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Tucson, AZ
Each year we use the Idea Battle to choose the first 50 ideas that we can realistically accomplish. So this isn't so much a list of things we want to do, but a list of random goals that will teach us an appreciation for new things.
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A little darker than I wanted, but not too bad for my first attempt at underwater photography.
starlight girl Wow amazing
21 days ago

I live in the desert, so it looks like tubing down this lazy river is as close as I'm going to get this year!

Ended up on a Tequila and Tacos bar crawl with some friends for a birthday. Good times were had by all... and I'm too old for pub crawls.

My challenge was to create a three-course meal loosely based off of the comfort foods of the Midwest: came up with Cheeseburger Pizza Bites (pizza dough, veggie hamburger, three cheeses and a pickle served with spicy mustard sauce), Classic "Meat" and Potatoes (honey balsamic tempeh "steaks" with sauteed shiitake mushrooms and rosemary smashed potatoes) and a Deconstructed Apple Pie (braised cinnamon apples, apple pie spice granola, caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream).

Normally these sorts of things don't turn out that great for me, but this was a very good meal.

There were other more "firework-y" photographs taken last night, but I like this one since it sort of looks like I took a picture of space.

Dough, sauce and even the mozzarella cheese; all made from scratch!
Anne-Marie O'Neill Even the cheese? Wow that's cool. Nice job!
2 months ago
Emma That's great and looks delicious!
2 months ago

Not quite Jif, but not a bad peanut butter at all.

London UK and Brussels/Zottegem, Belgium.

It turns out that technically you can't visit the brewery at all, but you can visit one of the official pubs. This, being as close as we can get, will have to do! Great stop on an amazing vacation through London and Belgium.

50 whole questions answered and our minds only feel like they had to spend an hour answering some crazy questions. #NotFreeAtAll
Alexandria Shelby LOL! Why does that not surprise me? Oh well, I'm gonna still give it a shot anyway.
2 months ago

Turned out just okay... But, in fairness apple pie's like 10th place on my list of favorite pies, so just okay is about as good as it could have gone.

American Mariachi by the Arizona Theater Company in Tucson, AZ. Highly recommended!

Reid Park Zoo, Tucson, AZ

Grew these from seed and moved them outside and into some cool pots today. I'll check back in if we can get them to actually flower.
Anne-Marie O'Neill I love the one that looks like it's made from rope
6 months ago One person likes this.

Arizona Renaissance Festival - Second time we've gone to a Ren Fair (once in AZ, once in Boston) and we've both decided that it's just not our thing.

Sent myself an email to read at the end of the year with a bunch of predictions for how 2019 is going to go. Excited to see how right/wrong I was.

Cookies and Cream Rice Krispie Treats. They turned out great.

Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time. Fun little co-op game that I think will have a lot of replay value around here!

Very interesting. And certainly not the ending you might expect!
This was tough as I'm not a regular flosser. Oddly enough, my teeth don't feel that much better.

Butterfly Garden at the Tucson Botanical Center.
Anne-Marie O'Neill Great shot of the butterflies!
7 months ago One person likes this.
Megan That's a gorgeous shot.
7 months ago One person likes this.

Not sure if it qualifies as "professional" but it's as nice as we could possibly need since we only really take 1000s of photos of cacti.

Not only did we go, but I managed to win a round!

Memory jar = created. Now we just have to remember to use it throughout the year!

Here's a jar full of cash!

Throw a bag through the cornhole board to hit a car that pushes the ball down the string which sets off a chain of dominoes that hits a car pushing it down a path that sets off another chain of dominoes that hits a ball that rolls down another platform finally pushing play on my record play to fill my house with the sweet tunes of The Toasters.
Megan This is a true thing of beauty. How well does it work?
8 months ago
Dustin Katie Hughes It failed for like the first 47 times we tried it but once we figured out all the little quirks we were able to get it to work with some regular success.
8 months ago
Gave someone a ride home on Christmas Eve after they missed their bus (the last of the evening). You probably shouldn't pick up hitchhikers, but it was Christmas Eve and I feel good about getting them home to be with their family.

Borrowed a telescope from a friend and checked out this Christmas' Full Cold Moon. Beautiful stuff.

We have a terrible history of growing vegetables but somehow, against all odds, these jalapenos made it!
Donated to Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse - 12/23/18

Winterhaven, Tucson, AZ - 2018

If the definition of a successful cocktail party is champagne exploding everywhere then we knocked it right out of the park.

Excited to read this true crime book set in our new hometown.

We had a blast at the Scottsdale Polo Championships.

Charlie Parker's Yardbird at the Herberger Theater in Phoenix, AZ. Not our thing, really.

Here's one of two that we made today.

For our first pumpkin in a VERY long time, we're pretty happy with how it turned out.

University of Arizona vs. Colorado Buffaloes

I am TERRIBLE at it. From now on I'm sticking to kayaks.
It's an easy one but Blur's "Song #2" is now in the repertoire.

A year or so ago we bought a picture of an Octopus in a bathtub with a picture of a blue fish on its wall from a guy at a market in Boston. When I saw this goal I thought I'd try my hand at a companion piece to that one. Not as cool as the one we bought, but I'm pretty happy with my first attempt at watercolors.

Introducing Lefty McBearFace

We made a drink called The Flux Capacitor and settled in for a weekend of nostalgia.

Rather than the normal picture I do for these sorts of things I figured I'd see the "Day without technology" thing to completion and depict the day via drawing rather than photograph. I may come back and ink the thing some day but this is about the maximum of my artistic ability, so I should probably just leave it alone!

IBT's in Tucson, AZ. Fun times.

Lesson for next time: You gotta roll the dough as thin as humanly possible!

Here's a photo us pretending to be in the movie. Because that's what happens when we get bored...

Super awesome goal. Made a pinhole camera out of an empty oatmeal container, turned our laundry room into a dark room and had a day of making homemade photo negatives. We still have a lot to learn about developing, but I could see this turning into a hobby!

Loved it!