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Kid Cashew with my mom, Katie and Posie. We ate out on the patio after walking around Freedom Park.
August 2019.
Had the chicken skewers, 5 cheese mac with leeks, spinach feta dip, quinoa stuffed avocados, and the asparagus with Dijon dressing. All excellent.
Did this the first night in Daytona for Marty's birthday trip.
Went with Jan.
Amy Jean
Note added to goal Try a dozen new beers
1-Stella Artois
3-Birdsong brewing Rewind Lager
4-New Grist Pilsner
5-Blue Point Toasted Lager
7-CLT- Sycamore
8-The Famous Narragansett Lager

Nassau, Bahamas February 2019

Princess Cay, Bahamas February 2019
Amy Jean
Note added to goal Do an escape room
Jen, Seth, Taylor, Olivia and I went to Exit Strategy. We were successful and had a good time. I did one more escape room after that with Katie, Jen, Marty, Seth and I.
Went with Jen and Seth on 1/5/19.
Katie and I went to the McDowell Nature Preserve and did some hiking on January 6,2019. Enjoyed a nice day outdoors in January and we weren't even cold.
Bechler Museum of Modern Art: Went with Jen and Seth on January 5,2019.
Amy Jean
Note added to goal visit Clarke Creek park
Went with Jen. It was really muddy and the trails were short. But it was nice cause it was so close to home.
I can now eat with them, just not really well. That will just take some time and practice.
Amy Jean
Note added to goal Try sushi
Amy Jean
Note added to goal Try sushi
had a sushi roll at Eez. It was just a crab meat roll with tuna on top and avocado and fresh jalapeno slices. NO seaweed, it was a soy paper wrap.
Amy Jean
Note added to goal Take a Yoga class
Started taking yoga on 11/12/18
Cuban Chicken and Black Bean Quinoa Bowls With Fried Bananas:
Israeli Couscous with Pistachios, Apricots and Cranberries
Swedish meatballs with egg noodles, cucumbers with dill and sticky cake
Traditional cottage pie, soda bread muffins, bailys brownies
Saucy Hungarian red potato goulash, Hungarian tomato cucumber salad, cottage cheese donuts

Mike, David, Mom and I went for a hike at Devil's Lake State Park. We did the bluffs trail. Not the whole thing, but we walked a bit of it.
It is a work in progress, but I have tons of my favorite recipes organized and in each one in a sheet protector in a binder now. I just finished it tonight.
My daughter took a bunch of my recipes a couple years ago and actually published them in a hardcover book, but I have since added many more.
Boerner Botanical Gardens in Milwaukee. It was beautiful!

Shelly Lorrain Duffer That is awesome!!!!!
1 years ago
Amy Jean This is one of my favorite photos of this
1 years ago
Went in Vegas with Jen and Katie. Dad bought us the tickets. Great time, very cool.
I worked on this for a couple of months and got to be rather ok with ok speed. Decided it was as good as I wanted to be.
Grew catgrass and catnip April 2018.
Amy Jean
Note added to goal Go to the ballet
Went to the ballet on April 27th, 2018 with Katie to Spring Works Charlotte Ballet.
Amy Jean
Note added to goal Volunteer somewhere
Started volunteering at the Mecklenburg County Animal Care and Control in the Kitten Nursery.
Big Ben Pub and Restaurant. Took the lightrail downtown and ate there with Jan. Not worth a second trip.
February 25-March 26.

Costa Rica February 2018
Jesus Calling by Sarah Young
Signed up for a SkillPop photography class on November 18!
Sanded and stained 2 end tables.
Made sex on the beach in October 2017
Afton Tavern on 10/8/17 with Jan after church at Renaissance.

Went with Marty on 10/1/17

Went with Marty on 10/1/17
1-The Godfather part II
3-The Conversation
5-The Towering Inferno

These were all made the year before, but in the 1975 oscar awards
Amy Jean
Note added to goal Bake something fancy
Made an espresso cheesecake with chocolate ganache on top 9/22/17.
1-Breakfast at Tiffany's 9/2017
2-War and Peace 9/2017
3-To Kill a Mockingbird
4-The Apartment
5-His Girl Friday
6-My Fair Lady
7-Citizen Kane
8-It Happened One Night
9-North by Northwest
10-Dr. Strangelove
Amy Jean
Note added to goal Do some birdwatching
Went to the International Crane Foundation in Wisconsin on 9/11/2017
Did this with Katie at the USNWC during the solar eclipse
Highland Games in King's Mountain
Amy Jean
Note added to goal Go sea kayaking
Chrystal Kayaks in the Caribbean
Learned this at Seth's weekend of the Highland Games

Renaissance Island, Aruba
Shelly Lorrain Duffer Beautiful--jealous!
2 years ago