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Lisa Dannock
Note added to goal Read 500 books
Just finished Anita Blake #5: Bloody Bones, by Laurell K Hamilton.

6 down, 494 to go.
Lisa Dannock
Note added to goal Read 500 books
Have now finished:
- Choc Chip Cookie Murder (Hannah Swensen #1), Joanne Fluke
- Knit One, Kill 2 (Knitting Shop Mystery #1), Maggie Sefton

Total: 5 down, 495 to go
Australia lost the First Test by a fuckton - we needed 412, a record. Got 206 and barely escaped with our dignity intact. 4-1 and that little urn is still on the table.
It's halfway done but my tension is all wrong...need to go up half a needle size. Learn to knit, I said, it'll be relaxing, I said.
Lisa Dannock
Note added to goal Buy/build a house
Things I'd love in a house:
- 3 bedrooms (master, office/spare, future nursery)
- Pale yellow walls
- Hardwood floors
- A big yard (enough for a dog, hubby's man cave and my she-shed)
- Salt lamps in every room we're regularly in
- Central heating
- A wood fire
- Space to install an outdoor cat run
Lisa Dannock
Note added to goal Read 500 books
I read 3 last night and was up until 2AM:
- Life is So Good, George Dawson
- Hungover Owls, JP Brown
- Curses & Blessings For All Occasions, BT Greive (26/4/2015)