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I weigh 196.6 pounds today! Yay, I'm finally getting rid of my weight from having a baby.
Allyson Twining
Note added to goal Get a facial
That was so relaxing and fun! Mark got a massage at a spa for his birthday while I got a facial.
We saw Aladdin, and the power went out with 20 minutes left! It was so much fun.

I bought myself some Memorial Day Mums because they were cheap, lol.
I tried cilantro lime chicken with jasmine rice this month.


We ordered from Dinnerly, and it was delicious! We are definitely going to keep our subscription to them.
Allyson Twining
Note added to goal Get a piggy bank
I found one I want on Amazon.
My teeth look and feel great!
I made a new friend Allison, who is my motivational buddy.

I'm doing this this week.
I'm coloring Hannah Lynn's Tattoo Darlings.
This was a blast! I can't wait to get my letter on my next birthday.
I read "How to Save Money: 50 tips for frugal living" by Greg Gig, "Personal Finance for Beginners in 30 Minutes, Volume 1" by Ian Lamont, and "Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey.
I painted at a Bob Ross paint-along at my local library. Let's just say I'm no Picasso, haha.


I was able to save money this month with my new budget system, success!
I just watched the Other Boleyn Girl on Netflix by myself.


I read to my two month old son Jack.

I wrote this list in my journal. It's a very fun exercise, I was surprised at how easy it was to write 43 things I like about myself. Now when I am feeling down or self conscious, I can look at this list and feel better.

My husband and I just finished this 300 piece puzzle of Jack Sparrow! Now I want to do a larger one.