middle and a slightly unruly apple tree half way down. It's not the worst garden I've ever seen but it needs a lot of work.

Anyway, as I stared out of the window, I saw two birds that I think were mistle thrushes hopping about the lawn picking out worms and insects. Then I saw a couple of smaller birds - a robin and I think a coal tit which was feeding from my bird feeder. And to finish off, a blackbird which was also digging around looking for insects in the lawn.

It was so mesmerising watching them go about their business that I think I'm going to have to work at making my garden into a haven for the birds!