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A goal of Allie on their 101 Things in 1001 Days list with a status of Done.
Everyone should take a moment to think of the things that make them truly happy in life. It will put you in better spirits, and make you more appreciative of the little moments in your day that make it all worthwhile. It's harder than you think, once you get into the 70's and 80's...
Added 6 years ago
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101 Things that Make Me Happy (:

1. Seeing my boyfriend in a happy mood.
2. My pet birdies.
3. Sleepy mornings without urgency.
4. Discovering a new favorite song & listening to it repeatedly.
5. Laughing with colleagues & friends.
6. Last day of school before breaks.
7. Ghostbusters.
8. 1st snowfall of winter.
9. Crafting in my free time.
10. Having free time.
11. Happy, playful children.
12. When students say, “I get it!”
13. When students say, “That lesson was cool.”
14. Starbucks on a chilly day.
15. Pumpkins.
16. Giving or receiving gifts.
17. Being on the receiving end of a genuine compliment.
18. Wearing a comfy hoodie.
19. Sleepytime tea before bed.
20. My adorable Christmas tree ornaments.
21. Hugging my boyfriend.
22. Sleeping with the windows open.
23. Seeing fireflies.
24. Looking forward to a trip.
25. Bright colors.
26. Getting a card in the mail.
27. Making a new recipe & loving it!
28. The smell of a nice perfume.
29. Driving on a sunny day.
30. Hiking in Wisconsin.
31. Playing Irish fiddle music.
32. Sitting in the gazebo at my parents’ house.
33. Last note performed at a concert.
34. Fresh tomatoes.
35. Dancing without anyone watching & for no reason.
36. When my bed smells like fresh laundry.
37. Going for a run.
38. New shampoo.
39. Being awake before most people.
40. Getting a back rub.
41. Little kids dressed up in costumes.
42. Shopping at Cracker Jax.
43. Pretty, old Victorian houses.
44. Sparkly, shiny things.
45. Watching as a craft project begins to take shape.
46. All kinds of foods… Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Italian, seafood, etc.
47. Sock monkeys.
48. Relaxing & watching TV.
49. Sharing snacks with Bailey.
50. Snow days aren’t just good for students!
51. Unnecessary drawings done by students on the back of tests.
52. That’s-what-she-said moments.
53. Cupcakes!
54. My cute apartment.
55. Shopping at Anthropologie.
56. Watching my birds play with a new toy.
57. Text messages from my boyfriend.
58. Daydreaming about my future house.
59. Browsing images and ideas on Pinterest.
60. Listening to old favorite songs.
61. Completing my to-do list within a day.
62. Going out for dinner with my parents.
63. Getting my tax refund.
64. Pay day.
65. Photo booths.
66. Watching a really talented musician perform effortlessly.
67. Buying fresh flowers or a live plant.
68. Coloring… like a little kid.
69. Snowmen.
70. Photography.
71. Wind-up toys.
72. Indian art & clothes -- they’re just so decorative & bright!
73. My collection of magnets on my fridge from places I’ve been.
74. Quoting movies with friends.
75. Learning something new.
76. The mugs in my kitchen aren’t a matching set -- almost all were gifts.
77. Daydreaming about being a parent.
78. Knowing I did my best, no matter what the task was.
79. Scary stories, TV, & movies.
80. Watching old home movies.
81. Lying by the pool/ beach.
82. Laminating things for my classroom.
83. Chocolate!
84. Quaint old towns.
85. New school supplies.
86. Snow globes.
87. The first graffiti in the middle school bathroom read,”Hello Kitty Rocks.”
88. Inside jokes.
89. Funny noises.
90. Pretty designs/ patterns.
91. New tech-gadgets.
92. Swing music.
93. Catching nuances when watching movies.
94. Making a new friend.
95. Honesty.
96. Matryoshka dolls.
97. Living debt-free.
98. New shoes.
99. Ideas for a new project.
100. Hard-working students.
101. Star gazing.