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A goal of Anne-Marie O'Neill on their Do all the things! list with a status of Done.
Four months on and it's doing well!
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Stuart Carter Awesome!
6 months ago One person likes this.
Crossroad What is the other plant (with the small white flower)?
6 months ago One person likes this.
Marie Waltzing Splendid!
6 months ago One person likes this.
Anne-Marie O'Neill It's a pepper plant. I've only been able to get it to grow one pepper in the last 12 months though.
6 months ago One person likes this.
Other notes for this Goal:

I couldn't have imagined that such a kind soul on the other side of the planet would gift me such a beautiful thing.

When the parcel arrived at work I opened it up and it turns out a few of my colleagues had tried looking after bonsai trees themselves and said that they'd all died! It did not fill me with confidence, however the tree came with a hefty amount of information on how to care for it so hopefully it will be with me for years to come 💚