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did it, but didnt like it very much. By now Ive almost fogotten the rules again.
Leyla Appleton
Note added to goal Go fishing
Had fun @ the Moorhüttenteich with Dominic, Patrick and Beate
Have stopped for a while, started again. ;) But I'm keeping it moderate.
not for 3 months, but I've done a few projects
not overnight and only as a visitor IKM
Leyla Appleton
Note added to goal Get a pet
Got some Shrimps
Not so sure about this one anymore.
Don't believe in that shit anymore, so I donated it as jewellery.
Zytanien 2018
Not really a stand, but a bend-over-the-back
It worked! But it does take some discipline.
Not sure if I want or need it anymore.
Just not disciplined enough right now
Not exactly a child, but Im starting a support group
Leyla Appleton
Note added to goal Make creme brulee
Since I can't eat dairy products and sugary things, this will have to drop out
Leyla Appleton
Note added to goal Fly a kite
but will do it again, since the kite did not make it for very long
I made it once (around 5km) but I want to be able to run 30mins (regularly) without being utterly exhausted.