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A goal of Nedyfay on their 101 Things in 1001 Days list with a status of Done.
Card #2 - to Russia
“Norway is known for its trolls. According to legend they're found far away from people, although they are curious about us - as you can see from this postcard. Here, grandfather is telling his grandchildren (who are older than you and I combined, because trolls mature slowly) about the people down in the tiny village - and yes, there are places like this in Norway! The country is sparsely populated - who is to say this is just a legend? Happy postcrossing!"
Added 2 years ago
Other notes for this Goal:

Card #5 - to Russia
"These trolls have been around Norwegian culture for years. (Although the artist is Swedish.) There are books, tableware, calendars, thermometers...pretty much anything you can think of. Common for them all is that they portay trolls in a better light than the stupid, mean, human-munching troll we usually hear about. Personally I think of trolls as more as forest guardians who just want to be left alone and to tend to their duties -and catch fish for dinner. Happy Postcrossing!"

Card #4 - to USA
“Trolls are important figures in Norwegian folklore. There are two kinds: the stupid ones aimed to scare children because they kidnap and eat people, and the ones that are more like forest guardians. The latter have been around since the Vikings, when they were part of Norse mythology. They weren’t necessarily evil, but definitely fickle. Although I think the girls drawn here must be sweethearts. Happy Postcrossing!”

Card #3 - to Germany
"Trolls are often forgotten when we think of fantastic creatures, but that's entirely undeserved. Besides, Norway is famous for her trolls and they often have prominent places in our fairy tales. Most commonly as the bad guys, but as you can see from this card our perception of them isn't all bad. Personally I think they just want to be left completely alone; we people mess up their habitat and force our way into their space. I wouldn't like us either!"

Card #1 - to Australia.
“Norway is known for its trolls, but I think they have an undeservedly bad reputation. So here’s a candid snapshot of a grandfather showing his granddaughter some magical flower that only grows in places humans haven’t set foot in at least 500 years. Because trolls are protectors of the wild forests ❤️”