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I work in an arts centre and love all things arty. This is about me trying to act on some of that.
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So far I have eaten in Little Tokeyo, an awesome little sushi place on Belgrave Gate, and the Jamie Oliver's at the new Westfields in London. Both meals were amazing. Not sure I can count Grimsby Fisheries...

Little Italy next I think
I did this. The course was accepted. Three people booked on to it. It was cancelled. Today should have been the first session but instead I'm going to go and collect a sofa.
Piece number one is done. Currently on display at Embrace Arts in Leicester and The Dyslexia Association in Nottingham.

Good going I think!
Done! Twice! And it was a bit weird I have to say. Bit too much visualisation and breathing and not enough stretching. Pilates it is I think.
I have a feeling I will always be fighting this battle but looks like I am about there!
This is parcially being completed through force as the bank has halved my overdraft limit this month. Ouch.
I am going to class this as done as Richard is a new friend, even though I met him before starting this list...only just though...
Richard has given me the idea! Now to hash out a plot, storyboard etc...
I am planning an email/post to send out to people requesting data. Fingers crossed I get some replies!
I have a beautiful copy of Sense and Sensibility that I have started.