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A goal of Anne-Marie O'Neill on their Do all the things! list with a status of Done.
I couldn't have imagined that such a kind soul on the other side of the planet would gift me such a beautiful thing.

When the parcel arrived at work I opened it up and it turns out a few of my colleagues had tried looking after bonsai trees themselves and said that they'd all died! It did not fill me with confidence, however the tree came with a hefty amount of information on how to care for it so hopefully it will be with me for years to come 💚
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Crossroad It's so pretty!
10 months ago
Deborah That is so nice of you to say. I didn't have much luck when I tried either. I decided that the next time I attempt to take care of a Bonsai I would join a group that supported it. You may be interested in an organization there called South Yorkshire Bonsai Society. I've included their link below. They meet the third Monday of every month at 730 pm. I'm sure they would be able to address any issues you may have as well as just being around individuals with the same love for Bonsai Trees. Good luck!
10 months ago
Deborah http://www.southyorksbonsai.org.uk/
10 months ago
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Four months on and it's doing well!