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5. Hopdoddy Burger Bar - 4/9/16 - with Erick, Chelsea, Tony, and Peter after Lake Pleasant paddlefest
Kim Dickerson
Note added to goal Frame 5 photos
1 framed! But not hung up yet. 2 more frames ordered.
Kim Dickerson
Note added to goal Get a massage
Groupon purchased for 2 massages
Kim Dickerson
Note added to goal Get a tattoo
This goal was originally "Call insurance and handle Dr bill for hand x-ray" but I finished it so I swapped it for this new goal.
This goal was originally "Call insurance and handle Dr bill for hand x-ray" but I finished so I swapped it for a new goal.

3. Browns Peak / Four Peaks in Tonto National Forest w/ Erick Dameron (did not go to very top but went far) - 3/27/16

2. Echo Canyon Trail / Camelback Mountain w/ Erick Dameron - 2/29/16

1. Wet Beaver Creek / Bell Trail (Sedona, 6mi) w/ Erick Dameron - 2/14/16
Kim Dickerson
Note added to goal Read 25 novels
X1. The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult - reading by end of 2015 - never mind we changed our minds on this
I'm adding 2 - at 7 total.
2. Good to Great (for EOS for work)
Kim Dickerson
Note added to goal Go camping
Camped in Marble Hill, GA for Brenna's birthday - March 5th, 2016. I slept in a tent and peed in the woods and grilled a hot dog and roasted marshmallows and drank whiskey and everything.
I'm gonna say I've done this 5 times. I need to document the next 45.

I just told Jen I like her coffee table SO MUCH. It really brings the room together.
1. Walk the Moon & Ciara - 1/9/16 @ College Football Championship concert in Phoenix
2. Guster - 2/9/16 @ The Marquee
Kim Dickerson
Note added to goal Visit Sedona
I have now been twice! I went with Shawn & Daniel in Jan 2016 and stayed at the Hilton, and we took a Hummer tour. I went back with Erick just to go hiking on Wet Beaver Creek. It's so pretty there!
Still going strong!
4. Los Dos Molinos - Jan 18th, 2016
Just planning:
A - The Artist
B - Blade Runner or Braveheart or the Big Lebowski
C - Citizen Kane or Casablanca or A Clockwork Orange
D - The Departed
E - Erin Brokovich or Edward Scissorhands
F - Fargo
G - The Godfather or The Goonies
H -
I - The Intouchables or Into the Wild
K -
L - Laurence Anyways or Life is Beautiful
M - Moon or Munich
N -
O -
P - Psycho
Q -
R - Rainman or Requiem for a Dream
S -
T - This Is Spinal Tap
U -
V -
W - The Way Way Back (everyone said this is a must) or When Harry Met Sally
X -
Y -
Z -
3. Culinary Dropout - Jan 11th, 2016
1. Craft 64 - Jan 2nd, 2016
2. OHSO Brewery - Jan 9th, 2016
Jan 1-7 done!
Kim Dickerson
The 7 Things Challenge:
7 Things x 2016

My seven answers to the Day Zero alternative New Year's resolutions poll:
  1. Learn how to manage people better!
  2. Start being more proactive about advancing my skills and knowledge!
  3. Stop eating crappy foods!
  4. Take a vacation to Las Vegas!
  5. Find a person or group of people in AZ I can truly call my friend(s)!
  6. Try at least 1 new exciting adventurous activity!
  7. Be more comfortable with myself and my body!
The Panthers creamed us...38-0. December 2015. But it was fun! Went with Scott, Zak, Josh, Dad, and Kevin in Charlotte.
1. Get a Grip - Jan 2015
Kim Dickerson
Note added to goal Get a promotion
Jan 4, 2015: Got told I am going to be the Director of Virtual Services when we merge. I am leaving this goal In Progress until this is finalized.
2. Malbec - Handsome Devil - Jan 4 2015
Kevin got them for me for Christmas!
1. Chianti
Charged kindle! And got the Storyteller on it
This was "Get another lamp for bedroom" but I did that and it was silly so I'm replacing it.
Currently at 6%, SnapTech matching 100% of 4%
I think I have to take my title and do an out-of-state transfer, then register it in AZ.

I do not think I have to do an emissions test since my car is 2016.
Colbie Caillat - Bubbly?


I emailed Witney Wagner @ Mall of GA Mazda asking to file the necessary paperwork here to try to get this going
First book:

The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult - reading by end of 2015


1. Sunday 11/29 or sometime over Thanksgiving
2. Monday 12/7
3. Friday 12/25
4. One more by end of year